There is quite a buzz circulating regarding a cosmic event coming up on the 9th of September. I have enclosed one of the more esoteric versions in the link below. My friend Iala in Sedona asked me to share what I was feeling, perceiving, planning for this event. So here goes. On Aug. 6th I was at the Chalice Well in Glastonbury offering a seminar for a small group of light workers to celebrate the potent New Moon conjunct Jupiter, post eclipse. I had a hunch that the Earth Grid would be activated & infused that day & the days following courtesy of Mettatron & the Arcturian & Pleidian inter dimensional grid workers. The ceremony that day was indeed heart opening & each of those present could feel the joy of the Chalice Well Deva as we added our prayers & meditations to align with the positive earth grid infusion. My friend Judith Moore had sent an e mail out to her list speaking about a 3 day broadcast on Aug. 6-8 courtesy of the Arcturians that would be arriving at Silbury Hill & then distributed to Giza & a number of other Earth Portals during that time. I had the good fortune to be in a major crop circle on both August 7th & 8th. On the 7th I was with my friend Mark at one which I have dubbed the Lyra Constellation. ( As synchronicity would have it, I met an awakened crystal child, Lyra, in that formation... a child who had visited crop circles when she was still in her mother's womb) Later that day Mark suggested we hike up Silbury Hill ( technically off limits these days due to barbed wire). It was mid afternoon of the 7th. The meditation atop Silbury was potent. The 360 degree view took in 7 different crop circles including the one that is considered to be the masterpiece of the season, the headdress of Kukulcan aka Quetzalcoatl. ( You can view that one & a few others in the enclosed Zodiac Oracle) Unfortunately the atmosphere was disturbed by the insistent buzz of what Mark referred to as a police helicopter!


I heard voices & was quite prepared to scurry back down from Silbury only to discover 2 sweet friends from the Kootenays ( Luna & Dan) joining us for hugs & ceremonial greetings. It had been 3 years since I had been with this now Irish permacultural tribal family!  And then to make matters even more joyful, my friend Susie took us on the 8th to a majestic new crop circle that had appeared that morning in daylight ( spotted by an aerial photographer friend of hers) at West Overton. We found ourselves in a triad of basket weave formations & a group of devoted croppies, many of whom had musical instruments with them. So we experienced beautiful overtone harmonics in the West Overton Triad CC. Bert Jannssen ( The Hypnotic Power of Crop Circles) & Janet Ossebaard ( Crop Circles: The Evidence) were among the explorers/meditators in this formation that day....
So what does all this have to do with the 9.9.9 you may ask...
Well, I count 33 days from the Earth grid Infusion on the 8th of Sept.9.
32 is Lave or The Heart in Hebrew Gematia.
Drunvalo counts 32 souls on a "group merkavah"
(There are 10 spheres & 22 letters/ pathways on a Tree of Life)
The 33 is the Master of the 32,( heart mastery, the 11: energy mastery resonating at the hara, the heart & the pinael centres) 
Voila, the 9.9.9. a time to attune to & embody the new Ascension frequencies that have been circulating our beloved planet & accelerating change in a rather alchemical way!
So what do we have planned?
1) A Crystal Meditation on the Zodiac Wheel
2)  An attunement to the Egyptian Ennead ( gods & goddesses at Heliopolis)
3) Some fun visualizations on the 2012 Portal
4) A choreograph that Ashalah will create for the occasion
5) An introduction to 9 enigmatic Crop Circles from 2009
6) Some super food mid eastern snacks
7) An ascension elixir or two
8) A Merkavah meditation & some mystery school music
9) what the Great Mystery brings to the occasion...
Call 250-229-2227 & let the Dome keeper know you plan to come to this 9.9.9 event!
And if you are keen to travel to Egypt, this evening might just prepare you for the Journey...


Zodiac Oracle September October 2009


Many blessings,