Living Kabbalah Audio Seminars

(1) Tree-of-Life Mystery School Sampler:
(6) 90 minute audio cassettes drawn from live presentations at a variety of conferences and holistic centres. If you share with us your specific interests, this set can be customized. The sampler will give you a comprehensive overview of topics explored by the Tree-of-Life Mystery School.

(2) Living Kabbalah:
(6) 90 minute audio cassettes recorded live at the New York Open Center, July, 1994. This series was hosted by the Kabbalah Society for Warren Kenton's students. Included are advanced meditations on the tree-of-life, harmonic sound meditations, and an introduction to the 18-breath merkavah meditation.

(3) Kabbalah-a-la-Abulafia:
(6) 90 minute audio cassettes recorded live for an advanced study group in NYC, Upper West Side. The focus of this series is on the letter meditations and chanting method of Abraham Abulafia.

(4) Healing Kabbalah:
(6) 90 minute audio cassettes of a workshop given at the Elat Chayyim retreat center. There is a great deal of detailed information relating minerals, gemstones, and herbal remedies to the tree-of-life. Some work with the sonic kabbalah is included in this series.

(5) Sonic Kabbalah:
6) 60 minute audio cassettes drawn from a variety of venues. They include: Genesis meditations (improvisational music based on Stan Tenen's letter/note transcription of the early passages of B'raysheet), King's Chamber chants (recorded live in the Giza pyramid Sept. '89), a workshop on the sacred vowels and harmonic chanting, and an interview with Joseph-Mark Cohen May '95 for Dutch radio.

(6) Kabbalistic Astrology:
(6) 90 minute audio cassettes that serve as an in-depth course on kabbalistic astrology. They include an introduction to the Great Wheel of Light (the 360 degree gematria circle), and the transposition of the western planets to a Tree-of-Life map in order to derive a soul reading. This set also includes (4) 90 minute cassettes on the Sepher Yetzirah, recorded live at the 1997 Aleph Kallah.

(7) Shamanic Kabbalah:
(6) 90 minute audio cassettes that present the world of initiation and prophecy. An introduction to the kabbalist as dreamer-shaman. Includes detailed material on merkavah journeying. Explores the use of harmonic overtone chanting and Abulafian vowel chants and grids as a trance inductive meditation method. Includes a look at the shamanic journeys of key biblical characters: Moses, Elijah, Joseph, Jonah, and the faces of Eesha as incarnations of the Shehhinah.

(8) Living Kabbalah Video Series:
(3) Hour long video interviews with Joseph-Mark, recorded for Mitchell J. Rabin's NYC show: "A Better World". The first video gives an overview of the world of kabbalah that includes a number of humourous anecdotes and personal stories. The second video includes material on the initiations of Moses. The third video looks at the Egyptian mystery school and sacred sites along the Nile. The overlap between Egyptian sacred science and kabbalah is explored. LKVS is now available in DVD format.   $84 ppd.

  (9) Kabbalistic Healing Workbook:

This 120 page workbook is available for those students who are ready to learn the complete 22 protocol Tree-of-Life Bodywork form that incorporates the harmonic overtone chanting of the Sonic Kabbalah. The DVD version of the TLB that includes the harmonic chants is now available. KHW & DVD cost is $84 ppd. 

(10) The Book of Gates: 484 Keys to Kabbalistic Meditation:

This 222 page workbook is available in a spiral bound edition for students of The Tree-of-Life Mystery School. Included are in-depth instructions on using the gates to open up the mystical & secret meanings of Torah passages. This workbook is essential for the study of the Torah Codes and for the understanding of letter flow patterns received in meditation. The Book of Gates is accompanied with a 60 minute audio tape or DVD to further explain how best to use this unique book. Cost for the book/tape/dvd set is $84 ppd. 

 Items 1-10 are available thru the website order form, $84 each p&h inclusive.

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