Dear Kan Recipients,
Just a note to apologize for the disruption in the Kan newsletter.
I have been working rather single pointedly at finishing the first draft of my novel " The Unicorn Messiah"
which contains prophetic material about the rather dramatic changes going on in our sun during this Year of the Horse.
I am looking now for an agent and a publisher who are willing to get the book in print by early fall, due to the material it contains.
( drop me an e mail if you feel you can help with this project )
My neighbour Khoji Lang has been forwarding me some fascinating scientific spaceweather data re the changes in the Sun.
On Sunday Feb. 17th, a huge solar filament at the Sun's South Node collapsed. This triggered  another gigantic Coronal Mass Ejection or a huge release of energy & Solar plasma into space. I would be very interested to hear anecdotal reports from Kan readers as to the emotional / meditational weather last weekend ( friday thru sunday) I myself felt something like a large airpocket when one is flying & felt the texture of our normal 3d reality to be , how shall we say, paper thin. It wasn't fun, I can assure you !
So,  I plan to be much more communicative from now on.
And be sure to check my website periodically for upcoming Journeys.
Egypt Starseed Journey    April 25-May12th    (only 2 spaces left)
Mystical Turkey  May 14th-28th   (in the footsteps of Rumi with some Astrodrama & Belly-Dance seminars at sacred sites, $2200 plus air.  limited to 12 participants)
World Sacred Music Festival in Morocco May 29-June 12 th ( $2599 from NYC, airfare included, with possible add-on to Essoueira for the Sufi Music festival there )
I will be most likely  be in Toronto the weekend of April 19-21 , offering the first Tree-of-Light Workshop 2002 in a city where I have many friends to visit, from years past.
Blessing for the Year of the Horse & hold on to your astrological hats !

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From: joseph-mark cohen
Sent: Friday, February 22, 2002 3:53 PM
Subject: Fwd: Fw: Spaceweather news

Quote from
>"Solar activity intensified on Feb. 20th and 21st when sunspot magnetic
>fields erupted several times, producing a series of M-class solar flares.
>At least one of the eruptions also hurled a coronal mass ejection (CME)
>toward our planet. Sky watchers at high latitudes -- e.g., northern
>Europe, Canada, and across the northern tier of US states -- should be
>alert for Northern Lights late Friday (Feb 22) or Saturday (Feb 23) when
>the CME will likely sweep past Earth.
>Even if the incoming CME fails to ignite auroras, there will still be
>something remarkable to see in the sky this weekend: a close encounter
>between Jupiter and the Moon. Sky watchers in North America can find the
>eye-catching pair close together in the southeastern sky after sunset on
>Friday. The two will appear even closer together on Saturday morning from
>parts of Europe, where the Moon will pass directly in front of the giant