Dear Friends & Kan Recipients,
I would like to invite you to a very special retreat that I will be offering over the Passover/Easter weekend, April 18th to 20th in Sedona Arizona. This 3 day event serves as an introduction to the work of the Tree-of-Life Mystery School year long program that will be offered in both Sedona and NYC beginning in the fall of 2003. The Passover/Easter weekend will include experiential study of texts and meditation practises that are considered to be quite advanced. We will be working extensively with the passage from Exodus that speaks of the crossing of the sea of reeds and the 72   3 letter codes embedded in these passages. We will also examine the relationship between the Egyptian Osiris mysteries and the mythos of the Resurrection nested in the Greek New Testament . We will also delve into the significance of the Bible Codes or the Torah Codes from a quite different perspective than is presently being offered to the public. And we will do as much hiking as we can during the days in the beautiful red rock vortex formations of Sedona.
Should you wish to arrive early for this retreat, there will be 2 tribal Passover Seders taking place on the nights of the 16th and 17th of April. Sedona is a popular Easter destination, so it is wise to book early for this retreat and reserve your accomodations as soon as possible.
I look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to call me at my home number in British Colombia at 250-229-2227 re registration and logistics for this retreat.
Joseph-Mark Cohen


The Tree-of-Light Workshop 2003

with Joseph-Mark Cohen


This 3 day training seminar/initiation process serves as the foundational level for all Tree-of-Life Mystery School  programs.

During this intensive, you will journey through the sacred spheres of the Hebrew Kabbalah.You will experience a series of 12  1 1/2 hour sessions that resonate &  awaken the Tree-of-Life within your being & your energy fields.  The workshop offers a vibratory immersion into the essential teachings of both the mystical & practical kabbalah. During each session you will experience kabbalistic teachings, guided meditations, sacred chants & vibrational elixirs to open up your perception to new dimensions of your being. The Tree-of-Light Workshop serves as an introduction to many aspects of Kabbalistic Meditation & the year long training program offered by The Tree-of -Life School for Kabbalistic Astrology & Healing. The workshop is designed to guide both the beginner & the more advanced student/initiate through the mysteries & the beauty of this ancient/new path of enlightenment.

The  seminar begins on  Friday at noon & concludes Sunday at 6 pm. The 12 session are as follows:

Jacob's Ladder: Angels Ascending & Descending
Tree-of-Life Bodywork
Sound Healing & Harmonics
  Divine Sparks & Lurianic Kabbalah
Kabbalistic Astrology: Rites of Passage
Kabbalistic Healing : Receiving Shekhinah
Merkavah Journeys & Shamanic Kabbalah
Noah's Ark, The Ancestors & Our Genetic Code
The Gematria Code: Harmonics of the Elohim
Masters of Light: Metatron & Malki-tzedek
Creating Your Personal Pillar-of-Light
Prophecy & The Torah Codes

Register at:

The registration fee for this workshop is $361 US. A deposit of $180 will reserve your space for the seminar. You can pay this amount  with your credit card on the order form section of the website. The balance is due upon registration preceeding the event. The program is offered for a minimum of 10 & a maximum of 22 participants. Please register as early as possible.  You may contact Joseph-Mark Cohen if you would like to host/sponsor the Tree-of-Light Workshop 2003 in your area at:  or call  250-229-2227.     Tree-of-Light 2003 is scheduled in Boulder, Colorado and Sedona, Arizona (Passover/Easter Retreat: April 18-20th) in the spring of 2003..