Dear Kootenites in Cryogenic Storage,,,,
Here is how we can warm up & kindle the Solar heating
at Winter Solstice, Dec. 21st
noon to eight pm....
at the Crystal Dome...
1) Explore the magical ice castles on the creek
2) Enter the Dome for kava & cacao
3) Do a quick journey of the Crystal Zodiac
& feel the earth pulse of Pluto at the Capricorn Portal
4) Return to the Dome & huddle around the woodstove...
5) Experience a few of the Ascension Elixirs when
the Elixir Bar opens as Moon enters Scorpio at 3:37 pm.
6) Celebrate the 1st Light of Hanukah at the designated time
say, about 5:37 pm..
7) Drink medicinal amounts of warm saki & hear
Joseph-Mark's astrological prognosis for 2009.
8) Share a modest pot luck ( sweet potatoes plus)
before heading back down the snowway
to find your
cool vehicle & your next event
( Toko-Pa's WS, Queens Bay Boogie, North Shore Hall, etc)
best to RSVP,
children are most welcome,,
seasons greetings, blessings & gifts of the Spirit...
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