( Sept.-Oct.2009)
Just thought to resend this ZO
as it did not go out to the full Kan list.
I will be switching to iContact or Constant Contact so as to add colour images & make this missive more enjoyable. If you wish to leave the list, kindly e mail zodiacoracle@yahoo.ca & iet us know.


The intro re the Aug. 6th ceremony at Chalice well is posted 
on the website. Your invitation to travel to Egypt Nov.26-Dec.15 
is found in the Egypt Gallery at www.treeoflifeschool.com
The Rosh Hashanah New Year 5770 Pneemah meditation portals
will be posted by Oct. 1st. Today, Sept. 10th is the day that Pluto is turning direct. The upcoming New Moon at 26 degrees of Virgo on the 18th is a seed moment for the year to come...


Enjoy those Crop Circle photos
 (thank you, Steve Alexander, go to www. temporarytemples.co.uk
to order poster size enlargements or the 2009 Yearbook
from Steve & Karen)
& if you would like to join myself
& Alan Steinfeld (NewRealities.com)
next year, we will be guiding a Mystical Britain Journey
June 15-30, 2010.


with blessings for the Year to Come,


The Zodiac Oracle for Sept.- Oct. 2009 (PDF version with crop circle pictures)