Kabbalistic Astrology Newsletter : August 29, 2003
The Virgo New Moon & The Finger of God
     Your astrological correspondent is still spinning from a delightful two weeks in Glastonbury, taking in the annual crop circle conference, a goddess festival, a visit to a CircleMaker's masterpiece at Barbary Castle ( see Steve Alexander's aerial photo of it at www.temporarytemples.co.uk ) not to mention the sweet moments of magic and mystery at the Glastonbury Abbey, the Chalice Well & the everpresent Tor. My ancient/new friend  Isis Livingstone was the catalyst and host for this journey and should you have the yen to make a pilgrimage to the heart of Avalon, do consider the possibility of staying at her charming Shambhala Health and Healing Retreat .( www.shambhala.co.uk ) There were a number of highlights at the Crop Circle Symposium itself, including Jay Goldner's presentation on the crop design series at Chilbolton from 1999 to 2001 plus the 2002 " alien & disc" formation. ( visit www.hellojupiter.com ) I am on the verge of gathering together a slide show of my favourite formations for a presentation that I will no doubt dub:"the Kabbalah of Crop Circles " ! When visiting the Barbary Castle formation which I call " the flowering of life " I met a man who lived nearby who informed me that the crop circle that moved him the most was one of a menorah that appeared nearby some years ago. I have a number of my friends here in the Kootenays proofing the new " crop circle elixir " that was charged in the "flowering" formation. (It goes out as a gift along with all chart readings & cd orders in the month of September.) I hope to make the Britain / Avalon journey an annual one, so let me know if you would like to join in next summer. We just might take in a few days in Cornwall and visit Merlin's cave at Tintagel between festivals in Glastonbury.
       So the month of Leo was filled with travel and teachings in both Glastonbury and Forest Hills, New York courtesy of David Alkalay's Tree-of-Life Center ( www.genesissociety.com ). Returning home to British Colombia to the recently acquired Crystal Dome Retreat Centre ( see photos posted at www.treeoflifeschool.com  re the Kabbalah Vision Nest program ) was somewhat of a shock, given the number of wild fires happening in BC, one of which is , as they say, too close for comfort. So if any of you kind Kan readers happen to know of an accomplished raindancer or a gifted radionic rainmaker, do send me a contact number or e-mail address for the Friend who can put out the local fires. It appears that the ingress of the planet Mars has set the whole planet afire ! Portugal, the south of France, the heat wave in Britain, Arizona, the wildfires in BC --- something has been kindled here on planet earth. My hunch is that the next earth change to be delivered will be coming from the Ring of Fire , an underwater volcanic eruption, perhaps a west coast volcano like Mount Ranier. ( My jeweller friend Max informs me that Yellowstone is  a good longshot bet, as well. British bookmaker William Hill gave out 500,000 pounds sterling to a few clairvoyants who bet that London's temperature would reach 100 degrees farenheit this summer ). The galactic gossip has it that there was a big shift on August 12th that announced a planetary magnetic field response to the cosmic electrical fire that has been cast upon the earth of late. One theory brought to my attention by my Mayan astro-neighbour Khoji is that the dimensional rift created by the Philidelphia experiment years ago has finally been sealed up. That means that dimensional shapeshifters may have to find a new wormhole to sqirm through and forge a new passport to show the ascended masters at the Portal !  
        I know, I can hear the chorus, " hold it on the galactic gossip and give us the astrological report ". I'll do the best I can :
        Wednesday's new moon at 4 degrees of Virgo featured a batch of fascinating aspects including a lunar conjunction with Jupiter, freshly entering Virgo and an opposition with both Uranus and Mars in Pisces. This augurs well for a little boost to help us climb over the wall. Here is the report from my trusty  epic gematria poem Aleph 2160:
listen ! you can hear the luminous feathers of  pochito calibri
sweet little hummingbird    tuning us to the world to come
watch this little one as she spins  floats  flies backwards  defying gravity
moving light thru one primordial point    mah nora hamakom hazeh
a five minute flash from a neutron star   vanishes   as the starwheel turns  our hearts
to    olam  haba   come sip some soma   from this flower of life  take wine and bread ....
This zodiacal degree speaks of many things : a heart opening or an initiation that gives us a glimpse or a taste of olam haba , the world to come ;  a resonance with a supernova pulse that came through our solar system from the star Vela X ; plus  an allusion to the primordial point or stargate at the heart of our Sun....
But that's not all, folks...  The planet Jupiter has just entered zodiacal Virgo having passed by the regal star Regulus and triggered the Sphinx degree of the Zodiac while opposing the planet Uranus ( ruler of magnetic field flips & all sorts of u turns ) which is intent upon retrograding back into Aquarius to give our higher mental bodies one last chance at fathoming what exactly is going on here on Earth before turning the circuit board over to the telepaths and the teleporters in our midst.
I trust you get the drift. Just to add a little more spice to the soup, Mercury has gone retrograde early this morning before your correspondent sat down to send you this report. This about turn of Mercury in Virgo will continue right up until a few days before the fall equinox. Sept. 20th to be exact. So the computer hackers may have a few more jokes & unpatchable hacks to attack the in box with and another major power outage is not out of the question. And by the way, the Circle Makers tossed us a crop circle a few years ago that suggested that something quite major would happen this year on Sept. 6th. So here is the contest, just to make this Kan news thing a tad more interactive. You send in what you feel to the big news on the 6th this month and the best entry gets the crop circle elixir, a visit with Metatron and a merkavah journey courtesy of you know who !
        And that's not all.  Pluto just went direct a few hours ago and is only 10 degrees from making the karmic plunge at the Galactic Centre. The present degree of Pluto speaks of the ark of the covenant. This is of course the lost ark that Steven Spielberg brought to our attention. But it is also the electrical spark of Shehhinah, the feminine divine presence that connects and wires the two hemispheres of our brain and loops the whole circuit back to what we could call " unity consciousness ". ( and for those who have surfed through an episode of my novel in waiting, a race horse called diadokinesis ). But the hidden trigger to all that is about to happen is what astrologer's have taken to calling  a yod, or a finger of God formation. This involves the sextile between Saturn in Cancer ( soon to be in resonance with the Sirian star system and bring us news from Aset or Isis ) and Venus in Virgo. The planet Neptune ( ruler of Keter, the crown chakra, the dreamtime, oceanic or cosmic consciousness ) will be making a quincunx or a 150 degree angle to both Saturn and Venus on the 31st of this month. This is an aspect of destiny, fate, multidimensional perspective. Whatever happens during a Yod is a trick done with smoke and mirrors, a hologram projected or injected into our consciousness so that we get a message from a deeper source than we could possibly imagine... So, in the spirit of the planet Pluto, keeper of the Da'at portal of Truth and guadian of the Void, I ask you to let me know by Sept. 1st, what You feel is really happening on Earth during this strange and wonderful time that we are experiencing..... 
        So the astrological ball is back in your court and I truly want to do a little market research and hear from you . And allow me to extend my best wishes for the upcoming Hebrew New Year  , Rosh Hashanah 5764. It is the time according to Hebrew tradition , for each of us to turn inward and make an accounting, a hheshbon hanefesh , a weighing of the soul. I ask that you forgive anything that you might read in Kan that offends you or might rub you the wrong way. ( I do lose a few readers with each Kan outpouring who probably had no idea what they were signing up for with this crazy, irreverent, madcap astrological newsletter )
May you be blessed with good health, prosperity, harmonious family relationships, a joyful heart and a discerning mind for the times to come !
Joseph-Mark Cohen        
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