Dear Kan Recipients,
Please find enclosed an invitation to upcoming retreats in Sedona Arizona.
I am also offering a few specials from now till Dec.17th on the new JitterbugPerfumes line & the Angel Elixirs.
You will receive a free Jitterbug aromatherapy oil when you book a kabbalistic astrology session during Hhanukah (Dec.10-17)
You will receive a free Angel Elixir when you order a Jitterbug Perfume.
The angel elixirs make great hannukah presents. I have created a kit of 8 angel elixirs at the special price of $144. You will receive a free Jitterbug perfume along with your order !
blessings & light
Joseph-Mark Cohen

andromedia star consolation

Stargate 2007:  an Experiental Journey in Visionary Astrology

with Joseph-Mark Cohen
& guest alchemists from the Tree-of-Life Mystery School

This experiential seminar offers you an entrance into the leading edge of Astrology for the 21st century. Over a period of 6 days you will experience meditations, soul journeys & initiations that transmit star wisdom and awaken memory of the celestial realms. The seminar format includes: guided visualizations, merkavah journeys, crystal & mineral meditations, music & dance ceremonials, plus an extraordinary slide show of astronomical & deep space objects photographed by the Hubble telescope

You will be guided on a rich anthropological expedition to retrieve the star myths of the Egyptian,Chinese, Hebrew, Mayan, Zoroastrian, & Native American traditions. Joseph-Mark will enchant from his kabbalistic epic Aleph 2160 during Stargate 2007. We will explore pivotal astrological moments between the years 2002 & 2012 as well as divining a pattern for both personal & planetary ascension portals during this time of Galactic Alignment. You are invited to join with us, star-walkers, magi, astronomer -priests of the Academy of On & Lightworkers of the Most High in ceremony to open the Windows of the Sky !

Stargate 2007 will be offered in the year 2002 at sacred sites in Sedona Arizona, & Maui. For registration & booking kindly visit   The fee for this seminar ( includes meals & accommodation) is $777.  A deposit of $111(US) via credit card at the website order form will reserve your admission to Stargate 2007. The Star dates for Stargate 2007 are:Feb.12-15 in Sedona and Feb.21-24 in Maui.

The Tree-of-Life School of
Kabbalistic Astrology & Healing
invites you to participate in a 6-day retreat in preparation for the
Great Galactic Alignment
with Joseph-Mark Cohen & guest alchemists

Sedona, Az, Dec.18-23rd 2001
& January 25-30, 2002

This school takes place at a once-every-26,000-year consciousness window that will allow us to experience galactic energies in a new way. It is an extraordinary opportunity for vibrational attunement. During this 6-day retreat, we will be tuning in to 12 different galactic energies. We will do this on site in Sedona at a dozen different vortices. I have invited my friend, Fred Rubenfeld, to support our meditations and attunements with the starlight elixirs. Mornings will be devoted to sound healing, harmonics and Tree-of-Life Bodywork. We will be engaging in experiential astrology, or Astrodrama, each afternoon. Each evening we will explore galactic mythology, star lore and things cosmological. There is one ceremonial site near the Schnebly Vortex which was dedicated a number of years ago as a Tree-of-Life ceremonial site. We will be gathering there each day for meditations on the Ayn Soph Aur ... the Infinite Light. This site will be dedicated to group merkavah journeying. Among the 12 stars/galaxies that we will be exploring are the following: Andromeda, Alcyone (the Pleiades), Capella, Polaris, Sirius, Regulus, Vela X, Coma Berenice, Arcturus, the Southern Cross, Antares, the Galactic Centre, Vega, Altair and Deneb Adage.

This is a residential retreat. The tuition for the school is $1111 (Credit card deposits can be taken by the website order form) For a school application or to arrange an interview, please e-mail, or call (250) 229-2227. For retreat inquiries or to order The Great Mystery Elixir Kit, call Joseph-Mark Cohen at : 250-229-2227 or e mail:

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