Kabbalistic Astrology Newsletter   July 20, 2003
dear Kan recipients,
         There are some interesting Summer Portals coming up, so I thought to send you out an astrological head's up ! We'll go back to the day-by-day streamlined aspectarian style for this one:
July 23rd:  Sun enters Leo and the star Sirius will be visible before sunrise. This was a day for celebration in ancient Egypt as it meant that the Nile would overflow its banks and water the growing zone. The upcoming leo month will be full of surprises and dramatic turn of events.
July 25-26: This is what Jose Arguelles has dubbed the "day out of time" before the re-beginning of the Mayan calendar count. It is a portal day for surfing out beyond the astral waves. I will be attending the Crop Circle Conference in Glastonbury on this weekend and will be happy to report in in mid-August with the gist of what I learn there.
July 29:  The planet Mars turns retrograde today at 10 degrees of Pisces. A few clairvoyants and channels have warned of potential planetary flashpoints and earth changes from this date right through to the Mars perihelion on August 29th.
July 30th:  Mercury transits the zodiacal degree of the Star Regulus today bringing us an awareness of the 26,000 year star clock and what in the Bible was termed the m'hhokek or the ruler's staff. Watch for unusual news today in the world of politics and the world of archeology.
August 1-3rd:  The planet Jupiter is transiting the 24th degree of Leo this weekend. This is the degree associated with the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. We just might receive  some assistance from beings in other dimensions this weekend, if we allow it or choose to invoke it !
August 6: Today is the anniversary of Hiroshima and simultaneously the Hebrew anniversary of the destruction of both the 1st and 2nd temples in Jerusalem. Jewish mystics have also alluded to this day as a potential birth moment for redemptive, messianic energies. So let's just say that with a proper alignment and acknowledgement of our collective karma, this day holds the seed of the new world being birthed on the planet at this time...
August 7th : Venus in Leo is opposite Neptune in Aquarius today. A time for music, for healing, for whatever brings beauty, joy and harmony into your life.
August 10th : The sun is trining Pluto so this is a day to explore the mysteries and reveal the secret forces at work in our accelerated evolution. I will be doing just that in rural Connecticut today. Send us an e mail if you would like to participate and join us for the buffet of kabbalistic healing..
August 11th :  The full moon in Aquarius is a great time for theatre and ritual. A day of creativity.
August 17th :  The anniversary of Harmonic Covergence. My old friend ,Jim Berenholz, proposed that we celebrate this date each year with a Planetary Sacred Site Festival. This can be as simple as a daytrip to a local place of power or beauty or the home of an earth mystery. I will invite a few friends to join me for a hike up to a pristine waterfall right where I live at the Crystal Dome today...
August 21-22 :  The Sun is conjunct Venus and Regulus these days. A new vibration of harmony and healing is entering the heart of Adamah during this time. We all will feel it !
August 24th - Sept. 4th : The annual Tree-of-Life Summer School will be taking place at the Crystal Dome. I invite you to join us for 11 days of inner adventure in beautiful British Colombia. Visit www.treeoflifeschool.com for details....
with blessings and light,
Joseph-Mark Cohen
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