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book of gatesNew for 2017 The Illustrated Unicorn Messiah plus the Crop Circle Oracle Card Deck.   

$111 (Postage Paid)

book of gates The Book of Gates: Sefer Ha Shoresheem
484 Keys to Kabbalistic Meditation
is a 222 page e-book for students of the Tree-of-School of Kabbalistic Astrology, Healing & Meditation. This book updates the work of Fabre d'Olivet's Hebrew Tongue Restored in its exploration of the shoresheem or the roots of the Hebrew language. The Book of Gates includes in-depth instructions on using the gates as meditation keys and glyphs for decoding the secret meanings of biblical words, phrases and Torah passages. The workbook is the ideal tool for the sincere student seeking entrance to the mystical and meditative essence of the Kabbalah.
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geometric Kabbalistic Healing Workbook is a 120 page text available to students of Kabbalistic Healing and Polarity Therapy. KHW contains detailed instructions for mastering the complete 22 protocol Tree-of-Life Bodywork form that incorporates the harmonic overtone chanting of the Sonic Kabbalah. KHW also serves to transmit the energetics and the placement of the Hebrew fire letters on the biological tree-of-life. It includes a number of guided visualizations for exploring the psychological realms of the Tree with past-life and soul memory recall.     $22
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Gabriel Cousens’ forward for KHW: This is the most in-depth book in English that I have ever discovered on the application of practical Kabbalah to holistic healing of body-emotions-mind-spirit in my 20 years as a student of Kabbalah, and 35 years as a holistic physician. The guided visualizations that are included within the book are elegantly poetic and profoundly hypnotherapeutic. The Kabbalistic Healing Workbook will be treasured by all students of authentic Kabbalah.


Magician The Tree of Life Tarot Workbook is a 100 page illustrated text that shows how the Major Arcana of the Tarot are symbolically linked to the mystical meaning of each of the 22 Hebrew letters of light. The workbook guides the reader through a fascinating series of pathwork visualizations and meditations that connect the spheres of his/her personal Tree-of-Life.    $22

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Black Circles The Gematria Code is a 186 page lexicon of over 1800 Hebrew words & phrases that form the matrix for an ancient/new harmonics code based on 360 as a unit of wholeness & completion. This is the code that gave the author of Aleph 2160: A Zodiac Oracle images, metaphors & channeled guidance for the creation of the Zodiacal Epic. The Gematria Code is a life work in progress and will serve as an extraordinary learning tool for all students of kabbalah, Torah, number symbolism, sacred geometry, zodiac symbols, Pythagoras, & the harmonics of the Elohim.     $36


Magician Aleph 2160:A Zodiac Oracle: is the full colour 294 page e-book of the sold-out limited edition epic poem that sources Hebrew Gematria, world mythology & the mystical sonic harmonic techniques of the sephardi kabbalist Avraham Abulafia. The Zodiac Oracle is a potent imaginal oracle for zodiacal degree symbolism rooted in a cosmic harmonic frequency codex! The e-book comes with a sonic version of the fixed signs audio as well.    $36

MagicianCrop Circle Oracle Card eBook : The Crop Circle Oracle Card eBook offers you 90 major full colour photo cards (all taken by my friend Steve Alexander, visit to view his new site). The commentary includes insight drawn from a number of esoteric traditions, focusing on in-depth Gematria. You will also be offered a buffet of potent suggested readings to delve more deeply into teachings nested within the Crop Circle phenomenon... Cost for the e book is $22 (USD) which is discounted off your purchase of the card deck within a month of acquiring the e-book...
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The Unicorn Messiah


mystical adventure travel
with Joseph-Mark Cohen

(over 500 pages of humour filled
kabbalah teachings, parables & prophecies,
Sufi tales & sacred site travel
in true visionary fiction format)
Ebook : $26 USD

First Limited Edition $33 USD

or included with your enrollment for the next Shamanic Kabbalah Webinar...


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The Unicorn Messiah

Angels at the Racetrack 6.66 MB
The Wake-up Call 4.22 MB
People of the Shuq 6.56 MB
Strange Magi Bearing Gifts 6.9 MB
Of Beekeepers & Bellydancers at the Mikvah 8.44 MB




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