KAN January 3rd, 2003
Dear friends & kan readers,
  I have just recently returned from Sedona Arizona where I was called to charge the new Galactic Alignment Elixirs atop Cathedral Rock as Sun conjuncted the Galactic Centre on 19th of December. In past years it was my habit on the winter solstice to sip saki slowly for a few hours until I could enter a cheerful trance state and see the year's astrological forecast appear before my eyes and whistle through my ears!  I couldn't find the saki that I need in the local Sedona liquor store, so it feels like your astrologer has been blindfolded and taken hostage by the rivers of Babylon and is being forced to rely on untried and uncharted methods of divination to scry the sky for 2003. Anyway, here goes :
      What we know about the year to come is that it is a dangerous one, a turning point, and a portal all rolled into one. The lightworkers are working overtime, Kryon has left the earth arena and the World Weekly News suggests that an Italian porn star has offered herself to Saddam Hussain and that war with Iraq will be averted. Should that brave soul fail in her mission, we have James Twynan, the Irish emissary of light, gathering a self selected platoon of spoon benders to hone the power of their collective mind and broadcast a peace wave to the mideast sometime in February ( the 9th I believe). My friend Jonathan Goldman has requested that the a gifted consortium of sound healers sound the Ahhh from the heart chakra on Valentine's day, the 14th of February & resonate the love vibration  like a giant tibetan bell through the airwaves. The reason for all this activity, aside from the build up of the American troops on the Babylonian chess-board, is a critical few days in Febuary when the Sun conjuncts the planet Uranus on the 17th, following the Mars Pluto conjunction on the 16th of February. That day also features the full moon in Leo within a degree or two of the star Regulus, the Persian royal star that magi were following closely in 7 BCE. Regulus has guided great military generals and geniuses over the centuries. It is also the star that serves as a gatekeeper for the 2012 stargate that the Mayan calendar prophecies. Good news should emanate from the heart of the Lion on August 21st 2003 when Sun, Venus and Jupiter all align with Regulus. Still we find ourselves here again at the edge of yet another abyss preparing to jump into the void. Or invite the next dimension of our multidimensional Self to incarnate and help rescript the program on Planet Earth ( you know, sealing the door where evil dwells, as the Great Invocation puts it !)  I listened in to an evangelical radio talk show on Dec.31 and learned that the angels from John of Patmos's book of Revelation are tuning their trumpets for an apocalyptic blast this year as well. ( I also learned that the American dollar will continue to falter and the price of gold will go up to over $400 an ounce as well ). So how does a kabbalistic astrologer stay centred and sane and cheerful in the midst of all this inclement galactic weather you may well ask. How do we become One with the Plenum of Infinite Love & Abundance that is hiding behind the eye of the Vortex and the deluge of solar magnetic storms ?
       Well, lets take it from the top. The planet Uranus is about to move from its home base in Aquarius into Pisces on March 10th. Uranus is the ruler of the sphere of HHochmah or Wisdom on the Tree of Life. We are in the last few minutes of the last hour of the astrological age of Pisces and it is closing time at the bar or the last call for demons and the sublunar dark forces to do their astral theatre cabaret. Uranus is about electricity and enlightment and the overturning of the light-dark mirror games. No doubt the oceans and the subconsious mind will rise up as Uranus makes its 7 year transit through tropical zodiacal Pisces. We could also expect a wave of compassion to sweep the earth and a period of profound emotional purification. Uranus's earthbound partner in the planetary dance --Saturn--has been recallibrating the local pole star and renegotiating our contract with the Karma Lords for the past three years. On June 3rd. Saturn will enter Cancer and the starmyths suggest that traditional values will bring the family back to the hearth and the young ones will be ready to listen to the voice of the elders once again. The good news here will be some great advances in medicine and the science of healing. Saturn is the Great Mother from the kabbalistic standpoint, ruler of the sphere of Binah or Understanding. The challenge of the transit of Saturn through Cancer is the transformation of all fear into love, judgement into acceptance, memory into creative imagination. 
      My Kootenay neighbour Khoji points out that in mid April the lunar nodal axis shifts from Gemini/Sagittarius to Taurus/Scorpio allowing us to collectively move away from manipulative and destructive tendancies and toward harmonious earth-friendly self-sustaining endeavours. Not only that, but it is the Chinese year of the Water Sheep beginning Feb. 1 which is supposed to cool out aggressive tendancies and bring peace where there once was war. I suppose we should leave room for a few sheep to get prematurely sheered by misguided shepherds, but the news is ultimately full of goodness. 
     I predict that the one we knew as Cat Stevens in the Sixties will reappear on the musical scene to pour water on the flames of the potential Jihad that the goats at high altitude have been cooking up for us....
   The planet that guides us through the Void is Pluto and Pluto is slowly making its way through the sign of Sagittarius en route to the portal or Stargate that resides at the heart of our Galactic Centre. Pluto is presently at the 18th degree of Sag. moving almost to 20 degrees until it makes a station and goes retrograde ( from our vantage point) on March 23rd, shortly after St. Patrick's day, Purim and the Spring Equinox. Allow me to close this particular astrological preamble with the 18th, 19th and 20th degree excerpted from my epic gematria poem Aleph 2160:
Remember all our circuitous trade route    wave forms  empire outposts
Sheba en route to the king of riddles & earth magic
Hiram of Tyre gathering the gold of Ophir for the temple
the followers of the silk road   gold rushes  the snake charmers of Ophiuchus
we are wanderers   magi of migrations   navigating by the night sky
decoding magnetic fields     beholding geysers of anti-matter
When the unmanifest world begins to materialize before your eyes   neter neteru
You will notice the sparks nested in matter   minute pochito left handed neutrinos
defying all known laws of physics  subatomic emissaries vibrating 27 times faster than light
slipping past lahat ha'hherev    life's flaming sword    while the keruvim sleep
like busy new age businessmen  attaches filled with takiyons and gold pressed latinum
clearing customs    clever little Ferengi  before the plane arrives   l'hhayim ! 
Open the Stargate   my friend    open the Windows of the Sky
as drones get drawn to the honeycomb    clones of the giboreem
our lineage extends much farther than this vineyard    we are the children of Moriah
Rumi reminds us      we are drunkards from another tavern who forget how we got here
the calendar is on fire     we are here to sing   to bring keter into malchut
here to align the beam   toast the spirits for the road :   l'hhai olam ! 
Cheers for the secular, solstice based Galactic Centred New Year . May you be blessed with vision, balance, love & spiritual abundance in the months to come. This is Kan 2003, part one. Calendrical portals for the year are yet to come.
Joseph-Mark Cohen
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