Kabbalistic Astrology Newsletter    Oct.3   2001
Dear Friends & Kan subscribers,
                                                    I have been on a personal meditation & writing retreat during the recent Jewish High Holidays and have still to write the New Year's 5762 report which will be posted at www.treeoflifeschool.com  in the Kabbalistic Astrology section , as soon as it is available. I am sure that most of you have been inundated with e mails relating to the WTC 911 event and what it all means for us as planetary citizens. I chose to forward a few from fellow astrologers Dan Furst and Palden Jenkins that dealt with the astrological end of things. I have received at least 70 reports, a vast array that included  Jean Houston's We are all New Yorkers, Samuel Avital's The Great Tikkun, Rabbi Michael Lerner's response for Tikkun magazine & one that came from a man who claimed to be the Maitreya !  I expect a channeling from the prophet Isaiah shortly on exactly how to turn all our instruments of war into musical instruments as soon as possible ! And there was the little girl in Alaska who had the advanced indigo child idea of just feeding the monster so it wouldn't eat us. This came in with the Bomb Them With Butter e mail.
A friend in Nelson pointed out yesterday that Sept. 11 was the anniversary of many important events in history: a declaration on the power of non-violence by Gandhi, the creation of Palestine by the British and an announcement by George Bush Senior in 1991 re the creation of a New World Order. The sum total of it all seems to offer us more than a  wake-up call; we are in the midst of what could be called a Planetary Heart Chakra Initiation. We are being asked to look at the deepest level of our individual and collective shadow energies and own the demons that create what James Joyce called " the nightmare of history from which we are awakening " . The events of Sept. 11 and its aftermath have perhaps obscured our vision of some of the other turning points in the cosmic puzzle recently : the peak ( we hope) of a solar flare outburst of our 22 year sunspot cycle this past august and the erruption of Mount Etna which Edgar Cayce saw as the harbinger of severe earth changes and a messenger of a planetary pole shift. Perhaps what transpired on Sept. 11 will yet awaken enough consciousness on our planet to catalyze the ascension process as Drunvalo and James Twynan would suggest. For my part, I am choosing to listen to old Cat Stevens songs these days and praying for healing among all the children of Abraham...
So just a few astrological psa's: The planet mercury is retrograde right up until October 23rd when it will be stationed at the same position that it was on Sept. 11. My friend Luke Gatto sees the 23rd as an ominous day for the USA. It seems that this particular mercury retrograde is a time for meditation , prayer waves & the creation of new strategies to deal with the old demons. Another old friend of mine , Karen Maresca, sent me a channelling of hers from the angel Tzadkiel, re a blessing and opening coming our way from the Divine Feminine energies on Nov. 13th. And many astrologers have seen this coming winter solstice as the real turning point in our Galactic Alignment process. It will be the midpoint of the last sunspot cycle leading up to 2012. ( I will be guiding a few fellow cosmic voyagers on a kind of Stargate Vision Quest in Sedona for Winter Solstice )
And one further note on what in astrology is called the Quincunx, the 150 degree aspect. We have two or three of them forming this very day !     Saturn in Gemini is within 1 degree of an exact quincunx to Mars in Capricorn while Jupiter in Cancer is within a degree of an exact quincunx to Pluto in Sagittarius today. The quincunx is about sudden adjustments in the physical world and the perception of paradox and multidimensional realities in the etheric realms. Things are never what they appear on the surface when the quincunx is the aspect of the day. The great sufis, Meher Baba and Gurdjieff had several of them in each of their natal charts. We will need to develop a very wide aperture for our visioning today. Should the USA ( with Britain ) invade Afghanistan today or tomorrow or the next day, the results will  prove surprising to be sure ! So I just want to encourage readers of KAN to radiate as much inner peace and equanimity as can be accessed today. And remember the Chinese blessing: May we live in interesting times ! 
 With blessings and light during the Hebrew holiday of Sukkot, the harvest festival,
Joseph-Mark Cohen                         
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