Subject: Portals & Invitations to Kan Recipients List

Dear Kan Recipients,
Re those Portal Dates for 2003 that I promised to post : I got caught in the mercury retrograde energy and am now about to leave my home computer en route to Sedona, Arizona & Tucson for the Gem & Mineral Show. So let me update you on key portal days for the next month and then I will do the rest for the year once the sun has made it into Pisces....
Jan.30th "SUN CONJUNCT NEPTUNE"  This is visionary and humanitarian moment whereby those aligned to their higher will and their spiritual guidance can make a distinct difference & influence the destiny of the Earth. A day to emanate positive thoughts and feelings....
Feb 1: Aquarius New Moon at 12 degrees of Aquarius ; Chinese Year of  the Goat or the Sheep --- your choice !
This is a turning point and a potentially positive one with the SUN and Moon still technically conjunct Neptune and opposite Jupiter in Leo. If it is a sheep year , then rumours of war stay as rumours and a pacific wave washes over the drum-beaters. If it is a goat year, then words escalate into actions that we all might regret. Or perhaps it is time to migrate to mountains as Saturn entering Cancer in June may be the harbinger of a not so pacific Tzunami.....
Feb. 16: The potential lighting struck tower day when Mars & Pluto are conjunct & force majeur may rule the day. However, on a historical note, the Iceland gathering that resulted in the US & USSR detente on nuclear weapons did happen a few years back on a Mars/Pluto conjunction.  It is a day for those with a conscience to speak their truth !!!
Feb. 17 This portal day features a Sun-Uranus conjunction which could turn everything upside down, turn the tables , or re-align the earth's magetic field. Given that the Sun Uranus happens in Aquarius , we might just see a massive show of UFOs somewhere along the grid today. ( for all you Zechariah Sitchin readers -- watch  out for  Annunaki intervention in Iraq )
So much for the Portals, now for the Invitations :
Jan.30 : Shanayda Linda Deane will be hosting an Egypt evening in Phoenix tonight .   Call 480-413-1313
 Feb. 1:  Zeev Kolman  Healing & Meditation Evening at the Sedona Creative Life Center  7:30-9:30 pm ($22 atd) 928-282-9300
Feb. 2  JMC   Experiential Kabbalah Workshop in Sedona  10-5 pm  ( call 250-229-2227 to inquire)
Feb. 2   Zeev Kolman     Group Healing Workshop    7-10pm  ( Sedona public library -- $100 atd, call 250-229-2227 to register )
Feb. 3-13  Joseph-Mark Cohen at the The Alchemists Cauldron  Room 210 at the Holiday Inn Express in Tucson exhibiting Galactic Alignment Elixirs, Jitterbug Aromatherapy Kit, dowsing pendulums & offering Kabbalistic Astrology Readings.
March 18-April 4th   Tree of Life Mystery School Journey to Egypt for brave, intrepid travelers ! Don't let those news reports get you down ---- hospitality in Egypt has never been greater. Europeans are getting great deals in the shuk, as Americans stay home & watch television.....    Call 250-229-2227 if your inner voice is nudging you to go Egypt.....
I will be picking up e mail & checking my home phone  250-229-2227 for messages daily.....
 with blessings & light,