Kabbalistic Astrology Newsletter        Feb.27th 2004
Dear Kan Recipients,
       I have just recently returned to the Crystal Dome here in British Colombia after 3 action packed Aquarian weeks in sunny Arizona at the Gem & Mineral Show in Tucson and The Sacred Geometry Conference in Sedona choreographed by my Aquarian friend Andras Nevai. Highlights of this journey included fabulous musical evenings at the Casbah Cafe ( Jah Levi's Reggae night in particular ) and the Aquarian Ball for Valentine's Day that featured pyramid power Patrick Flanagan's fibonacci spiral green leprechaun laser light show ! So you must excuse the fact that Kan is going out a week past the Pisces New Moon. Just take into account that Pisces is ruled by oceanic but spacy Neptune and has just been invaded by high-tech Uranus so a modicum of procrastination could be in order here. And not to mention that we are in the Carnival & Purim Portal when costume and camouflage are the keynotes and large planetary populations celebrate a never-ending happy hour...  So thank you for your forbearance and here goes:
    The Prelude:
Welcome the moment of the  unmasking at the astral gates of the Great Masquerade Ball here on Planet Earth. Christianity is being seized and searched at the border crossing of the fifth dimension just as Mel Gibson spends millions to dramatize his imagination of crucifixion before fearful  fundamentalist eyes. The age of Pisces is having what William Irwin Thompson once called its sunset effect or its last hurrah. The apocalypse or the great unveiling here leads us back to Egypt and the rites of Osiris where for 3 days the journeyer to the imperishable stars boarded the barque of Ra en route to the Orion Stargate a la Hurkak in the keys of Enoch. So we can expect in this moment the last grasp of those in power to the illusions they have been projected into the collective unconsciousness of the Tribe...
   The Portals:
March 1: We are still feeling the destabilizing effect of the recent Mars/Neptune square which encouraged the letting go of old thought forms and beliefs and the building of new foundations for prosperity and wellbeing for all. Today's Moon/Saturn conjunct focusses energy on karmic ties with our family of origin and unfinished soul contracts..
March 2 : Venus is at the degree in late Aries ( 27th ) that serves as a portal for energies from both Cassiopea and Andromeda. This brings in the Divine Feminine frequencies or the Shehhinah vibrations. Tune into those transpersonal feelings at the core of your being today ! 
March 3: Moon enters Leo and the Sun is opposite Jupiter in the planetary dance. This means that we are filled with positive affirmations and expectations of fun filled adventures in new venues. Hold on to your hat, my friend...
March 4: Mercury catches up with the Sun today. Poetry and journalkeeping are where to put your energy today.
March 5: Moon enters Virgo and opposes Neptune today. There are some unexpected logistical details to navigate through here as the energy builds towards the full moon.
March 6: Full moon conjunct Virgo. What a party !! Free drinks, great music, even some wild dancing....
March 7: Moon squares Pluto and Saturn makes a station as it turns direct in Cancer. Now that we have seen our own shadow and our neighbours shadow and the can feel the shadow of Venus about to pass over the face of Sun ( on June 8th , 2004 )-- well we have some personal unveiling and re-arranging to do, do we not ???
March 8: My calendar claims that today is International Women's Day. Fortunately moon is in compromising Libra. Harsh truths can be harvested for the personal revelations they lead to ...
March 9: The Moon is void of course for much of the day and Mars is making a quincunx to Pluto. Beware of pickpockets and petty thieves who have fake antiques to sell you. Stay out of  traffic if you can !
March 10: Moon enters mysterious Scorpio and does a dance with all the planets:  trining Uranus, opposing Venus, trining Saturn, squaring Neptune. This means that your heart and your soul has a chance  to come to peace with past and let go of patterns that no longer serve your evolution. So just let go and keep dancing !
March 11:   A high energy day where your nervous system is tested for its stamina and poise.
March 12: Lots of squares today: Sun to Pluto, Moon to Uranus and Jupiter. There is a possible run in with authority figures that is a test of one's balance and inner sense of purpose. The I Ching would likely advise you to retreat and hold your tongue ...
March 13: Moon conjuncts Pluto at the gates of the Galactic Centre today. Let go of what you think you know and who you think you are. Befriend the nearest vortex and enter the void. The Star Buddhas will be there by your side, I promise...
