Download 2012 pdf here!
Download 2013 pdf here!

is a Hebrew word that speaks of the inner essence at the core of the phenomenal world. Pneemah is a cousin to the Greek word for breath or animating spirit. It is also an ancient/new network of souls and lightworkers devoted to Planetary Healing at pivotal astrological and galactic moments that initiate magnetic field fluctuations affecting the Earth's grid. Pneemah is a network of researchers  and kabbalistic healers who have chosen to participate in a radiatory healing experiment to broadcast positive vibrations at times of change and crisis to the Earth's energy field. Welcome to the website for the: 
 Planetary Network for Earth Energy Medicine & Angelic Healing   

   The first broadcast in 2013 is scheduled to occur on JAN. 6. Kindly send an e-mail to if would like to participate in this broadcast or others that will follow on a monthly basis. One of the key radiatory frequencies that members of Pneemah will be utilizing is the Shem72 Hebrew letter triplets that are often referred to as the 72 Names of God. Each of these 3 letter Hebrew sequences hold a harmonic vowel grid that with clear kavannah (spiritual intent) can become a powerful ally in personal and planetary radiatory healing broadcasts.  
  You can learn more about the Shem72 by clicking the following link:

Shem72: Divine Names for Opening the Petals of Tipheret 
  The seeds for P'neemah were planted in 1987 at the time of Harmonic Convergence when 52 different crystal guardians offered ceremonials with herkimer diamond seed crystals at various sacred sites and nodes along the earthgrid. It is time now for us to listen to kol haAdamah, the voice of the EarthSpirit as we engage in a council of creatures and co-creators. P'neemah is putting out an invitation to scientists & mystics, lightworkers & ceremonialists, to all those who love the Earth, to participate in meditations for the benefit of all beings.

Astrological Portals 

Pneemah participants may occasionally receive an e-mail or mp3 intro for meditations that take place on major Planetary Healing days... For an in-depth understanding & mythic key to astrological degree symbolism, a copy of  Aleph2160: A Zodiac Oracle will prove invaluable....
May these portals become a positive & transformative source of vibrational energy for you and your tribe....

For many years, I have made it a ceremony to survey the astrological landscape of the Gregorian year to come between Winter Solstice & January 1. The "portal" days that I find were posted as Pneemah Portals & a small coterie of my former Kabbalah students tuned in on these days & offered meditations & chants drawn from what have come to be known as the Shem 72 Divine Names by those who are familiar with Yehuda Berg's "The 72 Names of God". This year, 2012, has such astrological significance that I feel anyone who follows their astrological transits would benefit by meditation at these key portal dates. Yes, all new moons are important seed moments & could be added to what follows. If you would like a brief e mail or mp3 file of the sonics that go with the 3 Hebrew letter codes, kindly send an e-mail to & let me know...

What follows are the key Portal dates and meditation times for 2013:
(Times quoted are for Pacific Time Zone, add 3 hours for EST, 8 hrs. for UK)

Well, happy New Year! I have just returned from assorted ceremonials in Sedona to scan the ephemeris for what 2013 has in store for us. What follows is what I have discovered, plus a few tour invites tossed in for good luck!

2013 Pneemah
Astrological Portals:

Jan. 6: Mercury conjunct Jupiter: for writing, speaking, publishing. A day for seeding positive thought forms & affirmations into both the personal & planetary psyche.....

Jan. 17: Venus conjunct Pluto at 10 degree Cap.: This could be a financial fiasco... a good time to put a big Put on assets that are being radically devalued... TKs Hathors would call it a "chaotic node"!( Remember the reggai song: love is more precious than silver or gold!)

Jan. 31: Sun square Saturn at 11/12 degrees of Aquarius/Scorpio. This is a karma/dharma square dance, so to speak....The challenge today is to find a way to break free from limiting beliefs & habit patterns.

Feb. 2: Sun conjunct the Cygnus black hole today... Let go of the ties that bind. Get a grip on the next dimension of self. Quantum leap over cultural pot-holes...( read Andrew Collins book: the Cygnus Mystery to learn more about the Swan Stars, Deneb & Albireo)

Feb. 7: Mercury/Mars/Neptune are triple conjunct at 3 degrees of Pisces today. This is a day of magic/imagination/ creativity/ optical illusions.... Fabulous for theatre... Call on Houdini as a spirit guide if you need an escape route! The 3rd degree of Pisces hints at the need for purification rituals, ceremonies that releases one from former karmic contracts....( see 333 in Aleph 2160 AZO)

Feb. 21: Sun conjunct Neptune. This is a Tipheret/Keter heart/crown connection/ channel on the Tree of Life... The challenge here is how to bring spiritual ideals down to earth( Saturn just turned retrograde at the 222nd degree of the zodiac) & potentize them in the alchemical cauldron of the Heart....What you percieive as pure vision may be illusory to your neighbour/partner/parent/child.... This day is a Potent Meditation Portal. That mustard seed cosmic memory bank at the core of the etheric heart could pop open! UFOs could become IFOs today!!!!

Feb. 28: Ah, the first Quantum Leap day of the new Mayan aeon...with Sun conjunct Chiron. Venus has just entered Pisces so there is the potential today for unconditional loving, ho-opono-pono & the healing of leftover karmic trauma... consult ( We have a para-todo elixir for you)

March 15: Beware the ides of March! Where there is smoke there is fire! Especially today with Sun conjunct Mars at 26 degrees of Aries, a day of fireworks to be sure. Saturn, Pluto & Uranus are entwined in a Yod formation all month long, a finger of the gods alignment that often yields a big transmution, a turning point, a Great Catalytic Converter, So best align with the planets & be your very own change agent today!

