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What is kabbalistic astrology?

More than a technique within the world of astrology, kabbalistic astrology looks at a human being in his/her relationship to the universe from a highly spiritual point of view. The paradigms of kabbalah (the four worlds of one's inner universe, the sacred science of gematria and harmonics, the Tree-of-Life as a body/mind/spirit map, and the five vibrational levels of the soul) are all taken into consideration in the preparation and interpretation of a horoscope. Your particular "destiny" on the soul level, your creative gifts and personality challenges are addressed from the perspective of the "whole self" with you as the script writer and the creator of your life. It takes into account the notion of gilgul (reincarnation), and looks in a gentle and metaphorical way at patterns and signatures which could help you define where you are coming from and where you are going to.

How does it work?

Kabbalistic astrology works in the same way as transpersonal or humanistic astrology with the addition of one unique template, the Tree-of-Life map. This map is a conversion of the zodiacal degrees of the natal chart, via gematria base 360, to a map of the Tree-of-Life where the planets are placed in the spheres. For example, the rulership of the upper spheres is Neptune for keter (cosmic consciousness, the crown), Uranus for hohhmah (wisdom, intuition, right brain wholistic consciousness), Saturn for binah (understanding, memory, discernment, awareness of karmic cycles, connection to the Great Mother) and Pluto for da'at (knowledge, collective consciousness, prophecy). This map gives a picture and metaphors for the soul evolution that can be found in no other way, aside from direct clairvoyant and clairaudient perception. The Tree-of-Life map is a key to the reading of the soul records and offers an extremely clear picture of the health of the physical body with its energy systems.

Who is Joseph-Mark Cohen?

Joseph-Mark has been practicing the art of kabbalistic astrology for the past 40 years. His early astrological influences included Dane Rudhyar and John Addey. He has been presenting kabbalistic astrology at a wide variety of conferences and seminars (AFAN, ARC, UAC, Whole Life and New Life Expos) for over 2 decades. Joseph-Mark is the founder of the Tree-of-Life Mystery School, which presents seminars in shamanic kabbalah and kabbalistic healing at sacred sites planet wide. He is a student of earth mysteries, with a profound love of the mythologies and ceremonies of indigenous peoples throughout the world. A gifted story-teller, creative catalyst, and polarity therapist, Joseph-Mark enjoys presenting Astrodrama (experiential astrology) in a variety of venues. He is also the creator of Living Kabbalah Audio Seminars, The Right Name Consulting & the Pneemah Planetary Healing Initiative. Joseph-Mark is the author of Aleph 2160: A Zodiac Oracle, (an epic poem 30 years in the writing), which weaves kabbalistic lore, star mythology, archeoastronomy and earth mysteries into an extraordinary ceremonial invocation. He is also the author of the Codes of the Kabbalah workbook series, available on cdr.

What people say about this work:
"As a healer, I really appreciated the spiritual basis of your reading, You have a unique insight into the human psyche and the workings of the Universe." .... Naseer Ahmad, M.D., D.Sc., author of Man from Atlan.
"What an illuminating experience to hear Joseph-Mark reveal aspects of a child's soul journey through the language of astrology, kabbalah, and the mystical. Both of our children have had their charts read by Joseph-Mark, and both times have been magical, deep, and rich. A true gift. We cherish the sacred knowledge of our children that we now have, and will use it as parents and guides and witnesses to their lives. ... Sharone & Eric Komoroff, Executive Director/Founder
    Joseph-Mark Cohen has an uncanny ability to plumb the subtle depths and energies that originate with one's planetary alignments and movements. It is always a tremendous gift to receive his astrological reading and insights, which are truly cosmic in nature. He is deeply attuned to the language of the heavens in its timeless weave, ever casting wise, poetic and witty light on those key steps and movements in the soul's evolutionary journey. In seeing the rich tapestry of your past, present and future, he offers a gentle roadmap for the here and now-- essential directions for those seeking new levels of Self...  Ingrid Liepa, Environmentalist & Mountain Guide 

"Your kabbalistic astrology session was delightful. Your vision, intuition & capacity to make it all specific is a rare gift. What I appreciate most is your ability to shuttle back and forth between archetypal & personal realms. And thank you for the holistic health tips and sonic tune-up.".....Shirah-Kobah Zeller, Psychotherapist

"For those clients already knowledgeable in astrology Joseph-Mark Cohen adds a dimension of psychic acuity & sensitivity that will startle and amaze you. Weaving many disciplines, he works gently to make the reading accessible & specific to your needs. The session itself is a kind of trance that continues to unfold days later. I am still experiencing new insights & revelations. Thank you.".....Anney Bonney, Artist

"Joseph-Mark's harmonic chants are absolutely transporting. I learned more in this one day Tree-of-Life seminar than any other workshop I can remember. Joseph-Mark is the most knowledgeable person I've met in this decade.".....Gladys Iris Clark, 98, author of Forever Young, teacher of the keys of Enoch

"Joseph-Mark is a master story-teller. He touches the inner child and transmits cosmic mysteries and sacred teachings with warmth, wit and wisdom. You will be delighted and transformed by the experience.".....Peter Goldberg, Acupuncturist.

"Joseph-Mark Cohen is an adept who knows how to initiate others with sensitivity, into becoming themselves adept at the Kabbalah. Graced with insight and creativity, he teaches in the style of an artist.".....Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

"I listened in fascination as Joseph bopped musically from note to grace note---a free-form jazz-piano kabbalah ...Joseph-Mark Cohen's dazzling lore blew my circuits. His kabbalah turned text into hypertext, found meanings in every letter " ..Rodger Kamenetz, author of The Jew in the Lotus, and Stalking Elijah

The Astrology Vision Nest
The Astrology Vision Nest is a unique personalized retreat program that offers you a 7 day intensive inner journey to your essential self guided by Joseph-Mark Cohen at the Crystal Dome Retreat on Lake Kootenay, British Columbia. (or at retreat centres in Sedona, Arizona; Maui, Hi; Glastonbury,  Britain and other places of power, beauty and mythological interest) The Astrological Vision Nest is designed for individuals or a small group (maximum of six participants) that are interested in taking the next step in consciousness growth utilizing astrological awareness as a tool in that process.
 The AVN format included a series of 12   3- hour sessions that focus on self-awareness in the areas of : soul lessons, self-esteem, communication, family, creativity, health, relationships, initiations, spiritual growth, community, spirit guidance and your relationship to subconsious and superconscious selves accessible through past-life regression, dreams and meditation.
The processes that you will experience in an AVN include Astrodrama, Personal MythMaking and Ceremony, Merkavah LightBodywork, Past-Life Regression, Voice Dialogue, & whatever might arise that would serve you to become the joyful and radiant creator of your new life !
The AVN program fee is $3,000 which includes all charts and private session work, meals and accomodation, plus long-distance telephone counseling both before and after the AVN. It is highly advised that you book a Kabbalistic Astrology session with Joseph-Mark before applying to participate in the AVN.
Please address all inquiries re schedule and logistics to  or e-mail
Schedule of fees for 2016:
Kabbalistic Astrology (90 minutes + intro interview, mp3 recording) $360
Astrocartography or Chart update (1 hour) $180
Synastry/ The Astrology of Relationship (2 hours/2 charts) $360
Vocational & Financial Chart Consulation (90 minutes) $360

Contact us at
or call 1-888-633-2214 

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