Kabbalistic Astrology Newsletter May 23, 2001



Dear Friends,

Yesterday’s new moon in gemini falls at the second degree. The first aspect that the moon made post conjunction was a conjunct to Saturn. The first new moon with Saturn transiting through tropical gemini. As I may have mentioned in the last edition of Kan, Saturn in gemini is a stabalizing influence in areas dealing with publishing, media, education & travel. It takes that quicksilver yes/no/maybe monkey mind that is the keynote of gemini & offers a karmic reminder or kite-tail to keep the flights & journeys on target. It is quite the teeter/tooter setup in the astrological sky right now with Saturn & Jupiter in Gemini pulling us towards science & technology & Pluto & Mars ( both retrograde now) in Sagittarius pulling us toward the black/white hole of the Void at the core of out Galactic Centre. So the tug of war this year is between the higher & lower mind or personality & soul realms. And those who feel themselves to be in touch with a " higher power" will have a tendancy toward fanaticism, self-righteousness & obsessive behaviours ! So the lesson of Saturn is the test of time & the development of discriminating awareness , particularily with those who hold power & make decisions for the collective. And we may need to learn how to sail where the wind is heading until there is a chance to tack in the opposite direction !


Allow me to quote from my epic gematria poem Aleph 2160 re the energies of 62 or 2 degrees of Gemini:

There are two ways you can come out of the Void

Two paths you can take spinning out of your mother’s womb

You can come in with the trust & innocence of a dove

Or split yourself in two like a raven at dusk

Like Nahhash Lucifer Origen or the gnostics who mix darkness & light

Gambling to know mysteries of the Void the heart can only love….

So what happened to yours truly recently , is that all of the inbox & sent mail stored in my outlook express got eatin’ up by the badtran worm virus ! Perhaps the virus served to vacuum out that gemini mind that is addicted to new currents moving on the internet ! Working away in the medicine buddha herb & rock garden with the glacier creek roaring in the background has proved to be the best therapy for computer snafus & freezes & fatal exceptions !

So here is the day by day report for the next 4 weeks:

May 24: Moon conjuncts Jupiter at midnight, mercury at noon on the west coast, before moving into Cancer in the evening. A good day for writing & communication.

May 25: Sun conjuncts Saturn this morning. The stock market corrects again. A good day to be very realistic & look at impediments & resistances as allies in the creative process.

May 26 : Moon is VOC for most of the day. Be at leisure. Then party tonight as the moon enters leo.

May 27: The portal today is a moon in leo opposing neptune in aquarius. Generosity & the ability to give from the heart are what is called for here.

May 28: Today is Shavuot in the hebrew calendar. Anniversary of the receiving of the Torah at Mt. Sinai. It is also Memorial Day in the USA, a big traffic jam with fossil fuels at a premium. The challenge is where to find the renewable resources for our tribal & vehicular journeys….

May 29: Re-evaluation day. With Uranus turning retrograde, moon squaring sun/saturn & sun trining neptune. Who said there was no turning back ?

May 30: Clear communications will take some commitment & work to accomplish.

June 1: Thank goddess it is Friday with moon in libra ! Breathe deeply & regain balance.

June 2: Ah the moon in scorpio ! But squaring neptune. You could long for enlightenment today & be fooled by the guru in sheepskin clothing. Shields up !

June 3: Mercury turns retrograde today until June 27th. Travel chaos & snafus are virtually inevitable. Changes of schedule & changes of mind, not necessarily in that order.

June 4: Sun opposes Pluto, Moon squares Uranus. Challenges to authority, emotional reactivity… Sounds like a potential speeding ticket. Drive carefully…

June 5: The full moon in Sag. Is a great time to dance,dance, dance…

June 6: The energy is very high today with moon conjuncting mars…

June 7: Take a break, relax. The moon is voc in capricorn. Mend the nets…

June 8: A rerun of yesterday. Serious downtime..

June 9: This weekend is blessed for seminars, workshops, conferences & tribal gatherings. The sufis are offering a musical feast in Morocco….

June 10: I forgot to mention that Venus has entered Taurus & resources & investments need to be carefully sorted out this month….

June 11: This is potentially the most creative day of the month. Let your intuition guide you to something that sings….

June 12: Moon is in Pisces. You can’t do anything that you can’t first imagine…

June 13: Sun opposes mars today & the moon opposes everything else. Visualize but hold your tongue…

June 14: The day we have been waiting for . Sun conjuncts Jupiter. Register that domain name. Buy the lottery ticket. Think big. Go for it !

June 15: Allies where you least expect them.

June 16: Sun conjuncts that retrograde mercury today. Confusion is the first step toward clarification. Write it all down !

June 17 : Father’s day with moon conjunct Venus in Taurus. A very sweet family day is in order.

June 18: More writing & broadcasting initiatives possible today with mercury conjunct jupiter. Write now, edit later….

June 19: Moon conjuncts saturn. You remember what you had previously forgotten….

June 20: The day before a Solar Eclipse is filled with excitement. Do what you need to do to be centred.

June 21: Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse. Light the fire. Beat the drum. Let time stand still. Go into the dream-time on the highest hill….


With blessings & joy,

Joseph-Mark Cohen


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