Kabbalistic Astrology Newsletter  May 13th  




The New Moon of May 8th was at the 18th degree of Taurus which is one of the most upbeat and positive by degree symbol divination from Aleph 2160: A Zodiac Oracle. It goes like this:


Remember to count the omer   each day  keep your manna alive

Stay connected   to your hheshek   the warmth you feel in your bone marrow

a fire you can touch     mould     connecting spokes   sparks to the nave of the wheel

let your life purify this planet   connecting lover to Beloved   disciple to master   creature

to Creator    come out of your cave   like Shimon bar Yohai    with Zohar in his eyes

when we become     one with this dream    we are one with Adam Kadmon


A mere two days after the new moon, the author of Kan experienced a day whereby waking 3d reality began to feel rather unreal as if we were passing thru some null zone or a dangerous portal or some sort of cosmic fog patch. The next morning an e-mail arrives from a  gifted channel  in New Mexico to inform us that our quantum level of molecular substratum is presently being upgraded and that things would be volatile and a touch chaotic in the weeks leading up to the
Summer Solstice. The good news is that we are being stabalized and balanced during this dangerous time by friends who could  foresee our dilemna from a nearby Star system. A friend mentioned in Starbucks later that day that there are predictions afoot and rumours about concerning a disappearing USA president and dramatic earth changes in store for the west coast of America. Perhaps a prognosis broadcast from the new Voice of America: 'Coast to Coast'.

As you may have gathered, your Libran astrologer is one who seeks harmony and balance and typically shuns political mishagus ( craziness ) and dire prophecies. Yet there is an astrological aspect coming up on the 15th and 16th of May that suggests a sudden change of some sort: Mars conjunct Uranus at 11 degrees of Pisces. Mars/Uranus is a lightning flash, a power surge, a sudden explosion or overturning, by traditional astrological interpretation. Pisces rules the oceans and the emotional and etheric undercurrents. Mars/Uranus could even be seen as a rebellion or sudden magnetic re-alignment or a political turn of events that offers the underdogs an opportunity for freedom. Kabbalistically these two planets link gevurah, personal power and will, with hohhmah, crazy intuitive right brain wisdom. So the upshot is that there is some kind of Zen satori about to bubble up from the deep personal and collective subconsious realm that will offer us a new way of looking and experiencing whatever it is we refer to as "reality". 

So what else is going on , you may well ask. It goes like this:

Pluto is retrograding at 24 degrees of Sagittarius, soon to be quincunxed by Saturn from the 18th to the 28th of May. This looks like a potential loss of civil liberties and personal freedom in Amerika & a potential election in Canada. Jupiter is retrograde in Libra at the 10th degree, quincunxing that Mars/Uranus conjunct in Pisces. A Quincunx is an aspect that  evokes an adjustment or forces consciousness to totally re-evaluate what is happening and see things from a higher persepective than the personal or the egoic. An air/water quincunx serves to rebalance the relationship between mind and heart or intellect and emotional perception. Neptune, planet of oceanic oneness and the Dreamtime, the shapeshifter and the dissolver, keeper of the crown chakra, is about to make a station on May 19th at the 18th degree of Aquarius. Then on the 22nd of May, a day before the full moon in Sagittarius, Neptune squares Mars at the 18th degree of Taurus. This feels like Adamah or Mother Earth will begin to speak to her children regarding how her resources need to be shared. A moment of environmental or ecological karma, one could say....


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May 13, 2005, all rights reserved, Joseph-Mark Cohen

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