Zodiac Oracle  May 2009
by Joseph-Mark Cohen  

  New Moon at 5 degrees of Taurus on April.24th:
degree poem 35 from Aleph 2160: A Zodiac Oracle:
wherever you go   you'll bumb into one     of eight original souls     who enter in
at Ur  Tula  Tiahunaco  Cuzco  sipapu Chicomoztoc   Meru   Fuji  Uluru
or one of the Mediterranean eight    from the ark   nishmat kol hhai
whoever we are     we are on galactic walkabout    we are ancient ones
riding the songlines    singing light   collecting manna in the outback  calling out
the litany  as we move   from crevice to cave   cliff to canyon   creek to cascade
I trust that you have experienced an extraordinary Quantum Leap in consciousness given the recent Mayan portal days, the Mars Uranus alchemical conjunction on April 15th, the Earth Day eco-awareness celebration as Sun entered Taurus & the arrival of spring in the Northern Hemisphere!  The merry month of May will prove to be very active featuring the energizing transit of Mars & Venus through zodiacal Aries, the Wesak full moon on  May 8th at 19 degrees of Scorpio & a keep-your-tongue-tied Mercury retrograde transit from the 7th to the 31st of May. So this is an an ideal month to till the garden, connect with old friends & gather chi for what may prove to be a summer that is remarkably transformative on personal & planetary levels.
Your zodiac oracle invites you to participate in one or more of the many upcoming gatherings in the months to come:
Shavuot Merkavah Retreat at the Crystal Dome May 28-31,
 Mt. Shasta UFOs & Earth Mysteries Conference June 11-14, see ShalomarProductions.com 
Kabbalah 2012 June 15 at Stewart Mineral Springs,
Rocky Mountains Sacred Lakes Journey June 20-24,
Tree-of-Life Mystery School at the Crystal Dome July 4-14,
British Crop Circles Journey July 24-Aug.7,
Manitoulin Island Shamanic Astrology
& Yoga Retreat Aug.20-23rd.
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Your Zodiac Oracles for May
Aries: Yes, it is your time to find the fast track again & accelerate your energy body with a new project that sings in your heart of hearts! Just be careful of expressing your childlike enthusiasm with any kind of egoic assumptions regarding the support you assume will be yours for your grand adventure. If you do, you may be setting yourself up for a rude awakening! 
Taurus: You are just bursting with creativity this spring! So many new projects, friends, pot luck dinners to attend & yes, even some money making opportunities coming your way. I see you on the dance floor dancing up a storm, I see you in the hot tube soaking your sore muscles, I see you seducing friends & foes with your assorted sensual lures. Your deepest joy: making music! 
Gemini: You gift with words is being honed this spring. The buddhists call it right speech.  Hebrews call it kol d'mmah daka, the still small voice. You will be hearing the inner voice in your clairaudient ear as a kind of surround sound, a cosmic hum, the voice of Pachamama, the earth mother speaking to you. This is good. Just beware of gossip with that Mercury retrograde this month. Otherwise you could be the recipient of big coyote medicine!
Cancer: I can sense your uneasyness now that Pluto is moving closer to opposition with your Sun. This suggests that you are in the midst of some grand restructuring. Career, home life, love life, the garden, children, your gastro-intestinal & financial life are all up for review. The key here is respond with a loving presence to whatever might trigger a deeply embedded fear pattern.
Leo: The medicine of the lion, the tyger, the jaguar or the puma will take you far. Maybe even too far! Over the cliff where only agile roadrunners can go, reverse direction, & safely return. Yes, it is challenging to have one foot on the accelerator & one foot on the brake at the same time. Still, remember that even walking is technically a fall & a recovery. Whatever you do, make it a fun journey!
Virgo: I am worried about you, Virgo. Worried that you have incorporated the transit of Saturn into both heart & mind. This would put quite a stress on your agile but delicate nervous system. The partnership & friendship you seek may be veiled from view due to your painstaking attention to the minutae of life. What to do? Befriend a Libra & beware of your fellow mutables!
Libra: You love to travel & meet new friends & ancient soul allies. You are the spark that kindles kindred spirits to commune & come together to create a greater harmony. Ah, but your mystic side may need to retreat into the cave of your heart this month. The practice: one hour a day of deep heart listening. Let's call it a wi-fi free zone!
Scorpio: Speaking of wi-fis, the mystic heart of Albion, Glastonbury, is presently suffering from Wi-Fi itis & townspeople are having all sorts of health challenges from electromagnetic pollution. Our light bodies are experiencing a barrage of frequency invasions like never before. Your role, Scorpio, is to protect the unprotected with legal steps to rectify this invasive situation. A word for you to google: biogeometry!
Sagittarius: Yes you are the knight in armour shining that travels the ley lines of the Earth to keep the portals open & clear! And yes you have been commissioned to photograph all manner of earth mysteries & make music in every available sonic amphitheatre. You can do all this even without an audience! Forget about being a performer for awhile. Be with the birds, the frogs, the sounds of nature. Blog the word: soundscape!
Capricorn: As much as you may be interested in building a new extension on your home or renovating the cottage for the summer or expanding the laboratory for your experiments... it may prove useful for you to downsize & focus your energies like a Chi kung master on subtle inner flow patterns. Be the cave that is open to penetration by the great galactic light that is coming your way! 
Aquarius: Did you find that aquamarine or celestite I recommended last month? I want you to take full advantage of the transit of Jupiter through Aquarius. This will bring you back in touch with soul tribe all over the planet. Just remember your friends in other dimensions who are beaming transmissions to your pineal radio nightly!
Pisces: Well, it is official now. You  have now officially experienced the Great Inner Quantum Leap & it will be necessary for you to re-arrange your daily reality accordingly. This could change your diet to Raw, it could break your heart in an evolutionary challenging way, it could have you throwing in the towel on your hot tub full of ancient fears & eccentric ways of being. The oracle: Be kind to your very own Self!
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