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Kabbalistic Astrology

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Tree-of-Life Mystery School
& Earth Mysteries Newsletter

to the
3rd Edition of the Tree-of-Life Mystery School's Earth Mysteries Travel Blog
for 2011.  You will discover your invitation to some 
upcoming Sacred Site Journeys & retreats in 2011 by clicking the photographs on the left hand column. There are embedded mp3 music files nested within each of these links to keep your  hemispheres resonant while you are text surfing! 


The Crop Circle Oracle Cards special  while the Sun is transiting Aquarius  will continue till the new Moon in Pisces. This special is for wholesale purchase of a set of 10 decks at 50% off the retail price of $72  per deck (plus p&h). I am including a special surprise gift with this purchase so that you can easily inspire your friends to become Oracle Croppies! For those who purchase a single deck, you will still receive a free intro 20 minute telephone reading with Joseph-Mark even before your deck arrives! 

Kindly call 1-888-633-2214 or e-mail for wholesale orders.  The next Crop Circle Mysteries Seminar is at Summerhill Pyramid Winery,

Kelowna,BC on April 10. Be sure to book well in advance.

 Sedona Stargate
is offering a new 5 day retreat seminar this year for the New Moon in Pisces  ( March 2-6). This is a potent astrological seed time & you can learn more about these portals by visiting the Pneemah link at
This new retreat, Oracles of Light is a 5 day intensive for strengthening your Light Body. We will be utilising the 22  Sakara Tarot Arcana,  Kabbalistic Astrology. the Shem 72 Sonic Codes & the Crop Circle Oracle Cards with our explorations. And we will be meditating & doing ceremonial work at Sedona's major Earth vortexes. Enrolement is limited so best to reserve your space today...
Kabbalistic Astrology
Upcoming Portals 
The  Feb.2 New Moon at the 14th degree of Aquarius ( see Aleph 2160, A Zodiac Oracle 314) is one of the most potent degrees as it resonates with the gematria of  Mettatron. This suggests that there is a grand choreographic redesigning of the Earth Grid & the  Stargate Portals at this time. The  first black hole ever discovered is resonant with this Zodiacal degree. So lets just consider that the wormhole to the Galactic Core & beyond is now open for passage for those dimensional travellers who care to boldly go!
 When we look at the upcoming Full Moon on the 18th of February, it will be conjunct the  blue-white star Regulus, 84 light years distant,at the heart of the Lion in the Leo constellation. Regulus was one of the 4 key stars of the Persian/Magi astrologers. It is the "timekeeper" heartbeat pulse star that will be at 0 degrees of Virgo circa Dec.21,2012. Wayne Herschel in his book the Hidden Records makes a very good case for the Sphinx, guardian of the Hall of Records, being a dimensional Star Map gazing across the Nile ( the Milky Way) at a mirror reflection of itself in the stars of Leo.
So as all our internet eyes are gazing at the demonstrations in Cairo & speculating on upcoming moves on the political chess board of our planet, it is likely that there are some major re-alignments going on at the Earth/Star grid lines & portals that are impacting us on profound subtle energy & evolutionary levels. David Sereda was recently interviewed on Coast to Coast am about the shifts in our magnetic field & the potential for upcoming solar flares that could overamp our collective nervous system and/or activate key missing strands in our DNA .
( All of this is likely embedded in a Torah or Bible Code text that deals with Dinah & the 12 tribes but this is another story!)
And just to add one more potential alchemy to the plot, there is a rumour circulating that Betelgeuse, the red giant star in Orion that shrinks & swells from 700 to 1000 suns in diameter, may soon decloak, pull off its outer hydrogen layer & collapse into a white dwarf star. The rumour suggests that it might just flare up like a second sun in our sky for a season! Now that would be a good omen according to indiginous Turtle island native prophccies....


Ok, back to astrology. Let's have a look at the most recent Feb.28,1922 birthchart of Egypt. Both Saturn & Jupiter were in Libra, with transiting Saturn within a degree of the natal Jupiter in the 18th degree of Libra presently. It looks like this present situation won't resolve until Sept.26th when the transit is exact.  Your Earth Mysteries Travel Guide is scheduling a journey to a peaceful Egypt next November, so keep your finger's crossed, hold on to your rabbit's foot, meditate with your ankh, & consider youself invited....

"When Jupiter & Saturn meet,
what a crop of mummy wheat"
William Butler Yeats.....
Footnote: the planet Uranus has been transiting Egypt's 29th degree Moon in Pisces. The transit is exact on Feb.15th. The 29th degree of the Zodiac is a "karmic resolution" degree. ( The gematria calls to mind the word satan, the tester) Uranus has been tossing lightning bolts & the desire for regime change into the subconscious mind of the 80 million residents of Egypt. The recent explosion of an oil/gas pipeline was a sadly predictable event. Uranus is the change agent about to enter Aries on March 12,2011.  
More on that in our next issue!
Upcoming Events:
There are a few conferences coming up in late Feb. that may be of interest. The annual UFO Congress takes place in Phoenix Arizona at the Fort McDowell Restort Feb. 22-25th. This one is the North American "theatre of the mind" that parallels Carnival in Brazil!
Then from Feb. 25-27 The Great Mystery Prophets Conference called 2013 Day 1 convenes in Palm Springs.
This one features a fine assortment of visionaries including Barbara Marx Hubbard, Geoff Stray, Freddy Silva & Andrew Harvey among others. I will be there & Robin & Cody have offered a $50 discount to those who register early. You can call me at 1-888-633- 2214 or if you can register directly through the Prophets Conference be sure to let them know you heard about it from us.
And if you have a yen to spend a few days in Sedona vortex exploring, then sign up
for the next Oracles of Light intenstive March 2-6th.
Earth Mysteries Travel has been offering Sacred Site Journeys for over 30 years. These journeys have often been non-profit ventures whereby a pod of sincere explorers of the "mysteries" have journeyed with crystals in hand & a prayer or song in heart to a landscape or temple site that may have called out to us in the dream-time. Given the present activations happening with the Planetary Earth Grid, these "mystical journeys" require spiritual intent & guidance that goes well beyond "Adventure Travel".
Joseph-Mark has guided 10 journeys to Egypt since 1978. He intends to gather a  core group to explore Giza, Abydos, the Sinai Stargate, Petra in Jordan & Alexandria this year.  The departure date is Oct.27th and yes that could change depending on political machinations in Egypt.  The price of tours in Egypt will likely be lowered in the fall to recover lost travellers from the spring & summer  tourist drought!
Click on that pyramid/sphere photo to learn more! You can even read an Egypt chapter from the Unicorn Messiah if you are willing to wait for that page to load. It has embedded photos & takes its time.
Our annual summer journey to the Crop Circles in Britain has been slightly adjusted so as to be able to take in
Steve & Karen Alexander's Summer Lectures 
 in Devizes July 30-31st & a day of the Glastonbury Conference  July 23-24th. The Harmonic Convergence 2011 gathering in Ireland follows this journey.

 Joseph-Mark offers his annual
Shamanic Kabbalah Summer School
in early July this year 
The Crystal Dome Retreat.
(also available for
vacation/meditation retreats)

blessings & safe travels,
Joseph-Mark Cohen
To learn more, click on the accompanying photos for travel appetizers & intineraries.
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