March 23: The Spring Equinox (northern hemisphere) is potent on the 21st but on the 23rd Sun conjuncts Venus for an eruption of festive love. The fireworks this day include a Mars Uranus conjunction which is either explosive &/or the birth of new & (potentially) free energy initiatives. This is a day of pure Alchemy. Make sure your laboratory is hermetically sealed! And if you are keen to study the Alchemical Kabbalah, I can invite you to participate in a full Passover Shem72 retreat March 25-April 1 in Sedona, Arizona....

March 29: Venus conjuncts Uranus in the 9th degree of Aries. This feels like some kind of Tantra festival or a spring mating dance...Mars is Sextile Jupiter for financial well-being but Jupiter is quincunx Saturn today so if credit cards are still part of your reality, consider putting your plastic in the recycling bin before Sun squares Pluto & quincunxes Saturn on April Fools Day.

April 7: An exact Venus/Mars conjunction today at 20 degrees of Aries hints at a facinating new love affair between the forces of tradition & transformation ( Saturn & Uranus) & the alchemical union of what was & what will be. Saturn & Uranus are engaged in an exact Quincunx all month long suggesting that what we see at surface has a hidden agenda at depth. Uranus & Pluto are heading towards another exact square, btw!

April 22: Earth Day 2013 arrives with Sun conjunct Mars in Taurus so the anabolic forces to regenerate the earth grid ( &its magnetic field) are strong & this year's celebration has to do with an honouring of the wisdom ways of Earth's indiginous peoples. Time to coat the seeds of change with saliva & replant the garden with the love vibration!

May 14/15: There is a rare Neptune/Jupiter Quintile today to grace the Hebrew holiday of Shavuot, honoring the receiving of the Torah at Mt. Sinai. Traditional celebration involves the study/meditation on the Merkavah text of Ezekiel & the all night chanting of passages from the Zohar. The Quintile is a 72 degree aspect ( 1/5th of 360) that speaks of the Creator/creator dialogue. Neptune attunes to the crown sphere... Jupiter to the centre of compassion in the heart... So a Merkavah meditation/journey is totally appropriate this year. (email if you would like to participate in a Shavuot Retreat)

May 25: The full moon penumbral eclipse at 4 degrees of Sagittarius is all about travel & what we can learn from the journey. Sun, Mercury, Venus & Jupiter are all gathered in Gemini, keen to explore the physics of consciousness travel. (Venus conjuncts Jupiter on May 29th, great day for a party or a marriage ceremony!)

June 21: The Summer Solstice (northern hemisphere) still has those party revellers ( Venus, Mars & Jupiter) carousing in Gemini. The full moon in Capricorn on the 23rd gathers in the family & on the 26th the Sun in Cancer makes a grand trine to Neptune in Pisces & Saturn in Scorpio. Sounds like the ideal time to go swimming with the dolphins!

July 22: The Sun enters Leo today & there is a full moon at 0 degrees Aquarius. Venus enters Virgo & has conjuncted Regulus, the timekeeper star. Crop Circle season is in full swing in the UK... You are invited to join our annual tour to Mystical Britain that includes visits to the Crop Circles, Avebury, Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Bath, the Temporary Temples Summer Lectures in Devises & an add on Alchemical Astrology Retreat at Tintagel in Cornwall. Departure date is July 19th. Visit to retrieve the flyer/ reg. form......

Aug. 17: The Sun is at the 144th degree of the Zodiac. This is the anniversary of Harmonic Convergence 1987 which Kryon & many other channels claim began the process of planetary awakening & ascension... The moon is conjunct the Galactic Centre today & Venus is transiting the degree of the Supergalactic Centre after entering into Libra. You could be transiting sacred sites in Ireland, discovering the power of vocal harmonics, climbing the Giant's Causeway & dancing with the little people! We are looking at a 10 day journey & a 3 day festival. Email for more info....

Aug. 23/24: The Sun & Mercury enter Virgo in tandem & Moon conjuncts Uranus. These days are ideal for writing, channeling, record keeping & soul memory retrieval......

Sept. 5 thru 14: The New Moon at 14 degrees Virgo marks the Hebrew/Jewish New Year 5774. The days of Awe come early this year, before the Fall Equinox. This time is set aside for coming into balance in heart/soul/ & spirit realms & restoring harmony to all one's relationships....These 10 days can also serve as a time of purification of the 10 spheres of one's personal Tree-of-Life. In Virgo, this is the ideal time for cleansing via Chinese Medicine, acupuncture & herbal medicine protocols.

The fall festival for the Ancestors, Sukkot, takes place from Sept. 16 through Sept.26th. The retreat will likely take place in Sedona, AZ or at the Crystal Dome Retreat, Kootenays, BC.

Portals for the remainder of 2013 will be posted here in September.
Meditations from the Shem 72 will be sent to those who request them via e mail....

Joseph-Mark Cohen


     To apply for membership in P'neemah, kindly send an e mail to that includes your full name, date, time & place of birth, telephone number and best time to reach you. We will get back to you as soon as possible to inform you of upcoming meditations & broadcasts. Whenever possible you will have access to a mp3 file with an introduction to the significance of the Portal and a harmonic chanting of the letter meditation for the broadcast.

 Your enthusiasm and dedication to this project is deeply appreciated.