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 Sept.21 Autumn Equinox

& Jewish New Year 5765   Edition


The Jewish New Year 5765 is upon us with a host of astrological omens and portals to show us the way. First and foremost the planet Jupiter (tzedek in Hebrew) is about to make its transit from Virgo to Libra on Sept. 26th, the day after Yom Kippur.     Mars will follow a day later, and then these two planets will move in tandem for a week or so as they pass over what is called the Supergalactic Centre. This syzygy brings the planet that rules gevurah, power, self-discipline into a conjunction with the one that rules hhesed, compassion and love. This is the path of the Aleph on the tree, the place where the harmonious unified field or the elusive balance point can be found. It is an opportunity that leads to a unique grand quintile alignment on Oct.1 that is being touted as Harmonic Concordance 2 by those who are gathering their friends for ceremony. This formation creates a five pointed star or pentagram that embeds a golden spiral or the golden ration within it. The numbers 72 and 144 offer special gematria in the Kabbalah that speaks of the alignment of macrocosmos and microcosmos, heaven and earth, galaxy and solar system, divine and human, mind and heart. It is a time for us to re-align with what is termed our Adam Kadmon nature.

The planets involved in this five pointed star are: Sun, Pluto, Uranus, Moon & Saturn. The Sun is in the 9th degree of Libra, Pluto at the 20th degree of Sagittarius, Uranus the 4th degree of Pisces, Moon at the 16th degree of Taurus, & Saturn at the 27th degree of Cancer. The spheres that these planets rule on the Tree-of-Life are: Tipheret, Daat, Hohhmah, Yesod & Binah. This means that there are 3 major axis alignments possible that day: 1) the conscious and subconscious spheres of self (tipheret & yesod), the left and right brain hemispheres (binah & hohhmah), and the personal and collective subconscious memory (yesod & daat). This is equivalent to what is known in kabbalistic healing as a soul alignment whereby the nefesh ( moving ), ruahh ( feeling ) and neshamah ( perceiving ) centres are recalibrated and connected to the centre of one’s being and the soul star that orchestrates all this  from above the crown. 

I am aware of groups gathering to celebrate this cosmic geometry at Avebury in Britain and at the St. John’s Cathedral in New York City. I had intended to be with my Sedona soul tribe for this alignment and was given a ceremony to choregraph based on the power of the 72 names ( 3 letter codes from the crossing of the red sea passage in Exodus ) that the Kabbalah Research Centre has brought to our attention. What I envisioned are a number of small pods of celebrants (groups of 6, 12, 18, 36 or 72) working with the sacred vowels ( Abulafian harmonic chants ) that are nested in the 72 3 letter combinations. I may choreograph this for a small group of friends in Toronto or perhaps right here in London Ontario, where I have been working for a few months now on completing the text for an October publishing of my Aleph 2160: A Zodiac Oracle. ( visit www.treeoflifeschool.com  to order )  If you are nearby and care to join in this ceremony, just call my voice mail at 1-888-633-2214 and let me know.

What follows are some oracular hints from Aleph 2160 regarding the degrees of the planets that form the Grand Quintile.

Sun: 189 degrees:  This degree is in resonance with the release of old vows that are no longer required for our higher evolutionary pathway. The degree also speaks of a whirlwind or a vortex.

Pluto: 260 degrees:  speaks of the temple mount at Moriah and a stargate:

Open the stargate   my friend   open    the windows of the sky

as drones get drawn   into the honeycomb    clones of the gibborim

our lineage extends  far beyond    this vineyard   we are children of Moriah

Mevlana reminds us    we are drunkards      from another tavern   who just forgot

how we got here     the calendar is on fire    we are here to sing    to bring keter

into malhhut    here to align the beam     toast the spirits for the road    l’hhai olom


Uranos at 334 degrees is encouraging us to listen deeply to the inner voice, the kol d’mama daka, with the hint that it is time for us to let the fallen angels ( from Sadalmelik & Fomalhaut ) discover who we really are !  The hint here is that we are about to awaken to our angelic human mission…

Moon at 46 degrees in Taurus speaks of a border crossing that we must cross, letting go of the baggage of past-life fears as we approach what can be called a biological transmutation. The oracle advises: feel the tidal waves in your bloodstream.

Saturn at 117 degrees invokes for us that the angel of the Presence keep us sealed from mischief’s radiation…  The idea here is that we are the grapes for the great wine-press of 5765!

May it be a good year, a sweet year, a year of peace, a year of health, a year of harmony & balance, and a year to remember!


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Sept. 21, 2004, all rights reserved, Joseph-Mark Cohen

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