Dear Earth Mysteries Travellers,,,
On June 19th, 20th & 21st there is a global celebration of water taking place with events that will be linked via a live broadcast on the internet. The focus is on connecting with the 528 Hz frequency of Love, as documented by Dr. Len Horowitz as a result of his exploration of the solfeggio musical sequence. There will be major gatherings in Costa Rica, Hawaii, Sedona & even Jerusalem. The celebration with music, meditation & planetary peace prayers carries a resonance with festivals that go back to the Harmonic Convergence of Aug.16-17, 1987 that announced the last 25.6 years of the Mayan Long Count Calendar (more on that in Nancy Red Star's Star Ancestors book). Len Horowitz has written quite a long discourse on his website  ( suggesting that an apocalyptic "unveiling" is being inauguarated for the 42 months leading up to the Dec.21,2012 date that has the internet, new ager,ascensionists & revelation rapturists abuzz. Drunvalo Melchizedek (Flower of Life & Earth/Sky Seminars) & David Wilcock ( Ascension 2000 & DivineCosmos) may be the most positive sources for coaching re the 2012 event. The negative sources will appear courtesy of Hollywood blockbuster films about to be released this summer of 2009.
 The most auspicious astrological portal shortly after the planetary festival occurs on the Cancer New Moon of June 22nd at 2 degrees of Cancer followed shortly (12 hours later) by the potent  Sun-Pluto opposition. This one summons psychic images of a major Earth Change, perhaps one that the LiveH2O is attempting to mitigate or diminish. The idea is that the deeper the resonance is between humans & Adamah ( Gaia, the Earth Spirit), the more gentle the changes. Many native & indiginous prophecies have painted a rather challenging picture of the upcoming Galactic Alignment or what is often referred to simply as " The Shift". Contemporary channels like Kryon (of magnetic service) through Lee Carroll feel that Harmonic Convergence & the raising of human/planetary consciousness have paved the way for a gentle & joyful Shift. Sal Rachele's Earth Changes & 2012: Messages from the Founders has much to transmit regarding the Galactic Shift & electromagnetic shifts & points to 2017 as a more dramatic Planetary Portal than 2012.
 As some of you may be aware, your Zodiac Oracle was involved with the creation of a number of Alchemysteries Ascension elixirs some years ago in Sedona, brought through at Cathedral Rock.  These elixirs serve as gentle allies in the human calibration of the incoming Galactic Frequencies & the DNA & electro-magnetic field changes that we are presently experiencing. Most recently, I have asked my friend David Sereda to infuse solar/earth/galactic frequencies into a number of small bipyramidal magnetic crystals to serve as allies to boost human immunity,memory, electromagnetic & geomantic balance. 
Let's return to Harmonic 528, the so-called sofeggio Love Frequency.
 Gematria 528 resonates with the Hebrew word
Mafteeahh: mem phay-tav-hhet.
The meaning of this word/formula is : The Key..  
 Mem is water, the biosphere.. We are what could be called "The water Planet".   The following 3 letters form the word  Ptahh meaning  to open. ( cognate with the Egyptian god Ptahh, the opener, guardian of the anabolic form building process)  So this festival of the planetary waters could very well offer us a Key
 that each of us will need for opening our light bodies
to the frequencies that we will be experiencing in the times to come.
I, myself, prefer small mystical gatherings to big raves & concerts. And although I live by the shore of one of the most beautiful & pure glacial lakes on the planet, Lake Kootenay
& am blessed with a rushing glacial creek the emanates from
Kokanee Glacier
& is within a minutes walk from the Crystal Dome Retreat,
 I plan to take a small pod of celebrants & ceremonialists to offer ceremony
 at Lake Ohara & Lake Morraine in the Canadian Rockies.
 I intend to bring a few crystals that have been charged at a wide variety of Sacred Sites (the Giza Pyramid, Machu Pichu & Cathedral Rock among others), shamanic musical instruments (home made cedar click sticks & an assortment of ocarinas). I don't have a tone generator or a tibetan bowl that I am aware of attuned to 528 hz., but I have a hunch that one of my companions will.
This gathering is not your big $400 concerts plus meals & accomodation event.
We will cost share & call in a crystal child or two
 to be with us at 2 remote (cold at night) lakes.
One is thought to be an Arcturian portal spot.
The other often served as a home base for a group of Sufis of the Chisti Order,
those attuned to healing via music a la the teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan.
So this long rambling missive is an invite to join this ceremonial.
Or one nearby.
Or the upcoming Aug. 6th gathering at Chalice Well Garderns in Glastonbury
that my friend  Zeljko Bozic is co-ordinating.
Kindly call me at 250-229-2227 if you wish to participate....
Many blessings,
Joseph-Mark Cohen