Dear Kan Recipients,
That Kan that I promised you over a week ago will be posted to the website archive in tomorrow, April 1st, provided my webmaster is not out spring skiing again!!
Meanwhile here is a weekly zodiac oracle that is written for the Nelson Express.
The editor asks me to keep it to 3 lines. I am aiming for haiku soon!
The invites for April include:
Woofing days at the Crystal Dome on Sundays. You drop by
to help with clearing logs, twigs & debris from the the grove
in preparation for the building of the dance/theatre pagoda...
Then stay for some informal astrologizing or polarity therapy & pot-luck snacks.
Or come for a whole week from April 16-22 to celebrate Earth Day.
Passover Seders at the dome are on April 2 &3rd. with an Easter
Meditation Retreat to follow April 6-8th.
Kindly RSVP is you would like to attend.
And if you would like to join the journey to Damanhur April 27- May 5,
Call me at 1-888-633-2214 immediately and I will put you in touch with Alan Steinfeld.
And finally, I am offering a free astrology reading as a barter
if you happen to have 5 or 10k United Mileage Plus Miles in your acct.
that you would like to offer your Zodiac Oracle!!
Call me at 250-229-2227 ASAP..
Many thanks, Enjoy the April 1 Zodiac Oracle
And check the website for the next KAN,

Your Zodiac Oracle: April 4-11

Passover/Easter is a time intended for liberation and freedom from the idols of the day.
The festival goes back further than the leaving of Egypt or the cruxifixion/resurrection
story. The Egyptian Mystery School inititiations culminated in a three day ceremony
in the King's Chamber of the Giza pyramid that had the initiate, as Osiris, take his sahu body on a journey to the imperishable stars. So the stars this week suggest a series of
small ego deaths and a reinvention of your authentic Self. Here are your zodiac omens and oracles:


Aries:You are preparing for a big birthday bash in true shamanic
style. This means you may have to eat some crow
or let expections go. Wherever you go, 
there they are..
Taurus:Your challenge is to find that ostrich
easter egg, then dig it out without getting egg on
your gardening gloves or in your face. Your
children will adore you. 

 Gemini:You will benefit from that Grand Trine of Jupiter,
 Saturn and Sun in fire signs this week. Let 
go of the little grievances. Be bold... 

 Cancer:The Egyptian government is bound and determined
to retrieve the 3200 year old strands of Ramses  mummy hair.
You have some  lost or stolen items to fetch as well.

Leo: You are the Pharoah who will not let your children go.
Family karma requires a kind of detachment that may
upset your dreams and romantic plans. Just let go...

Virgo: Mercury conjunct Uranus in Pisces leads me
to believe that you will be dealing with some sharp tongues
this week. Try nux vomica as the remedy.

Libra:Lots of relationship activities for you Librans with
Venus transiting through Taurus and Sun in Aries.
You can love all of your guests, most of the time. 

Scorpio:Venus square Saturn and Moon in Scorpio (4th &5th)
  looks like a tussle between the jackals and the giraffes. 
Be an eagle and get above it all, already.. 

Sagittarius: Jupiter going retrograde in Sagittarius on the 7th
offers you a chance to revisit a lost opportunity
and rescript your dreams and resources.

That Capricorn moon (apr.9,10) is a portal of sorts.
The keywords here are: priorities, creativity, attitude, intention,
clarity, communication from the heart.
 Aquarius:You are caught in a bit of a crossfire 
between tradition and innovation, dreams and karmic contracts.
A sacrifice is for making sacred...

Pisces: With Mercury conjunct Uranus on April Foolsday
you had a chance to speak you mind and clear the channels.
Now you must dance with new partners... 

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