Kabbalistic Astrology Newsletter  March 6th , 2003
Dear Friends,
                           The most recent new moon this past Sunday fell upon the 12th degree of Pisces, which happens to be the Purim degree of the zodiac. From this we can divine that the whole month will be filled with carnival like activity and sudden gusts of wind and shifts of perspective and political spins. It is the season of Carnival, Shiva Ratri, Mardi Gras, Purim, St. Patrick's Day and just to add an extra zest to the mix we have the planet Uranus moving from Aquarius to Pisces on the 10th of March. The Zodiac sign Pisces is the most theatrical of the lot so we have the planet of magic and intuition moving into the sign of theatre, dreams and karmic restoration and retribution. It is probably best for us to see the humour and the finger of the Divine at work in the Grand Design. I have been reading a book entitled Bible Code 2 : The Countdown by Michael Drosnin who has a knack for seeing political assasinations embedded in the cipher codes of the Hebrew Torah. He is convinced that we have reached what scripture calls The End of Days & he is busy delivering prophetic warnings to Mr.Bush, Sharon, Arafat & Company (The plot will thicken, I can assure you ). It is evident that planetary peacework is taking on many new forms these days. I have decided to purchase the Torah Codes computer program and delve in the subscripts of our present political mishagus myself ! The chances are that I will be searching out star systems like the Pleiades and Sirius and Arcturus rather that attempting to make sense of the destiny of nation states. Our multi-dimensional reality allows for a vast number of potential parallel realities to co-exist simultaneously until we reach the necessary karmic resolutions and collectively choose peace and harmony and a return of Planet Earth to the Garden it was intended to be. 
          If hidden codes are of interest to you ( Bible Codes, Genetic Codes, Gematria Codes ) let me extend an invitation to you to attend an upcoming retreat that I am offering for Passover/Easter in Sedona Arizona.(April 18-20) I am planning a retreat seminar unlike any other that will introduce participants to the Book of Gates and delve into a few special stories in Exodus and the NT Gospel of John  from the kabbalistic perspective. The vibrational energies coming up for this Passover/ Easter are quite volatile and should allow us to boldly go where very few humans have ventured before. Out beyond the visionary red rock vortices of Sedona....
Let me leave you with the 12th degree from my epic gematria poem Aleph 2160. We will catch up with the planets a day or two before the Spring Equinox on March 20th.
The banquet table is spread upon the earth    come eat Haman's manna  drink Vashti's wine
Invite in the eunuchs the musicians the feminists & the scribes  the renegades the media the gamblers & the fools
The Adversary & The King    sit down and drink !     Touch the golden sceptre:  if we perish
We perish   Listen   Eat drink divorce & marry       Unroll the scroll like a letter  reverse
The decree    Marduk & Ishtar    Ester & Mordechai      the whole megilla      upside-down
Inside-out  " When you make the inner as the outer     the above as the below"   when we see
Life   the way it is   without masks or disguises       good Purim good Purim       this too shall pass
 blessings and light,
Joseph-Mark Cohen
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