Kabbalistic Astrology Newsletter 
  4 December 2002  
 5th night of Hhanukah 5763 
   Solar Eclipse at 12 degrees Sagittarius
come ride the invisible pathways   meridians  corridors of sonic light   m'orah
what happens here   depends upon our desire   to wake up    take hold of the ladder
allowing light to unfold and return    restoring gateways harmonics portals codes
letting go of false identities       folding all small selves into one golden Singularity
                                                                               252nd degree of Aleph 2160
        The recent solar eclipse throws us into a critical 2 week cycle that will sow the seeds of the next 12 months to come. Eclipses in general offer us the chance to stop the timeflow of history long enough to allow us to divine the karma strands and creative seeds that we have hidden from view. So the subconscious mind has the chance to project itself onto the screen of our imagination and the collective karmic shadow can offer its puppet show on the screen of history. This eclipse is particularily potent as it occurs within 4 degrees of the planet Pluto, god of the underworld in Greek mythology, god of wealth & the mineral kingdom, the power of death and rebirth. In kabbalistic astrology, Pluto is the ruler of da'at, experiential knowing and sexuality. It also speaks of either the Greek daimon or the underlying conscience of a human being. Pluto is associated with volcanos and volcanic eruptions, as well. So we are but five days from a sun conjunct Pluto and and a moon conjunct Uranus on the morning of the 9th of December. Best to keep a dream journal that morning and watch the headlines on MSN. The good news according to the Mayan calendar as interpreted by Dan Furst is that by December 15th we enter a period of mass awakening of human beings on Earth ! We just have yet to hone the range-finder in on what exactly would trigger such a mass awakening....
                  The full moon of the morning of the 19th of December is the significator of what has been termed the Great Galactic Alignment, the recalibrating of our solar system's evolutionary orbit about the Galactic Centre. ( see Galactic Alignment by John Major Jenkins, published by Inner Traditons ) This is a synchronization that is phasing us in towards the 2012 shift in planetary consciousness. The sun of the 19th falls exactly on the zodiacal placement of the Galactic Centre with the full moon aligning with the anti-Galactic window or the pole star, Polaris. This particular portal is truly cosmic and should open a kind of Stargate or time tunnel for those who are interested in such things. I plan to be nested in the cradle of Cathedral Rock in Sedona Arizona during this time ( bringing through a set of elixirs for later use) and certainly wish to invite you to join me, either physically as a participant in the Sedona Stargate Retreat or etherically in meditation.
           The most challenging work for us as a planetary being at this time is to emanate enough light and love to dissolve the pockets of fear that have crystallized in our personal and collective Shadow. The mirror of this fear is the corporate greed that is associated with a fossil fuel economy that is attempting to make fools and fossils out of us all ! So, may I suggest a full moon meditation this month that focuses our attention on the Plenum or the Infinute Source of Energy that is patiently awaiting our Awakening. The realization of the Generosity of the Plenum will plant the seeds of a free energy economy and a restoration of Gan Eden on Planet Earth.
          The choreograph of our present planetary dance includes a number of trines ( Saturn in Gemini and Uranus in Aquarius, Jupiter in Leo and Pluto in Sagittarius are the most significant ) These augur well for powerful media broadcasts ( and manipulations) and subsequent internet slayings of the agendas and obscurations of mainstream media hype. Saturn is presently positioned in direct opposition to the Galactic Centre; this should give us a unique opportunity to see clearly where we are headed in time for us to steer  spaceship Earth from a higher center of Being ( Saturn represents Binah or the Divine Mother in kabbalistic astrology )
        One final note on that Galactic Centre: it is the gematria ( 267 degrees ) that is associated with both the Merkavah and the Malahhai Elyon --- The Angels of the Most High and the Chariot of Consciousness....
We will return to the day by day or month by month calendrical aspectarian in 2003. The Solar Eclipse took precedence this month.
With blessings and light,
Joseph Mark Cohen
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