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Jan.9, 2005
Dear friends of TLMS & Kan Recipients,
      Looking back now we can surely say that The Year of the Monkey has been filled with some very strange Monkey Business!
      And the New Moon in Capricorn tomorrow at 20 degrees is close to being in opposition to Saturn (retrograde in Cancer at the 24th degree). Planet Earth is still reeling from the so-called  "unprecedented global disaster" that political leaders of the Western Nations (Bush, Blair & Martin) put on the back burner until their Christmas vacations were over. The relief efforts of the wealthy nations and the peoples thereof show promising signs of a necessary awakening of the heart chakra of our planet as we enter into the vortex of what Mayan calendar cartographers are calling "the galactic underworld".  Contemporary prophets like Gordon Michael Scallion and Sean David Morton have given us warnings that the Pacific Northwest may experience a major volcanic eruption this year ( Mt. Rainier ) and that the American Empire is about to crumble before our planetary eyes. And there are still a couple of megavolcanos rumbling like Yellowstone and one off the Canary Islands that would zap the coast of Europe if it should blow. If you do a google search on Atlantis, you may find a website that suggests that this mythic island was located in Indonesia not far from Sumatra and disappeared from a tsunami precipitated by the eruption of Krakatoa some 12,000 years ago. And when Uranus entered Pisces, Mountain Astrologer prognosticators consensually agreed that there would be vast changes in the world's oceans from 2004 to 2011. And according to the report of a friend in Australia, Antartica is melting 10 times faster than the scientists who monitor it expected. That means that Drunvalo's alert about the imminent breaking off of Larsen's ridge, the rising of the oceans and the potential diminishing to disappearance of the Gulf Stream may be in the earthwatch news in the Year of the Rooster! 
        I have received a few e-mails that wisely suggest that as individuals we must be aware of the power of water to hold the emotional realm and the vibrational field thereof. Chris Griscom suggests that we bless every glass of pure water that we drink or give to house plants in such a way that it serves as a radionic style broadcast to troubled planetary waters. Dr. Emoto suggests something similar from Japan. And I remember a Kahuna teaching about how to contact the elemental of water and the spirit of the oceans to calm and divert a tsunami enough to bypass your island. As someone who enjoys the ceremony of elixir making and believes in the healing power of vibrational elixirs (see the expanded elixir emporium section of www.treeoflifeschool.com) I am all for broadcasting healing frequencies whenever the heart or spirit guides suggest it. I just wonder if we will soon learn that the suspected trigger for the Christmas 2004 Tsunami was in fact an underwater nuclear explosion or test by India or perhaps China which fessed up to one last year.
     So what is the good news and what's new at the Tree-of-Life Mystery School for 2005, you may ask....
Ok, here goes: Aleph 2160: A Zodiac Oracle, the enigmatic oracular epic poem that is often cited here in Kan for the symbolic meaning of charged zodiacal degrees, will be available for purchase by early February. And I do want to thank the 10 Tree of Life School benefactors who pre-subscribed to purchase this book before its publication. There will be two different formats. The trade edition will come with either one or two cds that were taped at live performances that feature vocal harmonics and quartz crystal singing bowl harmonics. The deluxe signed, limited edition of the book will come with a 4 cd set that features JMC's 4 1/2 hour reading/chanting of the complete poem. Both of these can be ordered from the website (the trade edition is $84, limited edition $144) And I will keep a cyberversion of Aleph 2160 posted on the website for those who wish to consult it before deciding that owning a copy is a good idea! 
  The Gematria Code is the follow-up book to Aleph-2160: A Zodiac Oracle. This one is the one that I am at work on for the next couple of months. The Gematria Code holds the complete treasury of number symbolism, both Pythagorean and Kabbalistic, that provided the matrix for the creation of Aleph 2160 in conjunction with the star myths. I intend to have the Gematria Code finished by May 1. The Codes of the Kabbalah CDR is still available for those who choose to delve into an in depth home study course in Kabbalah. And my 500 plus page novel The Unicorn Messiah  is being looked at by two different publishers this month. But if you would like a sneak preview and feel that you have some skills by way of copy-editing, illustrating or know a few tasty Dutch proverbs and sayings, just give me a call at 1-888-633-2214.
   Ah, and there is one more item that I have for those of you in search of a brilliant business opportunity. I have put together a potent little astrological chart entitled: The 37 Portals of Volatility for 2005. This will be sent to you by e mail document, after you have had a look at the following website: http://jmc.fxtrainer.biz (Cost for the chart if you are already a foreign exchange currency trader is $37, call 1-888-633-2214 to order.)
   You may enjoy visiting a number of the new Tree-of-Life Mystery School links that I have posted. Viewzone has some fascinating new articles pertinant to earth changes. There are new offering from TLMS musical friends: Jonathan Goldman, Jim Berenholtz, Miriam Maron, Richard Kaplan, Ann Mortifee & Akal Jaggs. But you have to visit their websites to listen in....
  And yes, I am still available for personal astrological readings & consultations. And if you book one before Jan. 31st, you will receive a free Jitterbug Aromatherpy Essential Oil as a gift along with your reading. 
May your year be filled with beauty, healing, harmony & joy,
blessings & light,
Tree-of-Life Mystery School
 Calendar for 2005

Feb. 22-27 Codes of the Kabbalah, Sedona Arizona
March 10-28 Egypt Journey & Sinai Vision Quest
April 21-26 Earth Day & Passover Codes of the Kabbalah Retreat in Sedona,AZ 
May 8-29 Brazil Healing Journey (Iguassu Falls, John of God, Chappada dos Via Deiros)
July 1-7 Alchemy & Aromatherapy Training
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July 10-16 Tree-of-Life Bodywork :
Teachers Training Program
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July 26-Aug. 9th  Mystical Britain Journey:
Glastonbury Tree-of-Life Summer School,
Crop Circle Conference & Cornwall Explorations (Merlin's Cave) 
July 28-31 Codes of the Kabbalah in Glastonbury
at the Shambhala Healing Retreat Centre 
Aug. 13-17 Strawbale Building Workshop, Crystal Dome Retreat
August 20-22 Tarot Theatre, Nelson BC
August 23-29th  Astrodrama & Tarot Theatre
Teachers Training at the Crystal Dome, Nelson, BC
August 29-Sept 5 Shamanic Kabbalah Retreat
at the Crystal Dome, Nelson , BC
Nov. 8-28 Hall of Records Egypt Journey
Dec. 17-20 Stargate 2007, Galactic Astrology in Sedona 
Dec. 26-31 Sedona Stargate Retreat
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Joseph-Mark Cohen is the founder and director of the Tree-of-Life Mystery School which offers seminars and journeys to  sacred sites in Egypt, Glastonbury, Sedona, Brazil & throughout the Mediterranean world. He is the author of 3 books on the Kabbalah (The Book of Gates, The Kabbalistic Healing Workbook & The Tree of Life Tarot Workbook, available as a trilogy on cdr), an epic earth mysteries poem Aleph 2160: A Zodiac Oracle ( in the mystical poetical tradition of Blake & Rumi ), plus a forthcoming novel : The Unicorn Messiah. Be sure to visit www.treeoflifeschool.com  to sample a few appetizers from these works. Joseph-Mark has a knack for bringing the most esoteric and mystical teachings down to earth. His workshops are pure magic !


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