Dear Friends of Tree-of-Life Mystery School


& Kan Newsletter/ Zodiac Oracle Recipients,


While I was away for a weekend at a ceremonial in Ashland
with Martin Prechtel, a heat wave arrived here in British Colombia.
The result is a glacial melt that has my creek & waterfalls
sounding like Niagara!
I plan to put the roar of it on my website
via an mp3 file soon.
Meanwhile, let me invite you
 to 2 upcoming summer programs
 at the Crystal Dome Retreat which you will
find on the enclosed PDF.
I will be guiding two magical journeys
this summer. The first is a Crop Circle & Mystical Britain adventure
from July 24-Aug.4th.
Then I will take a few celebrants for Harmonic
Convergence 2008 Aug.7-18th to the west coast of Ireland.
Both of those journeys are posted at
And if you don't join me for one of
of those tours, you could catch a one week (or longer)
 vacation rental
at the Crystal Dome while the Sun is in Leo (July22-Aug.22).
There is also a less expensive cool ground floor walk-out
rental suite available by the week from July 13th to Sept.1..
So don't be shy, just give me a call at 1-888-633-2214..
PS: Mercury & Neptune just turned retrograde  so it is a
great time for meditation & catching up with old friends!!
With blessings,

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