Kabbalistic Astrology Newsletter    4 May 2003
The New Moon in Taurus
       Thursday's New Moon at 11 degrees of Taurus brings in the spring planting cycle in the Northern Hemisphere and connects us all to the principle of rebirth that was identified in Egypt with the fertility of the Nile and the regenerative power of Osiris. The 11th degree of Taurus speaks of the Mother of the World , the compassionate one who nurtures us through the danger zones of our journey. There is something in the air in this season that reminds me of the energies 3 years ago when there were 7 planets in Taurus in May 2000. It is a renewed call from the earth to prepare us for the  rebirth she has in store for us. I listened in awe recently as one of my favourite prophecy researchers and remote viewers , Sean David Morton, presented his probable scenarios for evolution on Earth in the seasons to come. He alerted us to an upcoming planetary Star of David Alignment next November 8th that has been dubbed the Harmonic Concordance, in resonance with the Harmonic Convergence ceremonials of 1987. I will share more of this positive planet wide celebration in upcoming issues of Kan. Sean also had a few dark prophecies to deliver, particularily a danger alert for american airlines from potential terrorism in the Aug.15- Sept.15th time window. The planet Mars is coming as close to the sun and to the Earth as it gets in thousands of years during this time and if I remember correctly the channel Paul Soloman warned us over a decade ago that if the planet didn't get off of nuclear and fossil fuel and discover the more friendly earthwise free energy sources by 2001 then we would be in a rather karmically awkward place. Nothing to do with Nibiru or alien ancestors or intermittant overlords returning to collect their genetic taxes, mind you --- just an extra stress on our fragile tectonic plates. The upcoming full moon lunar eclipse at 25 degrees of Scorpio may even offer a symbolic adjustment to inauguarate a new round of earth changes. This is the timing of the Wesak festival which brings in an annual wave of light and love for earth's evolution from the Buddhic realms. A broadcast of  purification vibrations from the pure land dwellers, as it were. As it happens, the planet Neptune is turning retrograde that day in the 14th degree of Aquarius and is conjunct Mars to boot ! This represents the potential for receptivity and awakening to higher will and humanitarian compassion on a very high level. It is a moment of confusion and purification and a dissolving of karma all at the same time. The degree of the zodiac has resonance with the angel Metatron, by the way.  I will be guiding a meditation from approximately 8:20 to 8:40pm on the 15th. It would be a delight to have you join  with us  at that time. 
         Having had my fill of prophecy for the morning,  a ray of sunlight is about to pierce the Northwest cloud cover where I dwell in the Kootenay region of British Colombia and the Taurean call to the garden is very strong. There are a few journeys and seminars that I would like to invite you to join in on if you are so inclined. I will be in Montreal for a conference on  the last weekend in May and will offer a Theatre of the Tarot Workshop there on June the 2nd. The Sacred Music Festival and Morocco Journey is booked to depart June 3rd to the 18th. I have been invited to present the 3 day Tree of Light 2003 Seminar in Forest Hills New York from June 23-25th by the Genesis Society founded by David Alkalay. And last, but not least, I will be sending you all an invitation to the annual Tree of Life Summer School in beautiful British Colombia when the sun enters Virgo  August 22- Sept. 2nd. And for those of you who wish to study the Kabbalah in depth, I am offering a limited number of pocket cd-r's that hold my Kabbalah Workbook Series ( Kabbalistic Healing Workbook, The Tree of Life Tarot Workbook & The Book of Gates ) on one disk. The cost for this disk is $99 ( telephone orders only ).
So may I wish you a beautiful spring and joyful gardening,
 with blessings,
Joseph-Mark Cohen
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