March 14: It is true that credit cards give one a sense of security and freedom in foreign countries. And it is true that impulse purchases are a sugar high or what the buddhists call temporary happiness. However the astrological omen of the Moon trining both Venus and Jupiter in a grand earth trine suggests that you had best acquire what your heart desires . And pray for a windfall next month..
March 15: Mah Tzu say : Lock up your belongings and open your heart today.  Allow me to translate:
Tie up your camel so she does not wander and pay your respects to the Creator of the Oasis within..
March 16:  Moon moving into Aquarius with Venus and Jupiter in trine means that it is time for ceremony and celebration. Bring on the belly-dancers....
March 17: St. Patrick's Day for the Irish and a chance to feel the greening of the earth for the rest of us. Best to set aside some moments for meditation as the Moon conjuncts Neptune in Aquarius.
March 18: You have probably guessed by now that even though the channels advise you that you are ascending at light speed to the next dimension of your being and that your merkavah is in good working order, it still behooves you to eat live healthy food and be as kind as you can be to your neighbours. You might just bump into the prophet Elijah disguised as a cheeky panhandler.
March 19: If you happen to live in California the Sun enters Aries today and the freeways will be moving faster by tomorrow. Whereas if you happen to be holding out in Cairo, that Aries Sun won't happen till noon on the 20th. So finish what needs to be finished today and plant the seeds of a new season in your heart and mind.
March 20th: The new moon is bang on the Spring Equinox today as Mars aligns with the Pleiades. This is an omen of great beauty and renewal upon the Earth. Be sure to celebrate the turn of the seasons. If you happen to be visiting Chichen Itza watch that serpent climb down the steps of the pyramid. Or feel the kundalini energy ascend the column of your spine wherever you may be today. Happy Equinox... 
The Fortune Cookies:
Aries: Venus is only in your sign until March 6th. After that it is back to the daily grind. So keep your sabre by your side and take up surfing or hang-gliding.
Taurus: Mars is in your sign all month. As the I Ching says: perseverence furthers. ( Mah Tzu say: beware, el toro,   being willful or a tad deluded can lead to very big fall or egg on face )
Gemini: I saw a deer dancing its way through traffic on Baker Street in downtown Nelson BC the moment I arrived home from Arizona. I interpret this to mean that you Geminis are caught in traffic. Please look both ways before you leap....
Cancer:  A big seller at the Tuscon gem show was a jewellery piece whereby a pearl is attached to its shell and the shell is surrounded by silver or gold. But the reggae song tells us that love is more precious that silver or gold . So go scuba diving, dear Cancer, for the pearl of great price. And if you have to hold your breath, then hold your breath.
Leo:  Letting go of the great dream releases a stockpile of psychic energy that you formerly had focussed like a laser beam. Many little dreams will be nurtured now by this great letting go, Leo..
Virgo: It is a chant being whispered in your ears by the Great Spirit: This is your year, Virgo, this is your year..
Libra:  Even if your publisher has yet to get with the program, you are a public person whose wise words will be heard by all. Remember that Rumi just walked the hills of Anatolia with one friend who was kind and attentive enough to scribe down the Matnavi, Rumi's epic. So go shake out that magic carpet....
Scorpio: The words of that reggae song go: like Jonah in the belly of the whale, faith can move mountains. Like Daniel in the lion's den, faith can move mountains. Let this be your mantra, dear Scorpio.
Sagittarius:  In Hebrew the Sag is not the archer, the Sag is keshet, the rainbow itself. So make yourself into a rainbow bridge and lay yourself down over trouble waters. The footsteps you feel upon you will lead to your enlightenment....
Capricorn: I have a young Capricorn  friend who is hitchiking about Africa learning all the native dances she can in the villages she visits. This proves to me that even a sign ruled by Saturn is game for a great adventure. So if you can sell off some asset, pack your bags and boldly go....
Aquarius:  Ah, the great change of heart and mind is upon you, dear Aquarius. Adopt a new plan, a new costume, a new child. People have been gazing at you strangely all your life, so what does it matter??
Pisces: I have to confess that I am the biggest fan, coach and lover of the Pisceans. And it does not matter to me whether you return telephone calls or dissolve into your dreamlife when dinner is on the table. But you may have to do some coaching of your own to train those that love you in exactly how to find the part of you that needs love the most. Comprenez-vous?  
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