Dear Kan Recipients,
I am still cooking up the recent New Moon conjunct Saturn newsletter.
Just thought to send you a reminder notice about this year's summer school.
It is really 3 programs in one : Polarity Therapy, Crystal & Sound Healing in the Mornings
Kabbalistic Meditation & Merkavah Journeying at Night
plus afternoon Astrodrama ceremonials & earth energy adventures : sailing, kayaking, hot springing, glacier climbing, etc
If you even have the slightest tug to attend, you had best give me a call...
blessings & light,

Kabbalah Vision Nest

The Kabbalah Vision Nest is offered once each month from July thru October 2003. KVN is for individuals (or couples)  who are seeking  an  entrance into the world of kabbalah that is in the form of a private guided retreat. The individual retreats will take place in a nature sanctuary setting 20 minutes from the heritage town of Nelson , British Colombia (see photos of the Kootenays). The program itself  is customized to the psychological & spiritual needs of the participant involved. Each day is a day of  self-creation , a day of co-creation with Spirit. All of the resources of the Tree-of-Life Mystery School will be utilized during this seven day retreat. This will include private session work with Joseph-Mark in kabbalistic astrology, tree-of-life bodywork, sound healing, and vibrational medicine plus  guided merkavah journeys & an in-depth exploration of kabbalistic meditation techniques. There will be local guest alchemists available for  alternative healing modalities such as breathwork, radionics, shiatsu and aromatherapy. The rich earth energy resources of the Lake Kootenay Region will  incorporated into the format of the KVN allowing for medicine jouneys to hot springs , waterfalls & places of natural beauty in the environ. Participants will be housed in a spacious geodesic dome accomodation, having access to a nearby waterfall & many creek-side meditation sites. All meals, accomodation & private sessions are included in this KVN program. The program is open to all those who have previously participated in Tree-of-Life Mystery School  seminars & journeys. Kabbalistic Astrology clients are also welcome to apply (an application form for KVN will be sent to you by fax or e-mail). It may also be possible for you to  enroll in this program after an initial private consultation with Joseph-Mark plus preparatory work with tapes available from Living Kabbalah Audio Seminars.

Logistics & fee schedule for KVN will accompany the application form. You can e-mail or call 250-229-2227 with inquiries.


Fletcher Falls


Kokanee Provincial Park


Lake Kootenay


Slocan River   


Tree-of-Life Summer School 2003:August 24-Sept.3

11  Days Of Light: Exploring Holistic Astrology

Vibrational Healing, Earth Mysteries 

& Shamanic Kabbalah

with Joseph-Mark Cohen, guest alchemists & guides

On the shore of beautiful Kootenay Lake 20 minutes from Nelson, BC
at the
Crystal Dome (250) 229-2227

  •      Journeys through the spheres of The Tree-of-Life
  •     Morning Tree-of-Life Bodywork &Sound Healing
  •     Daily seminars in experiential Astrology& Astrodrama
  •     Evening Star Meditations, Kabbalistic Astrology &Merkavah Journeys
  •     Sonic ceremonies exploring the Universe of Shamanic Kabbalah
  •     Day-trips to local sacred sites, places of power & beauty

During these 11 days of light you will learn a complete Tree-of-Life Bodywork form that is rooted in the principles and practice of Advanced Polarity Therapy. You will also develop an in-depth understanding of Kabbalistic and Holistic Astrology. You will be able to source astrological perception and apply it to the healing art of your choice. The evening training in Merkavah Journeying offers you an opportunity to deepen your practice of meditation and expand your consciousness into realms that have only recently become available to us. These 11 Days of Light offer us a unique astrological portal to dimensions of our being that have rarely been open for exploration.

Joseph-Mark Cohen is the founder of the Tree-of-Life School of Kabbalistic Astrology and Healing.He is the author of 5 books: The Tree-of-Life Tarot Workbook, The Kabbalistic Healing Workbook, The Book of Gates, Aleph 2160 & The Unicorn Messiah. As a tour guide, Joseph-Mark specializes in taking small groups to visit planetary sacred sites in Egypt, Morocco, Greece, the British Isles, Brazil, Bali and Sedona, Arizona.  Joseph-Mark conducted harmonic convergence ceremonies at Lake Kootenay in 1987. He has been living in the Kootenays since the summer of 1996. 

10 Days of Light at a Glance

Day/ Sphere




Day Trip


Malhhut: embodiment



Kokanee Creek Prov. Park


Yesod: foundation



Cody Caves


Hod: perception



Pilot Point


Netzahh: energetics



Kokanee Creek Medicine Wheel


Gevurah: self-mastery



Slocan River


Hhesed: compassion



Ainsworth Hot Springs


Tipheret: harmony



Lake Kootenay by Kayak


Daat: inner-knowing



The Singing Forest


Binah: discernment





Hhohhma: wisdom



Kokanee Glacier

11 (5) 

Keter: enlightenment



Valhalla Wilderness

12 (8) 

Or Ayn Soph: infinite light



Fletcher Falls

11 Days Of Light: Program Outline

This program will provide sanctuary for souls who choose a path of service to the earth at a time of extraordinary vibrational shifting and earth changes. The intention of this "gathering of light" is to anchor an energy stream of galactic activation/photon light during each of the twelve day sessions. Our guidance suggests that these days present us with an unparalleled opportunity for personal and planetary healing and consciousness growth.

Tree-Of-Life 2003 Summer School Enrollment Form

Please register early  by completing the enclosed Enrollment Form, accompanied by your $500 US (non-refundable/transferable) deposit payable to Joseph-Mark Cohen. The complete fee of $3,000 US includes all tuition, study materials, meals, accommodation and day-trips.

We can accommodate a maximum of 10 residential participants for  the 2003 Tree-of-Life Summer School Program. Non-residential participants may apply for the Summer School Program at a reduced rate. There is camping available at a provincial park within 10 mins. of the Crystal Dome. Children are most welcome to attend all of the day-trips, meals and some of the seminar programs. Families with children should specify their needs on the Application Form.

Please make cheques/ money orders / payable  to Joseph-Mark Cohen  and mail to : TLMS 5631 Longbeach Rd. Nelson, BC, Canada V1L6N9. Deposits ($500) can be submitted by either credit card through the website order form or by electronic funds transfer to our bank. Please call Joseph-Mark for details.

For more information on services  and products offered by the Tree-of-Life School of Kabbalistic Astrology and Healing, please visit our on line order form

Joseph-Mark can be reached at: 1-250-229-2227 e-mail:

The registration form can be sent by fax. Please call 1-250-229-2227 to apply. Thank you. 

YES! Please enroll me for: (  )  Aug.24-Sept. 3

Enclosed Deposit $500 US.





Birthdate, Place, Time:

Accommodations Required:

Dietary Considerations:

Children (names, ages and special requirements):

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