Kabbalistic Astrology Newsletter   May 21, 2004
 listen for the sound of one rare bird: the ouirapuru
the last mysterious bird    to board the ark     before the flood
all those who hear her call      and enter here     receive the feather
of hidden wisdom   hohhmah nistar    currents of  Nahhash & Yonah
the fire breath    rising    as the dove descends   two rivers flowing
from opposite poles     each river   watering   the garden of Tipheret
listen amore   for the new music   of one blue ouirahpuru
singing light for Lorobeko    pulsing starwaves     from Makalii
we are seven sisters      your ancestors    children of Prime Creator
you may remember     dreaming us in     at the temple of translucent walls
we are here now   to record your story     mingle your dream with ours
children of the bird tribes    align yourself within the womb      say to your tribe
ehiyeh  sh'lahhni     we are galactic midwives      celebrating your orgasmic birth moment.....
          from Aleph 2160 
  28-29 degrees of Taurus , the degree of  the May 18th new moon.
      This past new moon brings in a wave of Venusian energy from the Pleaidian constellation leading up to our next planetary ceremonial on June 8th when the planet Venus crosses the face of the Sun as seen from Earth for the first time since 1882. This inaugurates an eight year cycle that will take us, yes, you guessed it, right  up to the year 2012. My Astronomical Calender notes that this is only the 7th passage of Venus since the invention of the telescope and suggests to observers of the phenomena  " to avoid being blinded, do not look at the sun with the naked eye or with any false protection such as sunglasses or smoked glass or coloured water or exposed film ".  So perhaps the best protocol is to not look at all but to tune in and align the Sun, tipheret, your heart centre & your conscious self with the Venusian energy in you, the netzahh sphere, the source of inner harmony, music & self-esteem. So it looks like we have another musical celebration coming our way. So your neighbourly astro-travel agent would recommend here a journey to the coast of Morocco for the Gnawi Sufi trance music festival in Essouira for the visual/musical event and a journey to the Amazon or Iguassu in Brazil for the auditory awakening and a chance to hear the song of that mystical ouirahpuru ! And please note that Venus is retrograde right through to the end of June and doing a tango dance with Pluto in Sagittarius so the magnetic pull of past loves and the memories thereof are very strong. And even as we enter what some are calling a planetary PMS cycle or a Pre Magnetic Field Shift, the instability we feel is but a medicine to help us toss our malingering trauma over the waves---- as we align with Higher Will & sail home....
You get the drift, I am sure of it !
May 24: Mars conjuncts Saturn this evening  and  if you happen to dwell in British Colombia the annual Victoria Day fireworks will no doubt be noisier than ever and scare the be-buddhas out of the young ones looking up at the night sky.. drive carefully tonight...
May 25-26 : The Hebrew holiday of Shavuot commemorates the receiving of the Torah at Mount Sinai amidst thunder and lightning. So the Jewish Renewal way is to let this day be a day of  a journey thru the spheres of the self and a time to open the gate that dissolves karma & leads to liberation....
June 2: The full moon at the 13th degree of Sag. happens on the day when Venus is exactly opposite Pluto and the moon itself squares both Uranus and Jupiter. This is called a mutable grand cross. It leads to a plethora of possibilities and choices. Time to say bye-bye to what no longer serves and surrender to the inner voice, or the white noise of one's destiny. 
June 8:  Imagine that there is a council happening today on the new harmonics being released on Planet Earth for the prelude to Ascension.  We have Pan, Orpheus, Pythagoras, Quetalcoatl, and John Lennon all beaming the new vibrations from their portals on high.......  Imagine....
Appetizers & Aperitifs:
and a note before imbibing: if you happen to know your moon sign , you might like to read that one, rather than your Sun !
Aries: Not very comfortable or comforting that Mars/Saturn square from Cancer. Consider family pressures or responsibilities a kind of alchemical furnace that will show the world what you are made of ! 
Taurus: Witness the Canadian beavers as they gather together to build their dam. Very industrious and busy creatures who take their work seriously.  Take a moment now to gaze up at the Pleiades and dream.....
Gemini:  Humans with moons in Gemini often get up in the middle of the night to take dictation or artistic inspirtation from their spirit guides. This leads to restlessness and nervosity and erratic steering during the daytime hours. Be a sleep camel, as one of my dear Gemini friends once advised.. The oasis of sleep is vast. drink it up...
Cancer: It has been said in astrological locker rooms that humans with the moon in Cancer are the kindest, most sensitive, nurturing and loving worry-warts on the planet. So when your moods take you down the tunnel, best to high-tail it down to the soup kitchen or your local wine bar.
Leo: If I remember correctly , Ms Madonna, the original material girl , found a deeper and more meaningful part of herself by tapping into the wisdom and teaching of the kabbalah.  Tune in and ask yourself this: Who is the actor ? Who is watching?  Who is editing, script-writing, contacting the publisher ?
Virgo: When i gaze into my crystal sphere, I see you taking a trip. Not necessarily a long one or one that requires a passpost. Just a trip to the health food store or your local acupuncturist. Or even the disco...
Libra: Sun or Moon, it doesn't matter. Libras are happiest when they find themselves in a loving relationship that is reciprical, reliable and a little on the wild side... Or the inner child side......
Scorpio: Whenever the harsher side of life pokes its head up and makes me want to cringe or resort to what the Rinpoches call  "ostrich mind " , I find a Scorpio neighbour to consult & share a bottle of wine with. This leads to temporary happiness and an occasional hangover. ( The remedy is nux vomica )
Sagittarius: It is a Hubble fact of life now : at the galactic core there is a wormhole, a black hole, a mating ground for matter and anti-matter.  Best to practice random acts of imagination and explore your parallel  past and future lives....
Capricorn: Moon in Capricorn is often the signature of someone who has been a yogi or a yogini in the Hindu culture in a recent past life. This leads to great control of mind and body. Emotional fluidity is the challenge.... 
Aquarius:  I love to tease my Aquarian moon friends and bring them back from what in Sedona, Arizona they call : the back of the beyond....  That Neptune in Aquarius is quite a handful.  You are like Ryoho, the Japanese zen monk who went to the lake at full moon to scoop it up with his bare hands...
Pisces: What to do with all that Uranian push toward change and transformation ?  Usually a good night's sleep is the answer. But not necessarily the solution de jour. The daily grind and coffee grinds will keep the ants at bay...   It is time to go sailing into the great unknown, my dear....  
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