Kabbalistic Astrology Newsletter : Jan.5, 2004
Dear Friends & Kan Recipients,
                                              I have recently returned from Sedona Arizona to the Crystal Dome in British Colombia where it is minus twenty degrees ( and sunny ) and I have been feeding the wood stove hourly and sipping wine ( specially charged wine kindly and wisely offered courtesy of Barb & Scott at Quantum Dynamix in Phoenix ) to keep warm and scry the future for you, dear Kan reader. I must have been inspired by a rather entertaining Rob Brezney yearly forecast for 2004 as I have decided for this one occasion to offer you a Sun Sign column like the ones you read in Airline magazines rather than my usual daily astrological weather report from new moon to new moon. I will say, however, that the next new moon on Jan. 22nd brings in the Chinese Year of the Monkey. I innocently asked my local Feng Shui practicioner ( Charlyne Chiasson ) if this meant that the year to come would be a year of monkey business. She informed me that it would be a year filled with speculation, gambling and sudden surprises.
The New Moon in Aquarius is conjunct Neptune this year. I see this a sign that 2004 is a year for idealists and humanitarians ,  a year of service to the collective needs and a year when compassion will be required and good humour to weather the surprises that are in store for us...
So here is the forecast, sign by sign:
Aries:  Mars is speeding its way thru your sign Aries, up until the day that the proverbial groud-hog has a chance to consult his/her shadow and decide whether to cocoon a while longer or come out to play. Cocooning is not the usual style for the go-getter Aries out to make a dent on the planetary design and upset the cosmic applecart in grand coyote heyoka style. Still, time-out for you busy entrepreneurial sorts is in order with Saturn, the keeper of the karmic records, still squaring you from Cancer and Jupiter throwing a quincunx your way from Virgo. It's probably in your best interest to pay off ancient debts  and eat as much crow or shadow as you can in 2004. Perhaps one of  those bridges that you burned requires rebuilding. Best to keep one eye on the rear view mirror this year, Aries !
Taurus:  The love and the moola you so long for is in the mail !  I promise you that the month of March will kindle a new flame in your heart or at least bring an old flame back for another go round. And with Jupiter turning retrograde in Virgo, Lady Luck is still by your side at the gambling table in the year of the monkey. Not that you would ever let on that you actually enjoy a gamble or a gambol now and again. No, you profess that wherever you place your energy or cast your chi  is the best place for "an investment". Well the best investment for a Taurus these days is a loving heart and a candlelight and  wine dinner. Sell off that mutual fund and buy a condo at some romantic getaway. Go on ,Taurus, Pluto in Sag wants to stretch you a little this year. Think outside the sandbox !
Gemini: Well the Geminis born between the 10th and the 14th of June still have Pluto to deal with which means a journey into the underworld or a dialogue with someone about to pass over to the other side. And this applies to those of you with Gemini moons, I might add. I have a very large number of Geminis in my astrological address book who  make their livelihood over the telephone as clairvoyants and soothsayers, relationship counsellors and medical intuitives dowsing out which remedy to take , who to love and who to leave behind. The truth is that Geminis just have more jing, as my acupuncturist once put it. Geminis jingle and laugh when the rest of us cry. The Year of the Monkey will make you dance for joy and cry uncle at the same time. Yoga  or some martial art may become your greatest ally, this year....
Cancer:  Yes it is true that your heart has been broken a thousand times and  that the trauma of your childhood is still weighing heavily upon you and if it were not for the beauty of the seashore and the warmth of the day spa you would have crawled like a goodbye note or a short ship into a bottle and sailed out to the great Coral Reef.  It is a very good thing that your dream life is opening your book of life, Cancer. And fortunately the dolphins and the whales will soon be coming into your bay to cheer you up and play for awhile. Remember that old Tim Hardin song: " how long can we hang on to a dream?"   It is a theme song of yours, is it not?  The answer to Tim's question is simple  :2004 !
Leo:  Everyone loves your grand leo manner whether you ply your trade as a promoter,  tour guide, fashion photographer or an old fashioned stockbroker. But something happened to you about a year  or two ago when you fell off your high horse and admitted to yourself that it was time for an overhaul, a life assessment, a reinvention of the one you thought yourself to be or at least the mask you take to market. Yes, it is true that in the business world marketing is very very important. But the lesson you are here to teach yourself and those who come like filings to your charismatic magic magnet is this : The only path worth taking is the path with heart.  Like Frodo, it behooves you to toss that gold ring you have carried for your tribe since day one into the Cosmic Fire....
Virgo:  Blessed are the Virgos, for they are working away like elves and hobbits while all the humans have fallen asleep or neglected that which needs to be done, right now ! Finally , after twelve years of relentless Herculean labour, cleaning out the stables in your quiet and unassuming way----, yes it is time for you who have been serving  the greater good since always and for forever to have your Day !  The female Virgos are pregnant with indigo and violet ray children who wouldn't dare to incarnate without the help of a grounded earthling Virgo Mama ! And the males of the Virgo species are about to be published and paid for their work.  It is time for the most practical ones of the tribe to admit that they prefer angels and miracles and found money to the daily grind....
