Dear Friends and Kan Recipients,
    That rock formation that is hovering over my beret in the photograph is of course Cathedral Rock, captured last year during the time of the Galactic Alignment when the Sun conjuncts our Galactic Centre. I have shortened the Sedona Stargate Retreat by a day and lowered the cost of this retreat as well. I invite you to join me at this powerful portal at a time when Sedona is at its most pristine and energetically available. Just tune into Spirit and listen to the voice of your heart and you will know if now is the time to take this journey !!!
May the Great Spirit guide you always,

cathedral rock

Joseph-Mark Cohen is the founder and director of the Tree-of-Life Mystery School which offers seminars and journeys to  sacred sites in Egypt ( for the  Jan.13th departure visit the Egypt Gallery link at the website ), Glastonbury, Sedona, Brazil & throughout the Mediterranean world. He is the author of 3 books on the Kabbalah ( The Book of Gates, The Kabbalistic Healing Workbook & The Tree of Life Tarot Workbook ), an epic earth mysteries poem Aleph 2160 ( in the mystical poetical tradition of Blake & Rumi ), plus a forthcoming novel : The Unicorn Messiah. Be sure to visit  to sample a few appetizers from these works. Joseph-Mark has a knack for bringing the most esoteric and mystical teachings down to earth. His workshops are pure magic ! 

The Tree-of-Life Mystery School 
invites you to participate in the 
 Sedona Stargate Retreat
in preparation for the
Great Galactic Alignment
with Joseph-Mark Cohen & guest alchemists

Sedona, Az, Dec. 18-22  2003
This school takes place at a once-every-26,000-year consciousness window that will allow us to experience galactic energies in a new way. It is an extraordinary opportunity for vibrational attunement. During this 5-day retreat, we will be tuning in to 10 different galactic energies. We will do this on site in Sedona at  five  specific vortex sites. 
 Mornings will be devoted to sound healing, harmonics and Tree-of-Life Bodywork. We will be engaging in experiential astrology and the creation of vibrational elixirs each afternoon.  Every evening we will  be exploring galactic mythology, star lore and things cosmological. (We will include a visit to the Lowell Planetarium in Flagstaff as part of the reteat.)
 There is one majestic red rock plateau near the Schnebly Vortex which was dedicated a number of years ago as a Tree-of-Life ceremonial site. We will be gathering there each day for meditations on the Ayn Soph Aur ... the Infinite Light. This site will be dedicated to group merkavah journeying. Among the stars/galaxies that we will be sensing are the following: Andromeda, Alcyone (the Pleiades), Capella, Sirius, Regulus, Coma Berenice, Arcturus, Alpha Centauri, Antares, the Galactic Centre, Vega & Altair. 
This is a residential retreat. The tuition fee for the school is $888 . A credit card deposit of $222   at the website order form will hold your space for this retreat. For retreat inquiries or to order The Great Mystery and the Galactic Alignment Elixir Kit, call Joseph-Mark Cohen at : 250-229-2227 or e mail: 

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