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Egypt Journey 2017 March 2nd to 22nd (Ayn Sh'Allah) with Joseph-Mark Cohen & a special guest presenter!

email : for the new itinerary which includes: the Nile Cruise and a Kabbalah Seminar at a beautiful facility in the Sinai.


An appetizer (Chapter 16) from Joseph-Mark Cohen's novel:
The Unicorn Messiah
to read the chapter on Egypt,
click here

2012 Journey Brochure for Printing (itinerary, enrollment form, resources)

The focus of this journey is a seeding of energies in preparation for the Giza Stargate at Winter Solstice 2012. This window of time with Sun and Mars transiting key zodiacal degrees in Aquarius is the most profound time to be in Egypt for lightworkers & those who just wish to have a deeper meditative experience with a pod of spiritual friends. We will be staying at both the Mena House & the Meridien Pyramids Hotel at Giza, making excursions to Sakkara, The Solar Cross, Abu Sir, Khan el Khalili, the Egyptian Museum, the Fayoum Oasis and the homes of healers, sufis, guides and friends. We will be visiting Aswan, Luxor, Abydos. & Dendara and participating in ceremonies at the Temple of Isis, a Hebrew site on Elephantine Island, the Temple of Man at Luxor and at the etheric residue of Akenaton's Aten temple at Amarna. And we will be on a weeklong Vision Quest in the Sinai with an important excursion to Petra in Jordan. This is the 11th Egypt Journey guided by Joseph-Mark. If you are called by Spirit to join this adventure, you will know in your heart that it is time to return to Egypt! This Journey is dedicated to 2 of Joseph-Mark's inner plane friends & teachers: Abdul Hakim & Charles Muses. You will experience a suite of seminars & ceremonials to open up vibrational links or stargates that have not been available for a very long time!

Highlights of this journey include a 3 day Nile Cruise from Aswan to Luxor on the Mirage, a 4 day Shamanic Kabbalah retreat at the foot of Mount Sinai (possibly including an excursion to Petra or a 3 day retreat near Nuweiba & a visit to Serabit el-Khadim in the Sinai), 6 days of magic in & around Giza, & a special visit to the new library in Alexandria. We will also visit with the Bedouin, the keepers of the Sinai earth mysteries. For a complete itinerary and registration form for The Egyptian Journey & Sinai Vision Quest,


This journey is primarily (but not exclusively) by invitation to healers and channels who have a deep soul connection with the Egyptian initiations. We focus primarily on sound healing at the temple sites, working to catalyze healing and soul memory for the participants on this journey. We will be making (ayn shallah) a fascinating documentary of this adventure. This will include interviews and ceremonials with local savants and guides. You will have a delightful day of felucca sailing on the Nile. By all means, bring along your musical instruments and be prepared to belly-dance with the local musicians. The seminars at Sinai include a Shamanic Kabbalah retreat concerning the prophet Moses as an Atlantean initiate as well as the relationship of the Hebrew teachings to that which was initiated by Akhenaton at Amarna.

The Journey to "The Hall of Records" aspect of this trip will involve some psychic archaeological explorations and trance channeling on the Giza Plateau with some experiments with remote viewing. We would refer you to Alexander Wheeler's "The Prophetic Revelations of Paul Solomon" regarding the Cayce prophecies re the opening of the Atlantean Hall of Records at this time. The itinerary is subject to change at this point & always takes into consideration the intuitions & promptings of the participants on the journey. Everything scheduled in Egypt is as they say: Ayn Sh'Allah ....