Libra: Coleman Barks, in one of his contemporary dry deep south translations of Jelaluddin Rumi's outpouring of poetry for the Beloved, informs us that the phrase in the Koran that goes " Whatever God wills, will happen " does not end with " therefore be passive".  As Rumi was one of the great Libran anthropologists of all time, we had best take his advice and stay alert to the opportunities to align with the Divine Will and surrender to destiny in the most joyful and celebratory way possible. In just one more year the planet Jupiter will bring a great number of likeable Librans out of their  favourite cafes and into the public eye and ear.  Publishers stand to make a good income from the wry and witty sayings of you wise old Librans !
Scorpio:  With Saturn and Uranus both in water signs now ( Cancer and Pisces ) you have the wind in your sail,Scorpio,and the world is slowly conforming to the way you want it to be deep down in your soul. If there is any sign in the zodiac that knows how to turn water into wine or walk out of a pawn shop with a unaknowledged treasure in your possession, it is you, dear Scorpio. The past is but a memory now (even if it still haunts you on occasion) and the future is figment of your rich imagination so what have we left but the power of the Now. Sieze the day,Scorpio, but heed the advice of the Buddha and let go of all attachment to whatever it is you have siezed. Use every gram of your intuitive guidance this year and just watch what happens !
Sagittarius:  There are two kinds of Sag's roaving the planet these days: the ones who have been experienced their once in a lifetime Pluto transit and the ones that are now feeling it coming. Either way, that carefree, happy go lucky, the world is my oyster, all roads lead me back home Sag philosophy is fading fast given the outbreak of  fundamentalism, fanaticism and downright terrorism that the media is bringing to our attention in the Gregorian year 2004. This has an impact on those who depend upon the airplane for their multicultural forays and walkabouts. However the inner journey is reported to be just as juicy as the outer one.  Some of my favourite Sagittarians are living on out of the way islands and reading or writing a great epic novel as I pen these words. William Blake suggests  to this tribe: if the fool would only persist in his folly, he would become wise !! 
Capricorn:  What a wild and woolly lot of goats we have on the planet these days. Blessed are the Capricorns for they know how to be real estate moghuls and devoted yogis in the same incarnation. Well now that Saturn , your ruling planet , is moving slowly, slowly through the sign Cancer, it is time for you Capricorns to be less capricious and get serious about the art and science of raising a family and making a good livlihood in an earth friendly way.  I know of at least a dozen new miracle health products that will save lives and heal things that chiropractic just can't touch. But it will take the indefatigable persistance of a motivated Capricorn to get the ball rolling...
Aquarius:  Well, we are closing in on the age of Aquarius at last and according to my secret files it is the Aquarians that are coming of age. That seven year Uranus transit has transformed a whole sign composed of galactic inventors and offbeat rebels into what one well-respected astrologer with the gift of the gab calls " change agents ".  Not that you Aquarians know who you are anymore. Perhaps you are what we call a Walk-In who just happened to inherit a family of origin and few credit cards to make life here on Earth a little more comfortable as you go about your work of rewiring the human nervous system to be in alignment with the New Earth Crystal  Energy Grid.  Fortunately the realization that no one out there really knows what you are up to is a bonus for an enlightened Aquarian ! A word of advice from your sponsor : Wherever you go -- go incongnito !!!
Pisces:  Big changes ahead for all the colourful fishes swimming about on the water planet ! What you have only dreamed of becoming is now available ready and willing to take over. You know that you have spent your whole lifetime preparing for the moment when you would walk on stage and speak your lines with passion and power and purpose and create a great catharsis in the hearts of all those innocent bystanders and curious watchers out there. Well, now is the time for you to do what you knew to be your destiny from before the moment of the yin-yang big bang. It is now or never, Pisces. So don't be shy : speak your truth and all will be well, I promise....
KAN 2004 with cheers and blessings, Joseph-Mark Cohen
Some invitations from JMC and The Tree of Life Mystery School:
    What you see below is the calendar of workshops, seminars , retreats and mystery school journeys that I put on the table for you to taste this year. I am looking for bold and courageous explorers to join me for a number of journeys to sacred sites and sacred spaces within the soul  that can be touched and re-ignited.
    The Magi Travel Journeys this year are to Egypt (March 9th),Brazil ( May 23rd) and Mystical Britain ( July 20th ). The Egypt Journey will be my 10th and the invitation goes out to those of you who feel a connection with Akhenaton, ceremonial aromatherapy and the Sinai to join what I feel to be the best itinerary and most interesting Egypt Journey yet. Go visit the Egypt Gallery of the website for further inspiration. An Israeli friend of mine, Dvir in Sedona, just came back from being with John of God in Brazil and is organizing a tour there in early June. I intend to take a small group to the majestic waterfall network at Iguassu in the week before that and then join up with his group.  The Mystical Britain trip will take you to the magic of Glastonbury, Merlin's cave at Tintagel, Avebury, stone circles, crop circles  and a conference of goddesses....
In the summer of 2004 I will be offering 4 week long residential retreat seminars and teacher trainings at my home in British Colombia. These four sessions are as follows:
Alchemy & Aromatherapy: July 1-7
Kabbalistic Healing: July 9- 16
Astrodrama & Tarot Theatre: Aug. 22-29
Shamanic Kabbalah: Aug. 29-Sept.5
The brochure for these will be posted on the Crystal Dome segment of my website in early March. Everything else should be updated and posted within a day or two.
Wishing you a year of peace, harmony, joy and wonderful surprises!

