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Date: Fri, Nov 7, 2008 at 12:58 PM
Subject: Nelson BC & David Aaron, the match by JMC
To: josephmarkcohen@gmail.com

A glance at the astrological birthcharts of Nelson, BC
& the good match of David Aaron as Mayor for Nelson..
When I say " glance" I mean that I will take into account only a few
highlights within these charts.
The chart of Nelson, BC features a moon in Cancer, likely in the first house.
This indicates a village that cares deeply about its water, its children & the environment.
The Moon is opposition Neptune making Nelson a place of great sensitivity that attempts
to be "all things to all people". There is likely a great deal of idealization & misperception in
the public image of Nelson BC...
There are 4 major conjuctions in the chart of Nelson.
Sun/Venus in Pisces: an awareness of beauty, music, aesthetics, the cultural arts.
This will be highlighted in 2009 as Uranus moves slowly toward conjunction with Nelson's Venus.
In the fall of 2009 Saturn will be transiting Virgo to oppose Nelson's Venus.
This suggests a need for careful financial planning & negotiations...
The Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Aquarius
gives Nelson a foundation of creative innovative planning
& uncanny luck in the realm of imaginative resource & renewable energy technologies.
This is a philanthropic & humanitarian conjunction.
The Mercury/Saturn conjunction in Aries ( likely in the 10th house)
yields a pattern of deep thought and planning accompanied by
hesitancy & delay in implimentation of projects & plans. It creates
glitches & bumps like someone who is driving a car with one foot on the accelorator
and the other on the brakes!
The Mars in Virgo conjunct the North Node in Virgo suggests that
Nelson, BC  has a role to play as an educational leader in
collaborative & synergistic ventures in the realm of ecology, environment, architecture
& cultural endeavours. This will come into focus in the fall of 2009..
Nelson has a very positive future when Jupiter enters into Aquarius (2009-2010)
The community has a chance to be funded for the first holistic health facility that
incorporates Aquarian technologies & vibrational medicine into its treatment modalities.
The preservation of the waterfront from overdelopment is critical to the destiny of Nelson.
More on the transits for 2009, later..
Now , let's have a look at the astrological chart of mayoral candidate David Aaron.
David's moon is in Cancer.
He is in total & complete resonance with Nelson's destiny as a nurturing & caring
community that feels that its young children are its greatest wealth & resource.
David's moon is in his 10th house of career.
He is a professional lawyer & mediator who has his heart & soul on the pulse
of Nelson's destiny as a recreational & educational centre.
David's second house stellium ( the house of values & ethics)
consists of the Sun in Scorpio & Mercury, Neptune, Venus & Jupiter in Sagittarius.
He is deeply committed to social & economic justice.
He is a visionary with 4 planets in Sagittarius.
His Saturn in Gemini is a pragmatic & stabalizing influence.
This makes David a practical idealist & a problem solver extraordinaire.
He is a brilliant & inventive negotiator with Uranus in his Libran first house.
His Mars in the first degree of Pisces allows David to direct his energies
in a compassionate & caring way toward the public interest.
It is a perfect fit for a city with a Sun/Venus conjunction in Pisces!!
Astrologically, on first glance, I sense that David Aaron would
be an ideal Mayor & advocate for the highest destiny of Nelson, BC.
He would do this in a friendly, resilient, creative & pragmatic way.....
He has my astrological seal of approval.
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