Zodiac Oracles with Joseph-Mark Cohen  
March-April 2009  
         Amazing things may be happening this spring. Your Zodiac Oracle is being transcribed in Sedona, Arizona as Mercury turns direct. I have been out hiking the vortexes & prancing about like a wolf on this magical landscape. The secret this spring is to find yourself a magical spot in nature, attune to the earth herself & learn to follow the threads of your soul web. The changes that are happening now are compressing time & sending waves of ancient soul memory & transformational vision through our veins. Jupiter in Aquarius is bringing tribal soul families together in joyful & constructive ways. Mars will be transiting Pisces from March 15th  (come celebrate this date from 10am-5:30 at Summerhill Pyramid Winery & experience JMCs Crop Circle Mysteries Seminar) to April 23rd & making a dramatic conjunction with Uranus on April 15th. I envision the possibility for a Planetary Quantum Leap, a breakthrough in medical research, & the discovery of an energy based on Zero Point technology.
      The Spring Equinox this year is a profound Vision Quest Moment. You can visit the Planetary Healing button at www.treeoflifeschool. com to learn more. As my most recent adventure was an energizing week at the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show, I thought it would be fun to share something of the crystal & mineral correspondences to star signs this month. And for those of you looking for something green to imbibe for St. Patrick's Day, try my Crop Circle Mysteries Seminar in Kelowna on March 15. Mention this column & you will receive a crystal/mineral gift along with lunch at the Bistro! Happy spring..
Your Zodiac Oracles:
Pisces: That Uranus Mars conjunct will allow you to clear more than a few ghosts out of the place where you have stored most of your ancient fears. Amethyst & Lepidolite are your mineral allies in transmuting the spirits that haunt you into guides for your spirit! 
Aries: Pluto in Capricorn is slowly pushing you toward a cliff of sorts that may require a radical makeover. I recommend you find yourself a garnet mineral specimen from Alaska to put you in touch with what we could call: Earth Kundalini. 
Taurus: Yes, your love of bliss & the golden light (or coins) is a noble addiction. Just be sure that sugars are kept to a minimum. You have a fun building project in mind this spring. An azurite held in the palm of each hand or one at your third eye will aid your visualizations... 
Gemini: You are coming to a major life crossroad this spring. So many options & ley lines you could follow. You are cutting cords & just plain restructuring your reality now. Rutile quartz would be a true ally for you nervous system in this process.
Cancer: You have much to gain from that Mars/Uranus quantum leap if you can let go of the grip that past wounds have had upon you. Take a trip to warm ocean waters. Go scuba diving for coral & pearls & a new dream for a new era.. Try selenite for channeling the goddess.
Leo: Jupiter in Aquarius has you conjuring up a thousand and one new projects this spring. You are ready for new partners, companions & yes, even a new mate. Hold on to amber for bioelectric balance & ruby for heart courage... Or ask about the new QUB hemetite pendant to create your own magnetic field shield!
Virgo: How can you possibly keep your meditation practice happening when you are inundated with e-mails, cell phone beeps, invites to pot luck dinners & the call of unpaid credit card bills. Simple. Find yourself a sapphire or a herkimer diamond double terminated crystal as an ally for your needed time out...
Libra: It is your time to for empowerment. Born in the fall, you thrive in the spring. And the border crossing between soul friendship & romantic love opens & closes on a heartbeat. Jade will aid your kidney chi, emerald will magnetize your heart's desire...
Scorpio: You are getting ready to help a karmic tie to cross over or be of service to a partner/friend who is in a major healing crisis. Labradorite is the stone to help one find the light at the end of the tunnel. Hold it to your thymus gland. Try tourmaline for cash flow!
Sagittarius: You have been guided by your ZO to travel the globe, photograph sacred sites & write a blog or a novel of your anthropological observations. Tibetan turquoise or chrysacolla will be helpful guardians on your journey..
Capricorn: Pluto is the planet of inner transmution. To transmute something involves an alchemical process whereby you extract the energy from an outmoded form & transplant it into something new that needs nurture & ongoing attention. A Brazilian laser quartz crystal would aid you in this process...
Aquarius: This Chinese Year of the Ox is your year to shine. When things fall apart, Aquarians serves as galactic handymen & networkers to align the ley lines, feng the shui, release news to the media & channel the Light where it is most needed. Aquamarine & Celestite (from Madagascar) will keep you in touch with your allies!
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