Tree-of-Life Mystery School 2015
Earth Mysteries Travel Calendar:


April 10-30th: Waterfalls, Crystals & Magic in Brazil
May 17-24th: Shamanic Kabbalah Reteat on Gozo

July 1-5: Crystal Children’s Music Camp at The Crystal Dome, Nelson BC

July 10-15: Astrology, Alchemy & Aromatherapy Retreat at the Crystal Dome

July 23- Aug.3: Mystical Britain & The Crop Circles Tour
(Bath, Glastonbury, Devizes, Avebury, & Tintagel)

August 7-17: Harmonic Convergence 2015 in Ireland

Aug. 23-29: Shamanic Kabbalah Summer School

Sept.3-7: Manitoulin Island Astrological Vision Nest Retreat....



or call: 250 229 2227 ( 1-888-633-2214)
to register for upcoming seminars & journeys



Friends of

1.) to hear more hang music by my friend Daniel Waples (featured on the Crop Circle Oracle Cards button). Other music heard on the TLMS site includes Keith Jarrett (you just heard his Somewhere Over the Rainbow) Sheva (from Israel), & the Nubian oud music of Hamza el Din from A Wish...

to view Steve & Karen Alexander's website featuring Steve's majestic aerial photographs and order their beautiful Crop Circle Yearbooks. Call 1-888-633-2214 to order the new Crop Circle Oracle Cards...

to discover the eloquent writings of Mayan healer and visionary Martin Prechtel.

4. ) for Sound Healing & Dolphin Journeys.

for assorted alchemical healing products with zeolite & ormus..


Visit & to discover when Solar Cycle 24 is most active & likely to kindle a geomagnetic storm on Earth. Some channels see a hidden birthcord in the solar wind!

7.) to hear his extraordinary Cosmic Stories on Video...

to attune to the transporting music & healing voice of Ann Mortifee.

to order Jim Berenholtz's latest musical creation: The Psalms of Ra & Music in the Language of Light. (You can hear histransporting version of  Kaddish by clicking on the Mettatron & Pneeemah links)

to order Michael Fatali's beautiful lithochrome photographs of thesouthwest canyonlands...

11.) to enjoy Joelle's buffet of travel, fashion, art& holistic postingsdone with wit & photographic finesse...

12.) to visit Klaus and Karen's beautiful retreat centre situated on the northern shore of spring fed Lake Manitou. Or join an upcoming Astrological Vision Nest Retreat on Manitoulin Island..

13.) to learn about Gabriel Cousens Tree of Life Rejuvenation Retreats in Arizona & Israel.

To enroll for Yoga classes & retreats with Susie Dias in Toronto.

to order an extraordinary set of Crystal Singing Bowls. Let William know who referred you!

to learn about Zeev Kolman's extraordinary healing energies....

to view the beautiful posters and kabbalistic cards of Tzvat artist David Friedman (including the TL merkavah logo from our front page)

To visit David Wilcock's site on prophecy & physics.

to learn more about where the new physics, sacred geometry, & zero point energy meet in your very own proton belt! Nassim Haramein will charm you & all your subatomic particles!

To hear the passionate music of Shlomo Bar's Hebrew/Moroccan worldbeat legendary group Habrera Hativeet.(featured on the Moroccan Journey invite)

to discover Walter (Shantree) & Lorenna Kacera's Spirit-of-the-Earth Summer Permaculture & Earth Wisdom Courses in London,Ontario.

to book your wedding or vortex tour with Iala & Akal.

To discover Samuel Avital's Le Centre du Silence.

To order the Wings of Light collection of Healing Melodies by Miriam Maron Emhoff.

to view and order Roweena Pattee Kryder's beautiful harmonic art & books.

To discover Elisis Livingstone's magical health & healing retreat at the sacred heart of Glastonbury

To discover Fred Rubenfeld's Starlight Elixirs.

To learn about health products and sacred geometry tools recommended by Drunvalo Melchizedek.

To learn about the extraordinary poetical offerings from astronomer Guy Ottewell.

To order the inspiring cantorial CD's ofcomposer Richard Kaplan (Journeys in Jewish Sacred Music).

