A Zodiac of Oracles
with Joseph-Mark Cohen

An Oracle serves as a Mirror of the Self & what we discover within speaks to a different aspect of Self, an ancient /new reflection of who we are. As a Libran, i like to work with a variety of oracles, voices, mirrors, & mosaics that offer unique insights into our soul path & creative journey. So, voila, here we have a zodiacal dozen ways to consult with your Self. Each offers a unique pathway. Use your intuition & your pendulum of high sense perception to choose your Oracle!

1) Aleph 2160: A Zodiacal Oracle is an epic earth mysteries/star mythologies poem that offers a multi-dimensional six line oracle for each portal of the 360 degree zodiac. Rooted in the mystical mathematical matrix of Hebrew Gematria, each poem is a microcosmos that opens up inner treasure. I have been sourcing this epic text for 4 decades of Kabbalistic Astrology readings, consults & channelings.
Aleph 2160 AZO is available as fully illustrated e-book for $36
The 2 hour Kabbalistic Astrology session is $360

2) Alchemysteries Elixirs & Aromatics offer you a choice of over 72 unique vibrational formulae that allow you to shift gently into the new Ascension frequencies available in 2013 & beyond. Choose 1 aromatic for emotional purification or 2 elixirs (1 angel & 1 galactic alignment elixir) for $36
Visit the Alchemysteries portal for a full menu!

3)The Crop Circle Oracle Cards offers up a unique alphabet of co-creation glyphs, mandalas, pictograms, sonograms & creation codes to enhance hemispheric integration, artistic creation & visionary perception.
The 88 colour, limited edition, photo card deck costs $77 ppd & includes an initial telephone reading to begin your journey!

4) A Medicine Wheel 5 card reading utilizing the beautiful paintings of visionary artist Susan Sedon-Boulet, $22

5) Astrological Synastry is a highly dynamic & engaging form of relationship counselling & mediation that utilizes chart aspect themes & the composite chart for the destiny of the relationship. It is best done live, yet a telephone session can also prove invaluable.
Fee is $360 for a 2 hour session.

6) Astro-Cartography is the Oracle for Sacred Earth- Wise Travellers who like to have a psychic map of where & when to journey to discover assorted aspects of self. It is a form of dowsing or treasure mapping the zodiacal grid lines to discern significant planetary. influences.
A 1 hour session is $186

7) Stephan`s Mirror is an aesthetic, playful & ingenious computer generated Oracle that integrates mythic realms.
Stephan is my oracular SEO! Cost is $10

8) An old-fashioned 12 card Rider-Waite Tarot card reading that is a great oracular appetizer for 22+ minutes. Cost is $44

9) For deep soul divination, the Shem72 Soul Path reading with the 72 Divine Name cards composed of Hebrew letter triads. This Oracle offers a kind of cosmic physics that includes potent Abulafian vocal harmonic chants to activate the heart petals of the Merkavah....
The session runs about 33 minutes, fee is $72

10) The Hubble-Bubble Oracle is a playful yet revealing reading of your Star Ancestor Codes & some music on the Cosmic Lyre of your DNA... (You do not need a water-pipe to have this genie appear!) The card deck might be ready by 2014! The reading costs $36 or preferably a 1 oz pure silver coin!

11) Astrology for the Age of Aquarius includes soul history, initiations, Star Maps, meditation portals, plus your Tree of Life Kabbalistic Astrology Chart revealing the 10 dimensions of your inner world.
Cost is $300 for a 90 minute session....

12) Digital Divination: All in Divine Timing is a little book rooted in Hebrew Gematria that gives meaning to every minute you divine on you digital clock! The DD ( also a code for due diligence in the bizword) consultation is for choosing the right name, dates, times & spaces for creative projects, events, business ventures & journeys....( in the 80s this was called The Right Name Consulting)
Fee is $360-$500 The book should be available by fall equinox 2013......


Tree-of-Life Mystery School
with Joseph-Mark Cohen


offers ongoing trainings and seminars in Kabbalistic Astrology, Healing & Meditation at a number of retreat settings including Sedona, Az., Nelson, BC, (JMC's Crystal Dome Retreat), Glastonbury, Britain (Crop Circle Kabbalah 2013) & Mt Shasta. Study kabbalah at home with the Codes of the Kabbalah cdr or journey with Joseph-Mark to Sedona for Kabbalah Vision Quest 2013. Book your personal kabbalistic astrologysession by calling 250-229-2227. Be sure to visit www.treeoflifeschool.com to learn more... shalom.... call toll free1-888-633-2214


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