 Tree-of Life Mystery School Calendar for 2004

Feb. 5-10  Kabbalistic Astrology & Crystal Healing
(plus elixirs, essential oils & crystal singing bowls )
at the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show
c/o Crystal Tones @ Pueblo Inn Rm. 166 
Feb.17-20 Sedona Stargate, Sedona AZ 
March 9-28 The Egypt Journey ( with Sinai )
April 3-5 Tree-of-Light 2004, Patagonia, Arizona
at Gabriel Cousens Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center
April 9-13 Codes of the Kabbalah, Sedona AZ Passover/Easter
April 17-20 Stargate 2007, Maui, Hi.
April 23-25 Tarot Theatre, Marin CA.
April 30-May 2 Tarot Theatre, Calgary, Alta
May 23-June 8  Brazil Journey ( Iguassu Falls & John of God )
July 1-7 Alchemy & Aromatherapy Training
 at The Crystal Dome Retreat, Nelson BC
July 9-16 Tree-of-Life Bodywork :
Teachers Training Program
at the Crystal Dome Retreat, Nelson, BC
July 20-Aug. 3rd  Mystical Britain Journey
Glastonbury, Crop Circle Conference,
Cornwall (Merlin's Cave) & The Goddess Conference
August 22-29th  Astrodrama & Tarot Theatre
Teachers Training
at the Crystal Dome, Nelson, BC
August 29-Sept 5 Shamanic Kabbalah Retreat
at the Crystal Dome, Nelson , BC
The Tree-of-Life School
    of Kabbalistic Astrology & Healing
visit: http://www.treeoflifeschool.com
or call: 250 229 2227  ( noon to 7pm, PST)
for registration for upcoming seminars & journeys


JMC below Cathederal Rockl
Workshops with Joseph-Mark Cohen

 Kabbalistic Healing Workshop
offers an eclectic introduction to polarity therapy, sound healing, aromatherapy, vibrational medicine and the use of crystals, minerals, & gemstones in healing. Participants will experience Joseph-Mark's complete 22 protocol Tree-of-Life Body work format that incorporates Hebrew harmonic overtone chants to catalyze the sound current. The use of a vast array of elixirs and essential oils  will be explored in relationship to your personal Tree-of-Life , etheric & auric energy fields. This workshop will appeal to a wide spectrum of health practitioners plus anyone interested in the subtle power of vibrational healing.
  The next KHW will be offered on March 4th
 in NYC, call 250-229-2227 to register 
Theatre  of the Tarot

The Emperess

High Priestess


is a profound journey through the 22
 major arcana archetypes of the Tarot.
This  provocative workshop
 (  the Fool's Journey )
offers you 
 fascinating and revelatory keys & tools to help unlock and ignite the power of your intuition, imagination
 creativity & sexuality. You will explore the subtle
 inter-relationship between
 your conscious, sub-conscious and
superconscious selves.
You will meet each of the 22 Guardians of the Tarot through the use of voice-dialogue, channeling, costume & ceremony. The fool's journey is filled with high humour, magic, transpersonal initiations plus personal stories and satoris that will delight and amaze you ! This mystery school is designed for a minimum of 22 adventurous consciousness travellers ready to boldly go where few have gone before!
Kindly contact Joseph-Mark at 250-229-2227 or book thru the order form at www.treeoflifeschool.com
Theatre of the Tarot is scheduled for Marin County, California    April 23-25th
Calgary, Alberta   April 30-May 1 
Cost for the weekend is $222 per person
( plus food & lodging)

The Fool



JMC below Cathederal Rockl
Joseph-Mark Cohen is the founder and director of the Tree-of-Life Mystery School which offers seminars and journeys to  sacred sites in Egypt, Glastonbury, Sedona, Brazil & throughout the Mediterranean world. He is the author of 3 books on the Kabbalah ( The Book of Gates, The Kabbalistic Healing Workbook & The Tree of Life Tarot Workbook ), an epic earth mysteries poem Aleph 2160 ( in the mystical poetical tradition of Blake & Rumi ), plus a forthcoming novel : The Unicorn Messiah. Be sure to visit www.treeoflifeschool.com  to sample a few appetizers from these works. Joseph-Mark has a knack for bringing the most esoteric and mystical teachings down to earth. His workshops are pure magic !

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