Kabbalistic Astrology Newsletter  14 April, 2003
Dear Kan Recipients,
                         The biblical report on the Passover meal is that it should be eaten in haste with staff in handle and sandals on the feet for a quick getaway. This year I will be in Sedona, Arizona with the natives there for both the Passover Seders and the Tree of Light 2003 Intro Workshop on April 18th-20th. And as I am just about out the door en route for Sedona I will have to keep this Kan brief and to the point. But first let me wish you a joyful and liberating Passover/Easter with your friends, family & loved ones.
The most recent new moon happened on April  1st with Sun & Moon in the 12th degree of Aries. This is what a friend of mine calls the moon of the Tarot Fool. So as an extra bonus this month, if you are brave & dare to open the attachment, I have enclosed a fascinating correspondence chart that links up the Hebrew alphabet with the Tarot Major Arcana with constellational correspondences. The Passover Full Moon is more or less conjunct the beneficial star Arcturus, the gateway or portal in and out of our local galactic space. And the Sun will be close to conjunct the Andromeda star system, again another highly beneficial energy for us earthlings according to all reports. And given that Earth Day falls just after Easter this year and still within the 8 days of Passover, it is time for us to focus attention on things environmental once again. The planet Mars will be coming as close to the Sun & the Earth as it gets in its elliptical orbit soon and this will place some extra stess on the Earth's tectonic plates. Earthquake season may be upon us. So it may be wise to watch the eclipse path of the May full moon ( the Wesak Moon ) which we will have a look at in the next Kan. The May 1st May Day new moon will be squaring both Neptune in Aquarius and Jupiter in Leo so the energies are building this month to an initiation of sorts in the month of May that should activate both Keter , the crown chakra , and  Hhesed the higher heart chakra . And given that that new moon will be in Taurus it looks like there will be a massive humanitarian financial aid program afoot very soon.
So I must be out the door now and on my way to Sedona to find the hidden afikomen and greet the Arcturians...
Blessings & great light for the holidays,
Joseph-Mark Cohen
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Dear Friends
                       I have just finished the first draft of a new book that I have been working on entitled " The Tree of Life Tarot Workbook. "  The book will be available through the website in a ZipEdition zipped document file as soon as I can clean up the typos & get my webmaster to post it in a password protected form.( If you are psychic enough to guess the password , then the book would be a freebie ! ) I thought it would be fun to send you the chart from the appendix that gives the Hebrew Letter / Major Arcana / Egyptian Neter & Star/Constellation Correspondences. And I would be delighted with whatever feedback you might have regarding these correspondences. And if you are interested in travelling the night sky, get yourself a copy of Page Bryant's "Starwalking" and join me in Sedona for the upcoming Passover/Easter Retreat April 18-20th or the June Journey to Morocco....
blessings & light,

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