To hear harmonics David Hickey is creating with his quartz crystal singing bowls & Gongs. David's music can be heard on the double CD version of the Sonic Merkavah Journeys that accompanies Aleph 2160: A Zodiac Oracle. You can attune to these tones by visiting the front page banner at

To subscribe to Dan Furst's Universal Festival Calendar.

To support the life work of Reb Zalman, the Zayde & catalyst of Jewish Renewal.

New Seminars & Presentations with Joseph-Mark for 2013:
A new suite of 3 hr. Power Point Slide Shows

1) Crop Circle Mysteries & Revelations:
This one seminar will open your eyes to ancient/new creation codes
& offer you true harmonic initiations

2) Mystical Egypt slide show: with compelling
stories from Joseph-Mark’s novel, The Unicorn Messiah...

3) Codes of the Kabbalah: Letter Codes, the Gematria Code,
the Tree-of-Life Vibrational Code & Sacred Geometry...

4) Star Maps: Astrology in Heaven & on Earth
This slide show takes you to sacred sites of many cultures for star-mapping.
You will also learn much about Star Ancestors & Indiginous Cultures.
This one always includes upcoming Planetary Meditation Portals as well!

JMC below Cathederal Rockl
Kabbalistic Healing Workshop
with Joseph-Mark Cohen

offers an eclectic introduction to Polarity Therapy, sound healing, past-life soul memory, EFT, aromatherapy, vibrational medicine and the use of crystals, minerals, & gemstones in healing. Participants will experience Joseph-Mark's complete 22 protocol Tree-of-Life Bodywork format that incorporates Hebrew harmonic overtone chants to catalyze the sound current. You will also learn the Sonic Merkavah Meditation and experience the healing powers of the Shem72 Divine Names. The use of a vast array of elixirs and essential oils will be explored in relationship to your personal Tree-of-Life, etheric & auric energy fields. This workshop will appeal to a wide spectrum of health practitioners plus anyone interested in the subtle power of vibrational healing
Call 1-888-633-2214 for upcoming events in 2013
Introduction to Astrodrama
Kabbalistic Astrology
offers a fascinating and experiential opening to the use of astrology for healing & enlightenment. Joseph-Mark draws on a wide array of exercises drawn from Shamanic, Sufi & Kabbalistic sources to conjure up an astrological experience that touches both intimately personal & transpersonal dimensions.You will learn to tap the vast reservoir of imaginative and intuitive resources that are within you. This workshop will reveal the myths and soul scripts at the core of your being!

Astrological Vision Nest,
personal & small group retreats
  at The Crystal Dome Retreat, Nelson, BC
Summer 2013

Call 1-888-633-2214 to reserve/pre-register
Theatre of the Tarot

The Emperess

High Priestess


is a profound journey through the 22
major arcana archetypes of the Tarot.
This provocative workshop
( the Fool's Journey )
offers you
fascinating and revelatory keys & tools to help unlock & ignite
the power of your intuition, imagination, creativity & sexuality.
You will explore the subtle inter-relationship between
your conscious, sub-conscious & superconscious selves.
You will meet each of the 22 Guardians of the Tarot through the use of vocal harmonics, inner-dialogue, channeling, sacred dance & ceremony. The fool's journey is filled with high humour, magic, transpersonal initiations plus personal revelations and satoris that will delight and amaze you! This mystery school is designed for a minimum of 22 adventurous consciousness travellers ready to boldly go where few have gone before!
Kindly contact Joseph-Mark at 250-229-2227 or 1-888-633-2214 or book thru the order form at

The Fool



JMC below Cathederal Rockl
Joseph-Mark Cohen is the creator of the Tree-of-Life Mystery School which offers seminars/journeys to sacred sites in Britain, Sedona, Ireland, & Egypt. He is the author of  the Codes of the Kabbalah  CD , Aleph 2160: A Zodiac Oracle (in the poetical tradition of Blake & Rumi) plus the recently published Crop Circle Oracle Cards. Be sure to visit to sample a few appetizers from these works. Joseph-Mark has a knack for bringing the most esoteric and mystical teachings down to earth.
His workshops are pure magic !