The Kabbalistic Astrology Newsletter: Special Edition 

 The 36 Astrological Portals 

        for  2006 



All time portals are for Eastern Standard Time. Be sure to make the necessary corrections for your time zone…You will find a detailed explication for each of these Portals in the monthly Kan Newsletters during 2006. Pneemah members will receive an e-mail or mp3 intro for meditations that take place on the Planetary Healing days...

May these 36 portals prove to be a positive and transformative source of vibrational energy for you and your tribe....

1)               Jan. 2: 9am-10am EST (Moon conjunct Neptune at 17 Aquarius, Mercury conjunct Galactic Centre at 27 Sagittarius, Sun trine Mars : This is a Pneemah Planetary Healing day, consult Aleph 2160 : A Zodiac Oracle for degree symbolism) 

2)               Jan.13-14:   Jan. 13 6-7pm (Pneemah intro click here   (Sun conjunct Venus) 3-5am (14th, Full Moon at 24 degrees Capricorn conjunct Venus; 294 degrees of the Zodiac is the Malki-tzedek degree, see Aleph 2160, verse 294)

3)               Jan. 27:  5pm-9pm (Sun opposition Saturn, Jupiter square Neptune, Moon conjunct Venus)

4)               Feb. 6: 12am-1am (Sun conjunct Neptune at Zodiac degree 318, Pneemah meditation)

5)               Feb.14: 10am-11am  (Mercury conjunct Uranus)

6)               Feb. 24: 7pm-8pm   (Moon conjunct Venus, Sun quincunx Saturn)

7)               March 1: 5am-6am  (Sun conjunct Uranus at 11 degrees Pisces, 341, Pneemah Planetary Healing broadcast)

8)               March 15: 6pm-7pm (Purim full moon at 24-25 degrees Pisces/Virgo square Pluto)

9)               March 27:  5am-6am  (New Moon Solar Eclipse at 9 degrees Aries, Pluto goes stationary retrograde)

10)          April 7: 10-11pm  (Sun quincunx Jupiter, Moon square Jupiter, Saturn turns direct at 4 1/2 degrees Leo)

11)          April 13: 12pm-1pm  Passover full moon at 24 degrees Libra/Aries axis: Pneemah broadcast, see Zodiac degree 204 in Aleph 2160: AZO )

12)    April  18: 5am-6am  (Sun conjunct Andromeda, Venus conjunct Uranus at Pisces 344, 14 degrees: Pneemah attunement to the angel Raziel & opening the gates of Paradise)  

 Ma May 1:  11am-12am ( Moon enters Cancer, Sun conjunct Mars ) This year's May Day celebration adds an extra spark to the fire with Sun conjunct Mars at 11 degrees of Taurus, see Aleph 2160, degree 41.Ma 

13)          May 13: 2am-3am  (Full Moon in Scorpio, at degree 232, see Aleph 2160 gematria 232, Buddha's birthday)

14)          May 19:  12:30pm-1:30pm  (Moon conjunct Neptune, Sun conjunct the Pleiades)Powerful ceremonials possible at sacred site in the Yucatan, Hawaii & Anasazi sites in the American Southwest.

15)          May 27:  1am-2am  ( New Moon at 6 degrees of Gemini)Carl Johan Calleman calls this portal the midpoint of the Mayan 4th Night, a time to attune to a burst of light from the heart of Quetzalcoatl or Kukulkan.

16)          June 1:  7pm-8pm   ( Moon opposition Neptune at 20 degrees Leo/Aquarius )

17)          June 16: 1pm-2pm  (Sun opposition Pluto 26th degree Gemini/Sagittarius: Mars/Saturn conjunct in Leo)

18)          June 21: 8am-9am  ( Summer Solstice, Sun enters Cancer)

19)          July 6: 3am-4am  & 3pm-4pm  ( Sun conjuncts Sirius, Mercury goes retrograde, Jupiter goes direct)

20)          July 22:  7pm-8:30pm  (Sun enters Leo, Moon conjuncts Venus, Mars enters Virgo at the degree of the Sphinx, 151 see Aleph 2160)

21)          July 25: 12am-1am  ( New Moon at 2 degrees Leo )

22)          Aug. 7: 7am-8am  ( Sun conjunct Saturn at 15 degrees Leo, the heart of the Lion: Pneemah Planetary Healing Meditation: bring every tribe   through the eye of the Vortex, turn every face    to the heart of the flame)A day to heal the karmic residue of Hiroshima....

23)          Aug. 9:  6am-7am  (Full Moon in Aquarius ; 17 degrees Leo/Aquarius axis)

24)          Aug. 23: 2pm-3:15pm   (New Moon at 1 degree of Virgo, 151 in Aleph 2160)Watch for a major crop circle today with a  gematria code relevant to the Sphinx.

25)          Sept. 5 :   6am-7am   (Sun opposition Uranus :  13 degrees of Virgo/Pisces 163/343 )

26)          Sept. 22 : 7am-8am    ( New Moon Solar Eclipse at 30 degrees Virgo, Pneemah portal day.. )

27)          Sept 23 : 12am-1am   ( Sun enters Libra, Autumn Equinox, Rosh HaShannah 5767)Weighing the Cosmic Egg in the Balance.... 

28)          Oct. 6 : 10:30pm-11:30pm  (Sukkot harvest full moon at the 14th degree Libra/Aries axis)

29)          Oct. 22: 1am-2am   (New Moon at 29 degrees of Libra, Mercury conjunct Pluto)

30)           Nov. 5 : 7am-8am  (Full Moon at the 13th degree of Taurus)

31)          Nov. 8 :  4pm-5pm  (Sun conjunct Mercury)

32)          Nov. 20 : 4:30pm-5:30pm  (New Moon at the 29th degree of Scorpio conjunct Alpha Centauri,  Uranus SD, positive ET portal day)Preparations begin for the influx of Light about to be broadcast to the right hemisphere of human co-creators at the beginning of the 5th DAY of the Mayan Cosmic Calendar.... 

33)          Dec. 5 :  11pm-12am:   ( Saturn Stationary Retrograde at 25 degrees Leo, Mars enters Sagittarius)

34)          Dec.18  : 9am-10am  (Sun conjunct Pluto, Moon conjunct Jupiter and Mars)

35)          Dec. 21 : 7pm-8pm  ( Winter Solstice, Sun enters Capricorn, Mars square Uranus )

36)          Dec. 25: 2:30pm-4:30pm ( Mercury conjunct Pluto, Moon conjunct Uranus)

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