Kabbalistic Astrology Newsletter   April 21, 2004
Dear KAN Recipients,
Who can find   ayshet hhai olam   a fire-woman     who keeps the flames of love 
alive     who knows in her hands      what to lay on the heart's high altar      what to throw
in the clinging fire   Shehhinah    is pouring out her pitcher
spinning the fire letters   clothing the maskeelim    with sparks
from shamayeem       male & female       she annoints us
fire & water      she enlightens us       she is weaving
one thread      through the fishes belly      pouring a golden light
from fountain   to vineyard     from keter    to malhhut
          from Aleph 2160   30 degrees of Aries , the degree of  the April 19th new moon solar eclipse
 We are in the midst of the annual April Lyrid meteor shower as this Kan whistles its way through cyberspace to alert you of upcoming portals and possibilities. As you can gather from the Aleph 2160 quote the degree of the recent Solar Eclipse has to do with an infusion of high electrical signals and sparks from the Shehhinah , a golden light poised to enter in at the crown chakra for those who know what to surrender on the altar of the heart... So this is the good news as we head toward the May 4th full moon in Scorpio which is known as the Buddha's Moon. The theme here is one of attachment & detachment, what core values to embrace and what identifications and illusions to let go of en route to enlightenment.  The planetary dance has mercury retrograde until May 1st so we had best be crystal clear with our communications and refrain from signing contracts or making promises that would be a challenge to keep. Mars and Venus are still holding tight to one another in Gemini like passionate Salsa partners being pulled by the Great Attracter Pluto into the Galactic Centre where Shiva holds a mirror up to the subconscious motivations of lover and beloved. The Sun in Taurus is all about resources and our relationship with the Earth Mother. So tomorrow it is Earth Day, inaugurated by Jose Arguelles some years ago, the one who suggests that it is time to let go of the Gregorian calendar altogether !!
 April 22:  Earth Day with Moon in Gemini squaring both Uranus and Jupiter. This is a mutable Earth Day where the vows we make and the actions we take are guided by our intuitions and compassion..
April 24: With Mars opposing Pluto and Moon conjunct Saturn it is a time to test the truth of our convictions and be aware that a fairly high proportion of beavers get clobbered by the trees they chew away at. This was reported on CBC so we know it to be the startling truth.
April 29:  Sun is in exact trine to Jupiter today so there is money to be made and great joy as  the planet Mercury prepares to go direct on the 30th.
May 4:.The full moon lunar eclipse in the heart of Scorpio is an unveiling of all that has been held in the holding tank of denial to save the face of the egoic identity. The Sun squares Neptune today to add vision to purpose and Jupiter is turning direct in Virgo to give some focus to the new realizations and committments that arise as the onion of self is peeled to its empty core. This is the key portal of the month..
Appetizers & Aperitifs:
Aries: That transit of Saturn through Cancer is not going to let up on the Martians in our midst. Lifelong rebellious spirits and go getters are being forced to slow down and be kind to all those you have left behind. Time to pay all those speeding tickets and parking tickets and IRS back taxes that have been stashed away at the bottom of the paper pile.
Taurus:  Yes, you have great resolve, a purpose and a plan of action. And you have even managed to convince friends and loved ones that you know what you are doing and that the Great Spirit, the Tao and the Guardians of the Market Trends are with you... What I want to know is this : does your heart sing ? And are you happy and at peace in the present moment.  If so, the Buddha, your Taurus buddy, is watching over you....
Gemini: That great shapeshifter and cultural chameleon, Bob Dylan, is being accused of being the commercial sell-out of the month for appearing in a Victoria Secrets ad for ladies undergarments. Hey there, Mr. Lingerie Man prophecied way back in 1965 that this would happen. So the thing for all Geminis to examine this month is what off-the-cuff, self-fulfilling prophecies are about to mature against your will ?
Cancer: The Dalai Lama is presently addressing thousands in Vancouver with his message of goodwill and the healing power of compassion. Vancouver is a city that has been shrouded in corporate greed, Hong Kong money, drugs, illegal immigrants &  the shadow of Hollywood for some years now. So the question all you kind and caring Cancerians must ask now is: how can I help those less fortunate than myself ?  And if the query is where to be, you can always try AstroCartography !
Leo: Your vast genereous and theatrically inspired heart chakra is being influenced by the planet Neptune known by astrologers to be the planet of Cosmic Consciousness , Dreams and Delusions of Grandeur. So the big challenge here is to discern whether the impulses you are feeling are coming from the daimon, the Divine or some archetypal realm you have an unwritten contract with at this time.  Comprenez-vous?
Virgo:  The turning direct of Jupiter this month should get those of you who have had second doubts about your mission on this troubled planet back in alignment with the Prime Directive. And like Picard in The Next Generation, there are times when you must bend the Prime Directive to what you feel is appropriate for the moment. Or as my friend Mah Tzu likes to say : Best to bend the rules before the rules bend you....
Libra: Yes, the world of relationship is the great mystery incarnate for you Libras. And even if you are the love them and leave them kind of Libra, you hold  dear all those you have loved as soul buddies and teachers of the heart. Just remember that every relationship is a cocoon of sorts and it is the season for hummingbirds to defy the laws of aerodynamics and surf the nectar in distant gardens...Fly ,calibri, fly.... 
Scorpio: Ok, you have tried on all the clothes in the closet, given away that which no longer fits or pleases to friends and neighbours, taken the rest to the thrift shop and held yourself back from going on a grand shopping binge. But the truth is that it is time to re-invent yourself, Scorpio, and refrain from further dress rehearsals of the heart or mind.  Just jump. The parachute will open in time, I promise ! 
Sagittarius: You, the great social worker and optimist of the Zodiac have been reading up on that great Black Hole at the Centre of our Milky Way Galaxy and wondering if the land of Milk and Honey was one enormous Biblical con job and that all Religions have led the masses into behaviour patterns that one could call less than Human. So what, pray tell, is your solution to terrorism in 2004 ?? And which direction are the dervishes spinning as we approach the Shift ?? YOU know now the answers to the deepest questions. Time to share your secrets, Sagittarius....
Capricorn: More advice for our time from GI Gurdjieff, Capricorn of the previous century. When one is moving very very fast there always comes a moment when the bell rings or the sticks click and every atom  or human must freeze for a nanosecond and take inventory of its intention, direction, momentum, attachments & partners in time and space. It is your chance, Capricorn, to get off the wheel for but a moment and choregraph your next evolutionary pulse of the artery....  
Aquarius:  I have seven Aquarian friends in my address book each of whom is either a Galactic immigrant on Earthwalk Walkabout or a Cosmic Anthropologist doing fieldwork here to witness the Earth Experiment and suggest ways to adjust the Grids and tip the scales in favour of the forces of Light and Harmony in a time when the Dark Forces are putting up quite a tactical display in the Neutral Zone. My theory is that Aquarians get away with their mythic mishagus because they are the True Alchemical Masters and the Keepers of the Story here on earth.  One question, Aquarius, who are you channeling today ??
Pisces:  Please don't make the assumption , dear Pisces, that just because you are loved for your charm and your adorability , that you can get away scot free when you fail to return e-mails and telephone calls for days and days. Opportunity, love and healing are the magi knocking at your door just in the moment that you have turned off your cell phone and unplugged from all your various and sundry committments.  You had best add a dash of concrete communication to your telepathetic ways !!
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