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Living Kabbalah Video Series is composed of 3 hour long interviews with Joseph-Mark recorded for Mitchell J. Rabin's "A Better World" which appears weekly on cable tv in NYC. The  videos explore the fascinating world of Kabbalah from a rare personal and humourful perspective. Topics covered include: sonic kabbalah, shamanic kabbalah, the tree-of-life, the initiations of Moshe (Moses) and the relationship between Egyptian Sacred Science and Kabbalah.      $84   includes p&h  (3 videos/3dvds)


Tree-of-Life Bodywork & Merkavah Lightbody Activation is a new 1 1/2 video that teaches Joseph-Mark's unique 22 protocol treatment form for advanced Polarity Therapy. You will learn how to balance the chakras, spheres and meridian pathways of your 5 energy bodies. This treatment form offers powerful harmonic vowel streams and chants that serve to activate the merkavah lightbody and your personal tree-of-life.           $84    DVD &  Kabbalistic Healing Workbook.


Kabbalah 111 consist of two 75 minute videos that offer an introduction to sacred geometry, number mysticism, Pythagorean teachings and the healing meditations of Rabbi Abraham Abulafia as presented by Joseph-Mark. The first video, Harmonics of the Elohim, was taped at the Quantum Galaxies Conference in Boulder, Colorado (1997). The second video on Healing Kabbalah is from a seminar  taped live (2002)  at the office of the gifted Israeli healer Zeev Kolman, in New York City.                   $84 includes p&h  (now available as a double dvd set)


The Book of Gates: 484 Keys to Kabbalistic Meditation  is a 222 page workbook available in a spiral bound edition for students of the Tree-of-School of Kabbalistic Astrology, Healing & Meditation. This book updates the work of Fabre d'Olivet's  Hebrew Tongue Restored in its exploration of the shoresheem or the roots of the Hebrew language. The Book of Gates includes in depth instructions on using the gates as meditation keys and glyphs for decoding the secret meanings of biblical words, phrases and Torah passages. The workbook is the ideal tool for the sincere student seeking entrance to the mystical and meditative essence of the Kabbalah.         $55 (includes  p&h) 
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Kabbalistic Healing Workbook is a 120 page spiral bound text available to students of Kabbalistic Healing and Polarity Therapy. KHW contains detailed instructions for mastering the complete 22 protocol Tree-of-Life Bodywork form that incorporates the harmonic overtone chanting of the Sonic Kabbalah. KHW also serves to transmit the energetics and the placement of the Hebrew fire letters on the biological tree-of-life. It includes a number of guided visualizations for exploring the psychological realms of the Tree with past-life  and soul memory recall.     $44 p&h included  ( $84 with dvd)
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The Tree of Life Tarot Workbook is a 100 page illustrated text that shows how the Major Arcana of the Tarot are symbolically linked to the mystical meaning of each of the 22 Hebrew letters of light. The workbook guides the reader through a fascinating series of pathwork visualizations and meditations  that connect the spheres of his/her personal Tree-of-Life. TLTW is available as a spiral bound workbook or as a ZipEdition pocket CD-R.  $33   p&h included 
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The Gematria Code is a 186 page lexicon of  over 1800 Hebrew words & phrases that form the matrix for an ancient/new  harmonics code based on 360 as a unit of wholeness & completion. This  is the code that gave the author of Aleph 2160: A Zodiac Oracle images, metaphors & channeled guidance for the creation of the Zodiacal Epic. The Gematria Code is a life work in progress and will serve as an extraordinary learning tool for all students of kabbalah, Torah, number symbolism, sacred geometry, zodiac symbols, Pythagoras, & the harmonics of the Elohim. The Gematria Code will be offered as an evening slide show with follow-up 2 day seminar beginning in May 2005.        Call 1-888-633-2214 to book.          $36     (available only via e-book download from TLMS)
To order the complete Codes-of-the-Kabbalah  workbook series
(The Book of Gates, Kabbalistic Healing Workbook & Tree-of-Life Tarot Workbook)
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Zip Editions

 New Works from

Tree-of-Life Mystery School

by Joseph-Mark Cohen


Aleph 2160 :A Zodiac Oracle:  The epic zodiacal poem based upon the Gematria Code ( with gematria code embedded )


       The Unicorn Messiah:

 a mythic memoir in the adventure travel genre featuring parables, prophecies & authentic kabbalah teachings. 


   The Kabbalistic Healing Workbook   Tree-of-Life Bodywork   the Sonic Kabbalah

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The Book of Gates:

 484 Kabbalistic Keys & Gates to Biblical Meditation


The Tree-of-Life

Tarot Workbook

Kabbalistic Meditations on the Major Arcana with Pathwork Visualizations 

Aleph 2160: A Zodiac Oracle 

This is the published edition with  over 50 colour photos of sacred sites, astronomical constellations &  majestic crop circles (pdf file: 28 megs)


PDF files: Crystal Dome PDF, Kabbalistic Vision Nest PDF, Summer Course PDF

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