The Kabbalistic Astrology Newsletter 

                 June 1st, 2006

                          by Joseph-Mark Cohen


                   The New Moon of May 27th

                   at 6 degrees Gemini, from Aleph 2160: A Zodiac Oracle


Our souls revolve like stones    shot from a sling    as far as the Hyades

Our egos pitch & roll     like boats at high tide     ride this gilgul    child

Go back in time       to Har Sinai      say Yes    to the fire from heaven

Yes to the Presence      Yes to the script your tribe has chosen    Yes to Moshiya

We are the keepers of the fire letters    keepers    of the stone teachings & sky omens

Keepers of the wheels & keys      70 languages of this earth     become one tongue of flame....

    The New Moon at 6 degrees of Gemini this month holds the seed of teachings connected to the Hebrew holiday of Shavuot, the 50th day of the omer counting, the anniversary of the receiving of the Torah Or, the dimensional download of the superluminal light at Har Sinai. Traditionally it is a time to meditate on the Merkavah , the four energy bodies (physical, emotional, mental & spiritual) or shields of Self. With a balancing of these bodies, the chariot of consciousness may attain a still point, a portal to the plenum at the heart of matter, an alignment with the Great Mystery or the Infinite Being. It is a time for re-membering, for soul retrieval, for changing the Dream... 

When this happens we perceive it by a shift in the cranial-sacral rhythm, a shudder that shifts the nervous system from sympathetic to para-sympathetic, a release of static electricity that has been interfering with the clear flow of our bio-circuitry. What we call earth changes are this sort of shift happening in the Earth Grid. There is an astrological alignment that is occuring June 16, 17 & 18 that prefigures such a shift. The Sun will be opposing Pluto and the Galactic Centre at the same time as Mars and Saturn are conjunct at 9 degrees of Leo. This degree speaks of  finding the balance point in the pendulum that swings between unbearable pain and ecstatic bliss (see degree 129 in Aleph 2160: A Zodiac Oracle). Mars is the planet of self-mastery, power, and military martial art in the realm of nationalistic ego--- Saturn is the planet of Binah, discernment, restraint and karma--- the potential for correction and rescripting of former trauma. And Leo is all about the heart, passion, pride, self-expression, the courage (guided or misguided) of one's convictions.....

The heart petal  drawn from the Shem72 Divine Names that may prove useful for meditation this month is hay-hay-ayin. For those of you who are participating in the Pneemah planetary healing meditations, this heart petal will assist in opening the unconditional love and harmony that invokes the Primordial Balance, allowing for a resonance with the Source...


     And now for the zodiacal appetizers:

Aries: You will have opportunity this month to do the galactic hitchhiker thing or as Jose Arguilles puts it, become a surfer of the Zuvuya. What does this mean, you may well ask..It means that you can let go of your need to be the pioneer, the trend setter, the kindler of new ideas and business ventures and relax into the slip-streaming mode. Turn off the creative mind and catch an updraft like a hawk in a thermal wind current.... 

Taurus: There is a chief on the Campinas Indian Reserve in Brazil who believes that he possesses a treasure that will become the cutting edge of bio-technology: the kambo, a poisonous tree frog. The peptides of this frog's slime have been used by the shamans of the tribe as an anesthetic for pain and a cure for laziness. The chief feels his tribe's connection to the frog will bring prosperity to the Katukina tribe with the development of a vacina do sapo ( frog vaccine) You, dear Taurus, have the chance this month to transform a poison into a medicine for the soul that will could bring you great good fortune. But you must have the courage required to kiss the frog and develop a cure for your attachment to creature comforts (aka laziness).

Gemini: Yes, you are the keeper of the stone teachings, the wheels and keys, the little mysteries of the human heart and the cryptic codes of the evolving mind. The trick for you this year is how to gather all the trivia your cosmic curiosity can uncover and put it together into a cookbook that a publisher will market to public, chik-chak...Whatever you are scheming up could be as popular as the Da Vinci code, I can assure you... Keep at it and hire a Virgo to copy edit !