The following booklist will be useful for anyone considering joining one of our upcoming Egypt Journeys. Information in these books will serve to validate or re-awaken that which you already know or remember from you own soul memory of lifetimes in Egypt!
The Prophetic Revelations of Paul Solomon by Alexander Wheeler: The key material in this book appears between pages 161-182 regarding the work of a being known as John of Peniel in bringing forth the Atlantian time capsule records and what Solomon's Source referred to as the capstone teaching or the crown of enlightenment...
The Copper Scroll Decoded by Robert Feather: this book establishes the connection between the Essenes and the Aten priests of Akhenaton that Drunvalo Melchizedek has brought to the attention of many Egypt researchers. The link between the Great Temple at Amarna and the community at Qumran is fascinating...
The Land of Osiris by Stephen Mehler: presents a good introduction to the oral teachings of one of the generous contemporary guides for our journey -- Abd'el Hakim Aywan. Hakim teaches us to pay attention to the nuances of the ancient Egyptian language and suggests ways to open up the 360 Neters or senses that are dormant within us !
The Temple of the Cosmos by Jeremy Naydler: offers a compelling re-interpretation of the soul's journey through the Underworld as a journey of spiritual initiation. His work extends that which was brought forth by Charles Muses.
Awakening Osiris by Normandi Ellis: offers us a new earthy and sensuous translation of passages from the Book of the Dead. Her prose poems make wonderful music when we are sailing the Nile by felucca..
The Gods of Eden by Andrew Collins: brings forth new material about Akhenaton, Heliopolis, acoustic engineering and what lies waiting for humanity in the Hall of Records....
Starwalking by Page Bryant: offers us a glimpse of the sacred work of the star priestesses of ancient Egypt who formed the body of the Holy Order of Nuut. Her cross-cultural survey of the shamanic art of starwalking will prepare us for cracking the code of the Egyptian Star Religion at the new Alexandrian Library and Planetarium on our Egyptian Journey...
Star Maps by William Fix : tackles starwalking from a slightly different angle than Bryant and focuses on the Pyramid Texts found surrounding the sarcophagus of Unas. Fix fixates on out-of-body and trance flights a-la Star Trek!
The Message of the Sphinx by Graham Hancock & Robert Bauval : popularized the idea that the Giza Pyramids represent the three stars of the belt of Orion at the time of the age of Leo in 10500 BCE.
The Orion Mystery by Robert Bauval & Adrian Gilbert: follows up on the archeo-astronomy work of Jane Sellers and puts forth well illustrations of a star clock that goes back to the ZepTepi ( or the TepZepi, you choose, dyslexia is often the result of pole shifts and magnetic field flips !)
The Lion Path by Charles Muses (Musaios): is a book that speaks poetically & scientifically about the power of regeneration. You may be interested in visiting the home he established in Colorado, Falcon Wing Retreat. Dr. Muses used the sacred mathematics embedded in the Temple of Isis to create his own ascension chamber at Falcon Wing!
Egypt: Child of Atlantis by John Gordon: on Egyptian Astronomical Knowledge & Ceremonies.
Catastrophobia by Barbara Hand Clow : on Axial Tilt, the Bicameral Brain & The Sphinx & The New Astronomy....

Egypt Trip

Itinerary for the Egypt Journey

Day 1: Evening departure from your area to Toronto or NYC & onwards to Egypt.

Day 2: Early afternoon arrival in Cairo. We will go immediately to the obelisk at Heliopolis or the biblical On to set our intent for the journey. Orientation after check-in at our hotel in Giza. Sunset meditation and welcome to Egypt dinner at the Felfella restaurant. Informal meeting and seminar with our guides.

Day 3: A day devoted to exploration of the Giza Plateau, visiting the Valley Temple, all three pyramids, the Sphinx (by special permit, if possible) and the Solar Cross. Our evening seminar is designed to give us a topographical overview of the plateau in light of sacred geometry and harmonics. We will begin our exploration of the Giza Pyramids as an ancient Stargate that is preparing to open once again.

Day 4: Day trip to Sakkara. We will attune today to the master healer Imhotep , also known as Nefertum (and perhaps an Arcturus Stargate, if we can find it!). On site seminar in Sakkara on the connection between Egyptian mysteries and the Kabbalah. If we are lucky, we will have opportunity (by special permit) to read the ancient pyramid texts that are inscribed on the walls of the tomb of the starwalker Unas. From Sakkara we travel on to Abusir to visit the pyramid theoretically aligned with the star Aldebaran. Evening seminar/dinner on the early Egyptian stellar religion and archeoastronomy plus the teachings of our etheric guide, Abdul Hakim on the Khemit Land of Osiris.

Day 5: Early breakfast and departure for the Fayoum Oasis where we will be treated to aroma-therapeutic attunements (and lunch) and learn chants for our upcoming ceremonial work to open our collective Hall of Records. We then travel on to Tel-el Amarna to connect with the teachings of Akhenaton & Nefertiti. We will overnight at a hotel in Minya.

Day 6: We set out today for a full day of travel . Our first stop will be Abydos to experience the Seti 1 temple & the ancient Osirion. If we are lucky, we may experience the chambers here for a private ceremonial. There are vibrations stored in Abydos that are a key to personal & planetary Ascension. ( see Patricia Cori's channeling in The Starseed Dialogues). We may need to stay a full day in Abydos before travelling on by shuttle van to Dendara where we will explore the crypts, attune to Hathor & Nuut, experience some Egyptian vertical yoga on the temple roof & resonate to joyful & healing music!
Then we travel on to Luxor for a sumptuous dinner at our hotel. And if we are game for it, we might just do a meditative walk through the bioenergetically active Temple of Man before diving into the Dreamtime!

Day 7: We journey on to Aswan today, settling into our charming Isis Island Hotel at lunchtime. This afternoon we will sail by fellucca to visit the botanical gardens to delve deeper into our aromatherapy voyage and attune to the mystical blue water lily which is known as the blue lotus. This evening we depart for the Isis Temple on Philae for the sound and light show plus a group merkavah journey or a starwalk to Sirius.

Day 8: This morning we will be explore the archeological sites on Elephantine Island, where according to esoteric reports, the Ark of the Covenant once resided. We will again enjoy a felucca sail towards the first cataract, take high tea at the majestic Old Cataract balcony and navigate through the exotic Aswan Market later on. We will gather spices, galabeyas, and lapis for the journey. This evening we will have dinner at an island restaurant and enjoy Nubian music, dance and folklore.

