Kabbalistic Astrology Newsletter    Sept 1   2001

Dear Kan Recipients,
I am a few days late in sending off this month's Kabbalistic Astrology Newsletter. However the most recent solar flare ( the strongest since in April ) gave me a reminder yesterday to just do it ! You can read about the solar flare at www.spaceweather.com  and be sure to watch for Northern Lights in the next few evening skys.The most recent new moon took place at 26 degrees of leo on August 18th.(I was enjoying a Coleman Barks reading of his Rumi translations at a Prophets Conference in Victoria at the time ) That particular degree is associated with hamalahheem, the angels, according to the Kabbalah. So all this month, in the time leading up to Rosh Hashanah just after the Virgo New Moon on Sept.17th, is a time for what we could call "great angel activity"! It is traditional to clear up all the little misunderstandings & miscommunications that have gathered thruout the year during this time. So, please, if the author of the Kan has wounded, insulted, misguided or neglected you in some way during the past year, let me ask for you personal forgiveness & clearance to begin the Year anew from a place of love, harmony and beauty. I will be contemplating the year to come &  sending out Kan 5762 sometime before Rosh HaShanah. As I am presently guiding a Summer School/ Kabbalah Vision Nest program , I will keep this issue of Kan, very short. For those of you who wish chart updates between Sept.1-15th, I will be sending out a free angel elixir with each reading. And for those of you interested in making elixirs yourself, I am planning a fall journey to the great waterfall network in Brazil at Iguassu. Best to telephone me for details on that one.
with blessings for a sweet year to come,
Kan micro-aspectarian :
Aug.26: moon conjucting pluto as I write! let us send an angel to the mideast all this month with the mission of resolving all the karmic sparks that are flying in the region.
Aug.27: the planet Pluto has just turned direct a few days ago. Time to put what is in the conscience or on the "tikkun" to do list, into the world of manifestation.
Aug:28: Venus has entered leo, moon is in capricorn. Finances can be positively reorganized today.
Aug.29: Sun in Virgo makes a quinqunx to Neptune today. This one is about a chance we have to contribute to planetary healing. A revelation in the realm of shared purpose with tribe or family.
Aug.30: Moon cojuncts Neptune in Aquarius. Great day for music and/or meditation.
Aug.31: Saturn and Pluto are still very much doing their tight-rope dance in Gemini & Sag. May a conflict in ideas or ideologies lead to understanding & good will among neighbours today !
Sept.1: Moon conjuncts Uranus in Aquarius before floating into Pisces. Intuition and imagination are easily accessed today.
Sept.2:The full moon at 10 degrees of Pisces. Great for dance,theatre, music & other joyful noises.
Sept.3:Labor day today. Best to take the day off & keep clear of the traffic.
Sept.4:Moon enters Aries. Get out that day-timer & make a plan.
Sept.5: There is a very challenging T square in the heavens between Sun, Pluto & Saturn. There are many paths and possibilities. Very hard to make a choice right now. Logic is not necessarily an ally. Best to listen to the deepest inner voice you can find today!
Sept.6: I forgot to mention that the planet Mars has been transiting the Galactic Centre or what the Mayans call the Hunab Ku for the past few days. Our Sun is going through a very big change. Our hearts can feel this and need to open very wide..
Sept.7: Moon in Taurus is a better time for bodywork than for gourmandizing !
Sept.8: When moon squares Uranus, we feel the tension between the tug of the past & the pull of the future. We feel it in the belly....
Sept.9: Moon enters Gemini. In my sweet community, we will celebrate with an evening of belly-dance & a feast by lake-side..
Sept.10: Moon conjunct Saturn gives us a reminder notice of responsibilities that demand our attention.
Sept.11: Moon in Cancer gives the chance for a little family pow-wow and some down time.
Sept.12: Once a month, the moon conjuncts Jupiter. Feelings rise up like a tidal wave today...
Sept.13: Moon enters Leo. Feelings fuel creative expression. A day to just say Yes !
Sept.14: Both moon and Venus are opposing Uranus today. Great time for a gathering. Let's just say that this is the last lucky day before the upcoming New Moon. Hopefully the next issue of Kan will be in your inbox today as well !!!
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