The Codes of the Kabbalah
in Sedona, Arizona  October 8-12
  You are invited to join with a core group of sincere seekers to explore 5 major Kabbalah Codes at a key portal moment that aligns with the Hebrew holiday of Sukkot. This retreat in Sedona will offer you the opportunity to dive deep into the mysteries of the Kabbalah as well as giving you a chance to explore the vortex energy of  Adamah at a number of local sites in the Sedona red rock environ :  Cathedral Rock, the Schnebly Plateau, Thunder Mountain, Boynton Canyon & Red Rock Crossing among others. Joseph-Mark will conduct ceremonials & guide meditations in nature each day of the retreat and Friday the 10th of October will offer participants the chance to build a Sukkot open to the stars within to welcome the Shabbat. The seminar schedule for the 5 day retreat is as follows:
Oct. 8th :  The Hebrew Letter Code :
 An introduction to the 22 sacred fire letters and their significance in the realm of physics, sacred geometry, gematria, sound healing and the  mysticism of the Hebrew language as a cosmology for co-creation....
Oct. 9th : The Tree of Life Code
 An in depth exploration of the vibrational energies of the 10 spheres within the physical, psychological & merkavah light bodies. We will enter into the experiential kabbalah on this day by dancing into the Void ( at da'at ) & creating an etheric pillar of Light to ascend in what scripture has called Jacob's Ladder. We will journey to the Schnebly Plateau to explore the energetics of the Tree at an outdoor temple site that is extraordinarily beautiful.
Oct. 10th: The Ancestor Code & the Star Codes
 By way of introduction to the Shabbat and to the joyous celebration of Sukkot, we will be building the Sukkah today and learning about our connection with our Earth Ancestors and those who we have connection with in the Great Star Nations. We will honour the six sacred directions within the Sukkah in traditional fashion and tune in to the true cosmic significance of the Shabbat. Later this evening we will be treated to a one woman theatre performance which will leave us laughing well into the dreamtime !
Oct. 11th : The Harmonic Codes of the Elohim & the 72 Petals of the Heart :
 We will explore the sacred harmonics and the vowel tones embedded in the 72 triplets that are generated from the passage in Exodus that speaks of the crossing of the Sea of Reeds.
We will explore these as portals and keys to opening up the levels of the etheric heart chakra the Kabbalah refers to as Tipheret. Our journey today will take us to Boynton Canyon for a ceremonial foray into earth listening to Kol Ha' Adamah and to some earth healing....
Oct. 12 : The Torah Codes & Prophecy. 
We will examine a few of the many Torah codes today from a sane and non sensationalist perspective. Collectively we will choose a few areas for exploration that may well be hidden in the text of Torah or hidden in the depths of our soul memory.  We will close the seminar with a  group merkavah journey... and a hike up to Cathedral Rock for those who wish to come..
Cost for this retreat is $611.  You can reserve a space by sending a $111 deposit by credit card through the order form at  www.   The balance is to be paid at registration before the opening session on October 8th at 5 pm. Kindly call Joseph-Mark at 250-229-2227 for information regarding logistics, accomodations & pre-seminar preparation.
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