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 Oct.17th New Moon in Libra & beyond

& the October 28th Quintile Formation 




I recently received an e-mail from an astrological sister who lives now in New Zealand concerning the upcoming second Grand Quintile Formation that will be occuring on Oct.28th. My downunder friend, Trudie Beth, sees this one as a magical moment out of the 3d timestream ( keywords here are intention, higher will, alignment with the archetypal world) that allows us to do a bit of magic and re-arrange the elements that we are working with here on Earth. Another view is the one put forth by Dan Furst from Egypt whereby he sees the Oct.28th formation as a rescripting opportunity happening just before Halloween and the American election, a time when we have some choice as to which ghosts or ascended masters to invite out of the dimensional closet! So whether the creative moment applies to inner planes or political & economic realms is yet to be seen. All that I wish to offer here is a delineation of the planets involved and a few mythological hints and clues drawn the degree symbols of Aleph 2160: A Zodiac Oracle.

The planets involved in this the second Grand Quintile or five-pointed star are:  Uranus, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto.

The moon will be transiting the midpoint of a Saturn/Uranus biquintile for but a few brief hours. It will be most exact and potent when the moon is at 15 degrees of Taurus.  Saturn rules Binah on the Tree-of-Life, the sphere of the Great Mother energies, Understanding, Discernment & the Cosmic Archives. Uranus is the ruler of Hhohhmah ( that hh is a deep gutteral sound that comes up from beneath the diaphragm ), Wisdom, Innovation & Pattern Recogition. It seems that we have a rare oppportunity to balance our brain hemispheres at the time of this alignment. The other quintile in this planetary pentagram involves Jupiter (in the 8th degree of Libra) and Pluto (stationed at the 21st degree of Sagittarius), The moon will form a biquintile or 144 degree aspect to each of these. Jupiter is the ruler of Hhesed ( compassion, kindness, protection) on the Tree-of-Life; Pluto is the god of the underworld, wealth & the karmic conscience. It is connected to Da'at, the sphere associated with experiential knowing, the Void, the throat chakra & the surrender of personal identity and will to the transpersonal lightstream. Together these two offer us a chance to rescript how our personal & planetary resources can be re-allocated in sane, compassionate & innovative new ways that bypass the downward spiral of personal & corporate ego & greed.

Let us go back to the degree of that moon at 15 Taurus. The so-called fixed star that is working behind the scenes here is Menkar. According to Page Bryant in Starwalking, this star sends a vibration to us that protects and shields the oceans of our planet. Drunvalo M recently sent out an alert regarding the potential for yet another giant chunk of Antarctica to break off and melt, raising the level of our oceans and cooling off the Gulf Stream. The I Ching hexagram that illumines the 15th degree of Taurus is Ta Chu or The Taming Power of the Great. The advice here is for us to hold firm to inner truth in a time when malevolent forces are attacking. A moment of truth is at hand,  our integrity is at stake...


The 45th degree of the Oracle reads:

What is this phenomenal world? where are Adam & Eema from?   can you catch   Aleph

in the space before breath? magnetic        wave pulsations   rushing thru earth's veins

         before the poles shift     yehee rakiah        45 dances dances flash by in the space of  a dream

lave ehhah   45 dreams are weaving their dance in a world with one heart  45 worlds nested in

the space of the Great Sleeper-Dreamer's Universe  Can you catch   all this   in the aperture

of one fast thought?  as we become one  with underwater friends   one with Adam Kadmon


Across the 360 circle we come to the 15th degree of Scorpio, 225th degree of the zodiac, the hidden midpoint axis of the quintile design:

If we track the orbit of our sun   around the central sun   or Nogah stalking Shemesh

becoming one    with the life breath of our universe   attuning to the  Tu ho hani

images will arise    you will recognize the precious ones     who reflect

the light of the One    then watch Al Janubi     holding the scale in one hand

his sword in the other     a scorpion's claw    catching its prey

laugh at the alien folly    of the long-necked Annunaki     the mutant Nephalim


This degree holds a veiled allusion to the extra-terrestial pantheon that apparently made their base of operations in Iraq and Iran, going back to Sumerian & Babylonian times ( see the work of Zecharia Sitchen in his Earth Chronicles )


Finally, the degree of the Sun on the 28th is the 206th degree of the Zodiac:


If you should find a seer   a friend    born with the gift of sight     or a celestial mirror

a woman   who reads    the seasons & the signs    who can divine the fine line

between what was    what is   and what will be   if you choose it   make it your own

design yourself    a task    belonging to no other     make an arrangement  a great tikkune

a restoration   of the primordial   order of things     singing in a new vision  ben ha'olam ha'ba

thru the worm-hole   in the beginning  was the word    davar   doorway thru emptiness-form



So let us consider that a there is portal opening now for a great tikkune or correction for our planetary karma and a chance for each of us to come to a place of balance between the hemispheres of our brain and between the spheres of heart and mind.

(And at the time of the tightest lunar alignment, Chiron, the wounded healer, or Asclepios, the dream healer will be on the midheaven and offering us a connection with R'fuah, powerful healing.)


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& feel free to send this Kan on to friends in your network,

Oct.17, 2004, all rights reserved, Joseph-Mark Cohen

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