Cancer: The secret to a good life on Planet Earth is indeed a gastro-intestinal one. Now, given that your astrologer is a follower of Hebrew kosher food protocols, we cannot in all honesty advise you to indulge in your love for aphrodisiacal seafood. You can open your endorphin pathways with breathing techniques and essential oils and leave the shrimp & lobster & crab to swim in the sea.... You, of all the zodiac signs, could take your cue from Joseph Campbell: Follow your bliss....

Leo: You are the Playwright, the Casting Director and the Sound & Light Crew for a Script that you conjured up many moons ago. Unfortunately for your great desire to see things through, their are a few actors and actresses in your film that have their own path with heart to follow. Be the benevolent tyger and become a Co-Creator... The mantra this month, just for you : No Agenda...

Virgo: It is likely that I have told you on more than a few occasions that the biblical Noah was a Virgo, a man for all seasons, an astronomer, a biologist, a botanist, an architect, a shipbuilder, a wine-maker, an environmentalist, an ecologist, a geneticist, a great educator who may have re-incarnated in this era as a bioneer. Perhaps a read of the biography of Canada's David Suzuki will inspire you to see the wisdom in adding the catalyst of passion to your visionary perceptions.

Libra: Allow me to quote from your fellow Libran, Jelaludin Rumi, courtesy of Coleman Barks from The Glance, Songs of Soul Meetings:

There are no word to explain,

no tongue,

how when that player touches

the strings,    it is me playing

and being played   

                           how existence turns

around this music....


Learn the alchemy true human beings

know: the moment you accept what

troubles you have been given,   the door

will open.....


Your mantra, Libra :: surender, surrender, surrender...


Scorpio: You are a student of creatures that have fallen out of popularity in this aeon. You know about the wisdom of the snake as it sheds its skin-- the twists and turns required to slither out of old habits and fear patterns. You are a devotee of the shamanic skill of quantum shape-shifting, which allows you to see the world anew a few nanoseconds after you have irrevocably painted yourself into a very tight corner. So it is time to do that phoenix trick that happens once in a thousand years: burn up what is left of your nest & fly to the tallest tree before you decide to re-invent yourself one more time. (The Buddha is by your side)

Sagittarius: All of your friends and companions have come to count on you for a wise word, a philosophical approach that is user-friendly, an omen of what is to come, a new dream when the old one is going nowhere fast, a walking stick when the leg is weak, a remedy for arthritis and a broken heart.... So where will you turn when you need a friend, a seer, an oracle, a guru, a kiss from the Divine Mother?? A fellow Sagittarian?? A spirit guide?? A galactic being?? A hidden chamber of your very own heart??

Capricorn: If I remember correctly, your assignment last month was to learn all that you could learn about what is called Renewable Resources. This would include: solar energy, wind farms, zero point energy, biofuels, magnetic levitation devices, anti-gravity technologies, atmospheric water generators, Atlantean superconductors, biosonics, the Whole Shebang... Now if you are fully inspired and have faith in what we shall call The New Earth, and have discovered some cash flow that you can use for investment purposes.... It may be time for you to give your astrologer a dingle (and that is not a peninsula in Ireland) and discuss it all over a Guiness...

Aquarius: You are a master of leave-taking, letting-go, taking little or no credit where credit is due, minimizing your contribution, deterring any ally or loved one from leaning upon you or becoming too-attached.  But this month, your life long strategy could easily back-fire. Perhaps you could learn to do the sub-atomic dance and be a particle when it is practical to do so and then be a wave when you feel so inclined... Be 100 per cent sober and consume the whole carafe of wine....

Pisces: Your astrologer is unbearably biased. You are loved for your kindness, yet you are rather unreliable when it comes to showing up on time.... Yes, you are guided by a  music that is not necessarily in synch with the 9 to 5 universe. You are a great cosmic gossip and could be the keeper of a popular radio show or the host of a TV talk show. However the winds they are a blowing this month, Pisces, and you had best lay low and practice your full array of random acts of kindness.. If you have one commitment you promised yourself you would keep, then be the keeper of that one commitment...



May your transits be a blessing & take you where your soul can sail,

All rights reserved, KAN by Joseph-Mark Cohen

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