Dear Pneemah Meditators & Passover Celebrants,

The sweetest and most beloved of foods on the Passover Seder table is called hharoset in Hebrew. This moist pate is usually composed of apples, cinnamon and wine. It symbolizes the mortar which supposedly held together the pyramids of Egypt. We won't get involved in the debate as to who actually worked on the crew that created the Pyramids or whether they were erected with Atlantean zero point energy , anti-gravity devices or the shlepping and sweat of forced labour ! The hharoset  is a tasty dish and I thought it might be fun to propose a recipe for a photon food for the light body this year that includes the high-spin monatomic minerals ( the Egyptian mifkazeet -- white powder of gold, see Lawrence Gardner's Secrets of the Ark ). So without further preamble, here is my Alchemical Recipe for Hharoset Sh'Aliyah, the Food for Ascension....

1) 6 chopped apples ( organic , Macintosh or PC , your choice )

2) pinches of cinnamon, nutmeg & cloves ( for clear blood circulation, lucid dreams and banishment of gastrointestinal or astral parasites )

3) a cup of walnuts ( food for both hemispheres of your nutty brain )

4) a sweet wine that is suphate free.. I am using the delicious Greek Samos Nectar which comes from the Muscatel grape, biochemically similar to mescal, I am told. I have marinated a secret Egyptian ingredient in the Samos nectar for 32 days. Even Pythagoras, who was an non-drinker, would have shown an interest in this concoction, given his long term stay in Egypt and his study of Kabbalah and gematria )

5) OK, the secret ingredient is the flower of the Blue Lily or the Egyptian Blue Lotus. ( Try a Google search, if you are unfamilar with this flower )

6) Manna77 which is a powder containing 77 minerals ( from Yam HaMalahh, the Dead Sea or the Great Salt Lake ) Iridium (77, mazal, the lucky one among elements)  in its high spin state can be found on David Wolfe's website. The Essenes discovered the alchemical powder of Gold and the Monatomic minerals in the Dead Sea. Akhenaton ( who had a noticable influence on Moshe or Moses ) imported his Manna or Mifkazeet from a Hathor temple at Serabit-al-khadim  in the Sinai. I plan to go there on my next Egypt Journey, next November or December, Ayn Sh'allah, B'Ezrat Ha Shem.

7) Canadian pure dark highly mineralized maple syrup: 2 or 3 table spoons.

8) Aerobic Oxygen, 22 drops, one for each Hebrew letter. There are chants to go with each letter, You will be guided....

9) Phenalmin (tm) for brain support with PEA, a kosher and organic  ingredient courtesy of the E3Live company that markets frozen blue-green algae from Klamath Lake , Oregon....

10)   Ten cacao beans for prosperity as they were once  used as the currency of the Mayans.

11)  A Supercritical Fluid Extract of Frankincense and Nutmeg courtesy of ForeverGreen of Salt Lake City, Utah. I went with 7 drops to open the Crown Chakra, but you will have to consult with your own gastro-intestinal wisdom to know how much you can handle...

12) One drop of Alchemysteries Arcturus Vibrational Elixir, to steer your Merkabah in the right direction. (Visit Alchemysteries at )

13) Ahavah Rabah, the Great Love that keeps us interconnected to All Our Relations.... Blend the foregoing ingredients in your Blender at LightSpeed until smooth.....

 Wishing you all a Happy Passover, Clear Ascension, A Source for  Dark Pure Bittersweet Chocolate Easter Eggs & Great Astronomical & Gastronomical Adventures...


Let us lighten up and be free,

Joseph-Mark Cohen 


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