Kabbalistic Astrology Newsletter     Summer Solstice  2002
Dear Friends,
       Tomorrow's full moon in Capricorn with Sun at 3 degrees of Cancer and Moon at 3 degrees of Capricorn augers well for a summer full of family gatherings and festivals that should cheer us all up and release some of the accumulated psychic tensions that have built up from six months of the Saturn-Pluto opposition in Gemini -Sagittarius. That aspect is finally releasing and the arrival of the planet Jupiter in Leo at the beginning of August will set in motion a new wave of positive energies and creative projects that have been on the runway for some time but stalled by the climate of fear & hesitation that has been with us since 9/11. So the astrological weather is good this summer, particularily at the beginning of July when Mars and Jupiter are conjunct for about a week. In traditional western astrology this alignment gives the go-ahead or green light to projects and energies that are humanitarian and move us in the direction of the collective good. Kabbalistically, Mars is the planet that is associated with Gevurah -- energy, discipline, clear boundaries, self-mastery -- and Jupiter is the planet associated with Hhesed -- compassion, caring, love & healing. The syzygy of the two help bring into alignment a balance between the forces of love and will in the Universe and particularily in the family matrix as the planets are aligned in the zodiac sign of Cancer.  In a certain sense it is a time of Vision Quest once again as we enter a kind of Void or empty space that beckons us to get creative, align with a new vision, choose it and bring it in to the world of manifestation.
        Allow me to share with you the first 3 lines of the Cancer section of my epic poem Aleph 2160. This poem, as those of you who have had personal kabbalistic astrology readings know, is rooted in zodiacal degree symbolism and the intricate numerology of Hebrew Gematria. Here goes :
Look over the marker stone to where the sun rises   where light beams stream thru
the doorway   two daggers of light meet between sun glyph and spiral     time to deposit
our prayer sticks in the sun shrines   a pillar of light floods the spot  Tse'neh'na'ch'diz'sjan
where water paints a picture of itself    caressing the sandstone in antelope canyon
a shaft shines past the condor stone     touching Pachamama's cave at Machu Pichu
a night of lightning   look:the horses   our pipe-carrier prayer's go up   ha'elohim
rainbow     surrounding devil's tower    align  each thought word or  deed
Look into your own heart  love  the mystery of arriving
at the star where you first came from     your source star
look out over the water to where the moon splinters  kamalapukwia
into a million molecules filiments of silver b'ruahh kadeem azah
the keruvim are watching over us  preparing the merkavah
the sky our kiva circle     centre here   where your heart sings
Shielded by a star-of-david    held like a newborn  to Sirius  pure mirror of the Self
open your eyes    child   come with us to Cuzco  Delphi  Har Tabor  at the world's navel
connect your silver thread     to the angel of each constellation
there is an auric sheath          guarding each embryo
Can you find for me      one angel       with two missions
or two humans     who share      the same life purpose?
     So, it is a time now for new births, a time of new directions and alignments to that which we call the Source.
I will send out yet another Kan within the week with that aspectarian for key dates and transits for the summer.  I would like to invite you to consider participating in this year's Summer School at the Crystal Dome on Lake Kootenay from August 22-31st. This is a Vision Quest or a Vision Nest Retreat that offers you an eclectic pot-pourri of vibrational medicine, holistic astrology, Kabbalistic Healing & Meditation at a time when the weather is often the best in this Kootenay region of British Colombia where I live. Logistic details are posted on the website and you can always call me directly at my home number for more information.  I am also considering beginning a year long Tree-of-Life School program in September in Toronto and plan to be there between July 10-20th on a special family visit. Do let me know if you would like to rendez-vous at that time.
        And  last, but certainly not least, I am putting out the invitation for a few Tree-of-Life Benefactors to step forward, as there is the opportunity this summer for me to purchase the Crystal Dome Retreat and this requires just a touch of financial support to accomplish. A Benefactor is a geneourous Being who would like to sponsor a strudent for either the Summer School Program, A Private Kabbalah Vision Nest Retreat, or perhaps book a retreat for him/herself at the Crystal Dome within the year. So let me hear from you, soon. Toda Raba & thank you for your support of this work.
    with blessings and great light,
    Joseph-Mark Cohen
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