dear Kan Recipients

 & Friends of the Tree of Life Mystery School,

I am presently visiting London, Ontario for some weeks this summer and working on a project that is dear to my heart: the preparation for the publishing of Aleph 2160, that mysterious and oracular poem that often serves as a keynote for the Kabbalistic Astrology Newsletter, aka KAN. This 2160 line poem ( 2160 is the number of years in an astrological age ) was seeded in 1974 while I was studying kabbalah in Israel and I have been working away at it for some 30 years now, a full transit of the planet Saturn around the Sun. Those of you who have commissioned a Kabbalistic Astrology reading from me will no doubt remember the symbolic spice and oracular hints that the divination from Aleph 2160 added to your reading  and to your Tree-of-Life Soul Map. Many of you have asked me over the years when this poem would be available on its own for either aesthetic enjoyment or use as a tool for enriching your understanding of zodiacal degree symbolism.

Well, thanks to the nurture, support and literary savvy of my dear friend Penn Kemp ( whom I have known for 30 years going back to the Toronto Island era of my life ) , Aleph 2160 is being prepared for publication in a limited edition of 111 copies that will be accompanied by 4 (or 5) CDs of the reading of the complete poem with Hebrew harmonic vocal  chants embedded within for their psycho-acoustic and healing powers.

I am beginning to take advance orders for the book and CD set from those of you who wish to support this project and become treasured benefactors in the bringing of it to completion. Cost for the boxed set of CDs accompanied by the beautiful book produced by Pendas Promotions is $111 (US) plus $9 for shipping and handling ( payable by either cheque or credit card ). Kindly reply by either e-mail or telephone to my toll-free voice mail at 1-888-633-2214.

I also have a limited number of CDR discs available that contain the Kabbalistic Workbook Series ( The Book of Gates, Kabbalistic Healing Workbook & The Tree of Life Tarot Workbook)  These workbooks are the foundation for the 22 week kabbalah study course that prepares you for personally guided seminars with myself and guest teachers at Tree of Life Mystery School programs.

Cost for this disc is $77 ( $84 if paid by credit card )

So , let me thank you in advance for your support of the publication of Aleph 2160 this coming autumn.

The KAN will resume its monthly missive this August, if all goes well.

Wishing you easy transits and a beautiful summer wherever you may be !


Joseph-Mark Cohen

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