Day 9-11: We board the Mirage for our 3 day Nile Cruise that will allow us a number of visits to temple sites between Aswan & Luxor including the powerful Horus temple in Edfu. There will be ancient/new friends to meet with on the ship & some well-deserved leisure time for journaling & recollection. Once we arrive in Luxor, we will have formal excursions to the majestic Karnac temple plus the West Bank of the Nile to take in the temple of Hatshepsut, Medinet Habu and the tombs of two or three world famous mummies if we choose to do so! We will shake off the dust and clear our auras and our minds later & venture out for dinner and a visit with poetical savants and shopkeepers of the Luxor market!

Day 12: We take the morning caravan to the port of Hurghada to catch a boat that will bring us to Sharm-el-Sheikh in the Sinai peninsula (if we can bend time with baksheesh for our captain, we may have the chance to snorkel near Ras Mohammed en route). We will spend the night in Sharm exploring the spice shops and the electric Bedouin style nightlife it has to offer. If we are up to it, we will travel out to the desert tonight for a Bedouin tent folklore show under the Sinai stars.

Day 13: We depart today for Jebel Moussa and the St. Catherine's Monastery. This will be our home for the 3 day Sinai Vision Quest at Wadi el Rahha tourist village. Our seminar this evening will explore the Atlantean heritage of the prophet Moses and protocols for our personal vision quest at Mount Sinai.

Day 14: We will visit the St. Catherine Monastery this morning and hear the story of this protected sanctuary as told by one of the monks who has resided here for some years. This afternoon we will rest and prepare for our early morning (2:00 am to sunrise) climb of Mount Sinai the following day.

Day 15: Our final day at Mount Sinai will be spent exploring the visionary landscape in the plateau area that has been associated with the Hebrew prophet Elijah. We will culminate our Sinai Vision Quest with a ceremony that utilizes the smokey quartz crystals and the Sinai thunder eggs to attune us to the Sinai Stargate.

Day 16: We journey early today to Nuweiba to catch the ferry to Jordan where we will be travelling ( but not by camel!) to explore Petra.

Day 17: Sadly, we are booked to take the ferry back to Nuweiba. We should have time to hike into Colour Canyon today and/or have a dolphin swim before journeying on to an ancient Hathor temple site & Aten stela at Serabit-el-Khadim in the Sinai. We will arrive late in Cairo to catch a well deserved dinner at Barry's Oriental Restaurant in Giza village tonight.

Day 18: We will travel today along the desert road to Alexandria with a visit to the monastery in Wadi Natrun if possible. In Alexandria we will be treated to an archeoastronomy seminar at the fabulous new Alexandrian Library. We have special guests to meet over dinner tonight. We will overnight in Alexandria and return to Cairo monastary near after breakfast.

Day 19: We will gather this afternoon to prepare for our private entrance into the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza where we will have two hours of ceremonial time together to meditate in the powerful ascension vibrations and kindle the blue flame at the heart of our being. We will take one last journey to the Hall of Records, for personal and planetary healing. The remainder of the evening we will have for journal keeping.

Day 20: This day is reserved for our Egyptian Museum visit plus a day of shopping at the fabulous Khan-el Khallili market where we have the chance to gather galabeyas, silver and gold jewelry, musical instruments, Egyptian cotton and belly dance outfits, brass and copper chandeliers, essential oils and exotic perfumes, papyrus and whatever other souvenirs your heart might desire! We will have a joyful meditation and ceremony tonight not far from the Sphinx. Our farewell dinner will likely be at the Mena House Indian Restaurant tonight.

The cost for this Egyptian Journey is $6222 US plus international airfare. This includes all air flights & transportation in Egypt, hotel accommodations (19 nights) with buffet breakfast & many dinners, guided tours of archeological sites, seminars and ceremonies. (Tips for guides, special permits & incidentals are extra). Full payment for this journey should be received by Dec.25th. (Consider your journey a Christmas present from the Magi!)

Please e-mail us at or call 250-229-2227 to receive a registration form & updates on this Egypt Journey. This Egypt Journey is limited to 12 participants so it is wise to register ($1000 deposit)

If you or your group would like to go to Egypt at another time or have Joseph-Mark arrange a special interest theme tour (sound healers, belly-dancers, past-life therapists, archeology & anthropology), contact Rafik at 1-888-296-7901.

Click here (or visit the Egypt Gallery at on line for an updated registration form in pdf format ) for a registration form in Word or Adobe PDF format. Download onto your computer, fill out the form, and send as an email attachment to

2017 Journey Brochure for Printing (itinerary, enrollment form, resources)

Egyptian Writing

Join Joseph-Mark Cohen on a journey through Word, photo montage & harmonic frequency codes complete with sonics apported from the temples of Dendara, Abydos, Amarna & the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The Unicorn Messiah Chapter 16

(an appetizer from Joseph-Mark Cohen's novel: The Unicorn Messiah

to read the chapter on Egypt, click here)

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