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Zodiac Oracle:
Dec.- Jan. 2008
with Joseph-Mark Cohen
Prelude:We have officially entered shadowy Night  5 of the Galactic Underworld according to Carl Johan Calleman. This means we have a chance to dance with Tezcatlipoca, the lord of darkness, nemesis of the Venusian lightbringer, Quetzalcoatl. The dance with darkness suggests a desparate foray by the dark forces seeking political/economic dominance on our fragile planet. Well, the good news is that 2008 will offer sensitive humans intermittant contact with multidimensional realities of the Great Light yet to come...
Portals: The New Moon of Dec. 9th at the 17th degree of Sagittarius announces our entrance into a new Quantum Reality. This degree (from Aleph 2160: A Zodiac Oracle) speaks of the Urim, the Lights. Well we have had 2 bright guest star comets visit us recently &  there are more yet to come. There is a line from a Rilke poem that calls us " the bees of the invisible", so we had best locate the invisible honey nested in the human heart.  Dec.11th is the potent portal day with Jupiter & Pluto conjunct. This is implosive/explosive. Watch the news..
 Oracles for Dec.07-Jan.08
Aries: You, amigo, are a master of mischief just like Tezcatlipoca. And I can't promise that 2008 will go smoothly once Pluto enters Capricorn in late January. But if you are a budding shaman, your consciousness journeys will be life-transforming...
Taurus: I received a fascinating e-mail from a Lakota Sioux keeper-of-the-pipe about 2 white buffalos born by virgin birth. That is right, born of buffalo mothers with no buffalo father DNA about. You,Taurus, are so fertile in 2008 that all forms of birth control may fail!
Gemini: 2008 may be the small-is-beautiful year for geminis with auditory & kinesthetic gifts. Blessed are the percussionists, the belly-dancers, the tango teachers, pianists, trance dancers, & translators of the untranslatable...
Cancer:  Mars retrogrades back to the beginning of Cancer for the Gregorian New Year. So the omens suggest that you are destined to review some old tapes, belief systems, habit patterns & anything that no longer serves you. Be a good taoist. Create emptiness & gather chi...    

Leo:  It  does not matter whether you are a solar leo, a lunar leo or a leo ascendant. All those planets in Capricorn post winter solstice (Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto) will have you pondering long term investments. Just give your astrologer a call regarding Solar heating & offshore destinations!..

Virgo:  Saturn in Virgo has provided a brilliant livlihood for artists & handymen alike. Woodworkers, instrument makers, sound recorders, alchemists, biological dentists & plumbers will all prosper in 2008. Your challenge: bookkeeping & journal writing...   

Libra:  Not so easy to be a peacekeeper in volatile times like these. Imagining peace with John Lennon is one thing, establishing peace-on-earth is another. Your work in 2008 is to be a beautiful mediator who comes up with solutions for formerly unsolvable problems, creating cosmos out of the chaos.... 

Scorpio: My Scorpio clients have been complaining about  their oracles in 2007 claiming they deserve far better omens. I believe that Scorpios will discover the secret to personal regeneration this year. 2008 is your year to let go of all chronic attachments, ailments & alabis.. 

 Sagittarius: Finally, that pesky little truth-tester & destroyer of illusions, Pluto, has left your sign. Many dreams have proved to be mirages. Mirrors have shattered. Now you are ready to look 2008 in the eye (of Horus, I guess) & kiss what no longer serves goodbye..

Capricorn: When Pluto enters your sign in Jan. 2008, what happens here, & how it happens, will shift  dramatically. Yes, the US dollar will depreciate,  China will build nuclear plants, Tehran will be in the news, but  you, Capricorn, were born to milk the goats & guide the masses in times like these...   

Aquarius:   Ah, calling all you shape-shifters, walk-ins & wine-tasters to a council on how to choregraph the cosmic beam that has earthlings scurrying about from airport to outpost in search of inner peace in 2008. My query: can you survive without your laptop or bittersweet chocolate?..   

Pisces:  Where to go & what to do when a massive power outage pulls the plug on TV, stereo, internet, & traffic lights. You, Pisces, have what it takes to enjoy a life that came before the grid & after the grid-lock. You have a piano, a violin, a kalimba, a rain stick, a dumbek & friends to play music with by candle-light...

Nov.24th, 2007, all rights reserved, Joseph-Mark Cohen   

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