Kabbalistic Astrology Newsletter : October 15, 2003
Re: 5764,  Harmonic Concordance & Beyond ...
Dear Kan Recipients,
                                        I imagine that you have already been deluged with the astrological buzz that is zooming about the internet concerning what John Mirehiel has dubbed the Harmonic Concordance, a Grand Sextile or Star of David formation that occurs at the time of the full moon lunar eclipse on November 8th. The six planets involved are: Sun, Saturn and Mars ( forming a grand trine in water 10-16 degrees ) and Moon, Jupiter and Chiron ( forming a grand trine in earth 13-16 degrees ). The key planet or planetoid of the six is actually Chiron, the wounded healer, which is very near the star Vega in the Lyra constellation at the time of the eclipse. Vega equates with the Egyptian goddess Ma'at, which was once our pole star and will be so again, provided the Earth's axis remains at its present state of inclination. The Egyptians called Ma'at the guardian of Cosmic Order and Harmony, so we can read the star myth to mean that the planet that is in charge of healing the balance between the hemispheres of the brain ( Chiron has been associated with the corpus collosum in the physical body ) is providing the messenger service that could bring our planet back to the harmonic where we belong. So the New Age Lightworkers have jumped on Mirehiel and Ma'at's bandwagon and are promoting the HC as yet another Ascension Portal or Stargate where time stands still and humanity gets to poke its collective head out into the waters of the Nun or the Milky Way...
      Well, I don't want you to interpret my chiding here as cynicism but I do admit to an allergic reaction to the astrologers who rely so heavily on the Sabian Symbols for their interpretation of celestial events. They were channeled by a psychic in a park and given to Marc Edmund Jones who gave them to Dane Rudhyar who took a basically flippant and unSabian group of images and polished them into a symbol system that has both its beauty and its flaws. Rudhyar himself was the first to acknowledge this and he was adamant at encouraging young astrologers to look at pivotal moments like the coming eclipse as seed moments that plant an energy to be harvested years into the future. I imagine that he would see all our ascension buzz as a kind of petulance on the part of a generation with the dying off of the old cultural forms as we birth what Rumi calls " the True Human Being ". So allow me to offer up the kabbalistic gematria meanings for the planetary degrees involved in the upcoming Star of David which will be visible over Jerusalem on Nov. 8th.
Sun: 17 Scorpio, 227 degrees : zahhar, to remember ; brahha, a blessing  from Aleph 2160: 
 it is time to remember   your place of birth   your first incarnation
your first breath ruahh ahava    your first taste at the spring of prophecy
the first time  you bathed in the violet flame   open your navel to the stars
take in one breath        aur ehiyeh    the light of your being
as you emanate the force     behind energy and within matter
be mindful of this brahha   influx pouring through your soul star
Moon: 17 Taurus : 47 degrees: b'tul , nullification ; ki-tov because it is good
listen to the voice of Hakim in the queen's chamber
Ki Tov : because it is good to let go of the little self
B'tul : empty all images  dreams and desires into the river
as it flows into the greater   ema   ocean we call divine source
we crawl into the ark    tayva   we come home at night  ema   we let go
of all our little upsets   attachments   resentments   whatever keeps us from going with the flow
Jupiter: 15 Virgo; 165 degrees:  b'olam hazeh,  in this world 
 ( we live for the moment when time stands still )
Saturn: 13 Cancer: 103 degrees : ha'kohhavim, the stars;  niggun,  meditative melody
( the letters you trace in the stars
light geometries  triads    the little niggunim you hear
when the cicadas pause      for a shooting star )
Mars: 11 Pisces; 341 degrees;  shalvah , tranquillity
( the gate-keepers hold the keys to Hall of Records   the frequencies to each dimension )
Chiron: 13 Capricorn;  283 degrees : regalim, spies  Nergal,  Mars
( Nergal , the unpredictable one, prepares for battle )
    So we can sense the drama of this eclipse that has the axis of Saturn/ Chiron or Sirius/ Vega as a hidden harmonic beneath it. My astrological Libran sister in Sedona, Elizabeth Keller, pointed out to me that the Crusades began in 1210 with the persecution of the Cathars and also the writing and the signing of the Magna Carta. 1210 was the date of the Saros cycle that began the series of eclipses that culminates on Nov. 8th, 2003. This eclipse begins a release of energy that has been building up within the earth for literally centuries. We can expect some astral turbulence and dream disturbance right up until the Solar Eclipse New Moon on the 23rd of November when the Sun enters Sagittarius. During this 2 week period there are a few other turning points of note:
9th: Uranus turns direct at 29 degrees of Aquarius 
17th: Venus conjuncts Pluto   (values re-orientation & financial markets adjustment )
21st:  Sun squares Uranus   ( sudden changes & positive news re free energy technologies )
25th: Venus conjuncts Galactic Centre
     So if you ask me what I think will happen on the 8th of November or between the 8th and the 23rd, I imagine that there will be a great wave of goodwill sweeping out planet along with a discovery of how interpenetrating magnetic fields can be used to defy gravity and create an infinite source of free energy !  And yes, the souls of Crusaders from past lives will be forced to re-evaluate their beliefs and the their past karmas in the dream state for two full weeks !
As for the planetary Ascension process,  we shall see.  And according to one ET tracker, if there is any mass witnessing of UFOs during this time it is not exactly good news in the cosmic battle for who gets to watch over the portals and stargates of Planet Earth,
over and out till the Nov.23rd New Moon.
(ps  5764  is all about decoding the genome map and reading the warp and woof of DNA strands )
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